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If you could travel into deep space, would you want to leave the Milky Way?

Updated on April 10, 2012

Road Trip?

So my fellow Hubber David99999 asks," If you could travel into deep space, Would you want to leave the Milky Way?"

Personally, I'd bring the Milky Way and all the other candy I could carry. Why would I leave any of it home?

Wouldn't you know it, I can have some fun with this question.

How I Would Do It

This is going to be a long, expensive trip. I'm going to need funding. First I'll walk along 5th Avenuelooking for my personal Mr Goodbar. I'd convince him, or her, to finance my trip by giving me a huge Payday. I'll need a lot more the 100 Grand.

Once I've secured the financing, I'll need a crew. The 3 Musketeers should do fine. I'll need to make sure they are not Airheads. At least one will have to be a Nerd. While the other two are for fighting any hostile Space Aliens we encounter, I'll need the Nerd to handle the computers. Everything on a spaceship is run by computers. At least the Nerd won't push the Whatchamacallit instead of the Thingamajig button.That could be deadly.

Of course we'd have to tour our own solar system before leaving. I'd like to see the M&M (Mars & Mercury). During our travels we may be lucky enough to witness a Starburst. I'm also hoping that as we pass Saturn, we see a Ring Pop. Of course none of this may happen. One can only hope.

We'll have plenty of time to kill as we go from destination to destination. Maybe the four of us could tell jokes and see who Snickers first. We could play cards, board games or that license plate game I played with my Dad when traveling in the car. I'm sure we wouldn't Krackel under the circumstances.

You can't smoke in a spaceship. So if anyone had a habit, it would be Bubble Gum Cigars or Candy Cigarettes only. I couldn't imagine the second hand smoke problem. It's not like we could just open a window.

Speaking of enclosed areas. There will be no Boston Baked Beans in our food rations. Even though it might be a good idea as an emergency fuel source. Hate to get stuck in Deep Space. I don't believe AAA goes that fare.

Heading Home

Well, we've seen all there is to see in Deep Space. We aren't alone. We meet these aliens named Mike & Ike. They had Root Beer Barrel stomachs, arms like Taffy, Wax Lips, and Lemon Heads. Rather strange looking dudes. Unfortunately our camera didn't work. You'll just have to accept my word.

I'm going to have to leave this article now. We are going to reenter the Earth's atmosphere in an Atomic Fireball that is Red Hot! After I land I'm sure my Sugar Daddy and I will do the talk show circuit. That's when I'll reveal all that happened as we left the Milky Way behind.


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