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Milton Florida

Updated on May 24, 2019

Milton & I

I have lived in Milton For 20+ years, I love my quite town. my Favorite thing to do in Milton Is Fishing & Camping in/on Blackwater River. I live in the wooden area on the outskirts of Milton. Deer and Little critters inhabit my surrounding. The weather is great besides a few Hurricans here and there. Usually fairly warm even in the winter days. There is a ton of things to do in Milton. Just have to get out and enjoy the Scenery. If you consider yourself a fisherman than you will be delighted with the selections of fishing spots in Milton Florida!

Imogene Theater After Jan. 6 2010 Fire

Imogene Theater
Imogene Theater | Source

Boo Weekley

PGA Golfer   Born July 23, 1973
PGA Golfer Born July 23, 1973 | Source
Florida State Seal
Florida State Seal | Source

History Of Milton Florida 32750

Milton formerly known as Scratch Ankle (I refer to Milton as Scratch Ankle to Friends and Family), Named cause of the bramble, briers and stickers that grew in the area is said to be First named by Ponce De Leon when he was trying to find the Fountain of Youth. Milton is also known as Millton because, Milton had the largest mill around. Milton is located by Blackwater River. Being Rich In History The City Of Milton (Founded in 1844) is among the oldest cities in Florida. Milton was founded as a trading post in 1825, Blackwater River served as the main way of transpiration for the local timber,brick, & shipping businesses. in the early 1800's Milton was said to be also called Blackwater 1861 Florida seceded from the Union. During the civil war Federal troops destroyed most of the commercial facilities, many fled to Alabama. Milton had 3 devastating fires in 1885 & 1892 making the 1909 fire number one. in the early years could only be reached by boat, horseback or stagecoach. in 1912 The Imogene Theater was built and opens with the name Milton Auditorium. On January 6, 2009, a fire in downtown Milton destroyed neighbouring buildings and severely damaged the Imogene. The building has been closed since then but is open now. Milton still enjoys its small town appeal. It is a quiet, peaceful community surrounded by fields & trees.

Notable People With Ties To Milton

  • 2005 NBA's Los Angeles Clipper Daniel Ewing
  • Boo Weekley PGA Tour & Euro Tour
  • Bubba Watson PGA Tour
  • Bruce Hall 2011 Buffalo Bills Running back

Annual Average Temperature: 67.7 with an average low of 59 and an average high of 77

Summers are hot and sunny, Days that you wish you could jump in the closest river or pool.

Winners are mild but can have temperatures below freezing during some nights.

Worst Weather

On March 31, 1962 Saturday. a tornado roared through Milton Florida killing 17 people, injuring 80, and demolishing 130 homes.

Santa Rosa County Jail

Santa Rosa Milton Florida Jail view page Click (here)

Mail to inmate:

Mail containing cash will not be accepted and will be returned to sender. Inmates may receive money only by form of a cashier’s check, money order, checks from another correctional facility, or government checks. All money orders must be made payable to:

Aramark Correctional Service,

c/o “Inmates name” (as booked)

P.O. Box 7129, Milton, FL 32572.

By Telephone

All Inmates, Friends & Family Members

The following rates are for the Inmate Phone System located
at the Santa Rosa County Jail. These charges only apply to the inmate phone calls.

  • Interstate calls (long distance calls) made using a collect format will be $0.25 per minute
  • Intrastate calls (calls within Florida) whether made using a collect, debit, prepaid/AdvancePay format
    will be $0.21 per minute.
  • No per call, per connection or flat‐rate calling charges shall apply to international, interstate, and
    intrastate calls.

Transaction Fees: GTL may charge certain Transaction Fees in accordance with the following amounts:

  • Fee for automated payment for credit card, debit card, and
    bill processing fees
    $3.00 per use
  • Fee for payment using live operator $5.95 per use

Fee for paper bill/statement $2.00 per useSee who has been arrested in Milton Florida Mugshots of Milton

Look up Santa Rosa Clerk of Court records:

Hurricane Ivan and Milton Florida

The I-10 bridge near Milton collapsed under stress from the surf & wind. Ivan destroyed  the I-10 bridge and an unlucky truck driver was caught when it collapsed,
The I-10 bridge near Milton collapsed under stress from the surf & wind. Ivan destroyed the I-10 bridge and an unlucky truck driver was caught when it collapsed,
Tornado In Milton Florida 32570
Tornado In Milton Florida 32570

Civil War Federal Military Operations

Union Army In Florida
Union Army In Florida | Source

Railroad Museum

West Florida Railroad Museum
West Florida Railroad Museum | Source

Tourism In Milton

Milton is tucked away in Northwest Florida, It is a great place for vacations and adventures. Milton is a welcoming place to newcomers. Milton, Florida, in Santa Rosa county, is 18 miles NE of Pensacola, Fl.

Arcadia Mill

Known for being the largest 19th Century Water powered complex in Northwest Florida. Arcadia Mill is located at 5709 Mill Pond Lane in Milton, Florida. The Mill site has Picnicking Areas, and Guided tours. Take a Stroll though the trails and discover the rich history of Milton.

West Florida Railroad Museum

Built in 1907 on the original 1882 site connected Pensacola To Atlantic Railways 5003 Menry St. Milton, Fl 32570

Milton Race Chart
Milton Race Chart | Source

Sleep (Pets not welcome)

  • Ashbury Suites And Inn 8506232296
  • Emerald Sands Inn 8506233821
  • Schoolhouse Inn B & B 8506236197

Pet Friendly Lodging

Red Roof Inn 2672 Avalon Blvd Milton, Fl (850)995-6100

Comfort Inn 8936 HWY 87 s Milton, Fl (877)424-6423

Milton Restaunts

Blackwater Bistro 8506231105

David's Catfish House 8506261500

Texas Roadhouse 8506230050

La Hacienda 8506232558

Ace's Restaurant 8506233611

How To Get Around Milton

Downtown Milton Is Pedestrian Friendly

Enterprise Rent-a-Car is Close By and can Pick you up.

3 Red Light Cameras


  1. HWY 90 & Glover Ln.
  2. HWY 90 & Parkmore Plaza Dr.
  3. Dogwood Dr. & Hamilton Bridge Rd.

Radio Stations

Religious WTGF 90.5 FM

Talk WEBY 1330 AM

Rock WTKX 101.5 FM

Country WYCT 98.7FM

Hip-Hop WBLX 92.9

Your A Red Light Ticket Winner

Here Is Your Prize $158 Fine


  • Interstate 10
  • State Highway 90
  • State Highway 98
  • Access to Interstate 65
  • Highway 87 and 191
  • Highway 281

Red Light Cameras In Milton, Florida

Red Means Stop
Red Means Stop | Source
Blackwater Heritage State Trail In Milton Florida
Blackwater Heritage State Trail In Milton Florida | Source

Fishing In Milton (Bass, catfish, sunfish & more)

Bear Lake

Blackwater River

Black Water Bay

Coldwater creek

Big Eddy

Dead River

Things to do in Milton Florida 32570

Downtown Milton hosts several festivals throughout the year, including the Scratch Ankle Festival, Riverwalk Arts Festival, Riverfest, First Fridays, Gallery Night, and much more. Downtown Milton is located in Central Santa Rosa County, convenient to coastal beaches and inland forests and waterways. Downtown Milton is home to many locally owned shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Milton Has It's Very own Skate Park, and a handful of golf coarses There is a little of everything for everybody.

Moors Golf Club 8509954653

NAS Whiting Field Golf Coarse 8506237348

Stonebrook Golf Club 8509947171

Tanglewood Golf & Country Club 8506236176

Blackwater Heritage State Trail is a great place for walking, rollerblading and biking. the trails runs from NAS Whiting field south to Milton. The Trail has many Little Bridges and benches.

Adventures Unlimited

8974 Tomahawk Landing Rd. 18002396864

They are most well known for their canoe and kayak trips, which can accommodate trips on the Blackwater River, Juniper Creek, or Coldwater Creek, and may last a few hours, or up to four days. In addition, they offer lodging, camping, outdoorsman courses, and can accommodate large groups. Varies, starting at $25/person.

Things To Do Close To Milton

  • National Museum Of Naval Aviation
  • Pensacola Historical Museum
  • Pensacola Museum Of Art
  • Seville Historic District
  • Colonial Archaeological Trail
  • St.Michael's Cemetery
  • Vietnam Memorial
  • Pensacola Lighthouse
  • Wildlife Sanctuary Of Northwest Florida

The Bridge Bar


Night Life In Milton

  • Oval Office Pub Grub 4241 Avalon Blvd Milton, Fl (850)623-8788
  • Berryhill Lounge 5941 Berryhill Rd. (850)983-8100

Night Life Down the road in Pensacola

Top 3 Major Employers

Santa Rosa County School District Employs 3000+

US Government Employs 2000+

Wal-mart Employs 1150+


The unemployment rate in Milton is 9.2 percent

Santa Rosa Medical Center
Santa Rosa Medical Center | Source

Medical Hospital In Milton Florida

Milton is home to Santa Rosa Medical Center (850)626-7762 Located on Berryhill Rd. It is a short drive from nearby Pace, Jay, Bagdad and even Southern Alabama. The Hospital began in 1951 and openit's doors in 1952.


  • Copper Possum Antique Mall 8506264492
  • Hall's Hardware 8506234622
  • PolkaDots 1888700DOTS
  • Truly Spokin 8505050092
  • Weber Sports 8506232132

Milton, Florida

Milton, FL 32570, USA

get directions

Milton was incorporated in 1844 and is home to Naval Air Station Whiting Field. The population was 7,045 at the 2000 census.


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    • Joseph Renne profile imageAUTHOR

      Joseph Renne 

      6 years ago from Milton

      Its great to see Guest Users! Thanks thewebbgal for the comment! Hope you make a great Grade!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I live in Milton (and loving it!), and I am in the middle of doing some research for a school assignment and I saw this page and figured I'd take a look at it... You did a really good job putting all this together!! :)

    • Joseph Renne profile imageAUTHOR

      Joseph Renne 

      7 years ago from Milton

      @ greencha We would love to see you here in Milton. If or when you do come to Milton give me a call and I will give you a personal Tour of the Area. I shouldn't Put My phone Number on here But My Email Is Thanks for the Comment

    • greencha profile image


      7 years ago from UK

      Interesting,it seems a beautiful place,who knows when I get over my problem with flying at the moment I will visit this lovely place. But I might row across Atlantic.....


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