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Visit Milan - A Metropolis with Rich History

Updated on July 7, 2016

Milan Gallery


A Guide for Visitors to Milan

Milan, the second most populous city in Italy is also the financial capital of the country. The city is located at the heart of Italy’s largest metropolitan and urban area. In addition to Paris and New York, Milan is the leading fashion centre of the world, as supermodels, fashion enthusiasts and international media flock into the city for its autumn and spring fashion events.

In addition to being a popular fashion hub and commercial centre, Milan has hundreds of other attractions to keep visitors engaged and entertained. The Cathedral of Milan, locally known as Duomo is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. Its roof has more than 3,000 statues and 135 spires. You can take your family to the roof to enjoy a fascinating view of these structures and the city as a whole.

Castle of Milan

Castello Sforzesco or the Castle of Milan is close to the city’s centre. There are many museums within the castle and a large courtyard that is a well-visited local park. The museum holds the last sculpture by Michelangelo, the Rondanini Pieta. Also known as Sforza Castle, it was built during the 15th Century by the Duke of Milan. If you want to see the Rondanini Pieta visit the Museum of Ancient Art within the Castle. Overall, it houses 8 museums that carry some of the most important European artifacts.

The Last Supper

The Last Supper at Santa Maria della Grazie Convent
The Last Supper at Santa Maria della Grazie Convent

Last Supper Fresco at Santa Maria della Grazie Convent

An interesting visit would be the Santa Maria della Grazie Convent, which is home to the world-renowned fresco, the Last Supper created by Leonardo Da Vinci. Even though this 15th century building was bombed during the World War II, the fresco survived.

Nerino Dieci Trattoria


Ristorante Guerrini


Ristorante Berton


Milan Restaurants

Being a major business and tourist hub, Milan boasts thousands of restaurants offering all types of cuisines. Nerino Dieci Trattoria is a popular restaurant in Nerino that offers local Italian breakfast and lunch. The Small in Paganini Niccolo is another place to enjoy some good local food. When visiting Milan, make sure to taste some turkey, cheese and tomato, some of the most popular foods offered by the city.

Ristorante Guerrini in Gaetano Previati is one of the best places to enjoy a dinner with family. It is a traditional and comfortable atmosphere. They have some great Italian, Chowder and Mediterranean food, and courteous service.

Ristorante Berton in Viale della Liberazione offers a bright interior with some great food. Food is made of fresh ingredients and you can even find a higher level of experimentation compared to other restaurants.

Malpensa Airport


Filobus in Milano


When it comes to transport, the city is well connected through tram, metro, bus and filobus. Even all the airports including Malpensa International Airport are connected with the city centre through the public transportation system. You can locate the Metro entrances with the red square sign and a white “M”. The metro runs from 6:15 in the morning until midnight.

You can choose trams as the primary source of transportation, as the system connects the entire city. The tram stops can be located from their orange poles. Then, there are orange-coloured busses available as regular and electric versions. The best part is that you can purchase tickets for any of the public transportation system at most of the shops, or at the metro stations from ticket booths or machines.

New Italy

Even though Rome is the capital of Italy, it represents the “old” Italy. If you want to see the “new” Italy, you need to be in Milan. The city is a bustling and stylish metropolis that offers a mix of the old and the new. What you would mostly see around is a city that was rebuilt after the Second World War, as most of it was destroyed during the war. However, it still boasts many old palaces, museums and cathedrals that still stand tall among the newly developed skyscrapers. Above all, its well-connected public transport system makes it easy to move from a historic area to the commercial centre in just a few minutes.


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