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Minnesota Musing: Hell is Here on Earth - But Jesus is the Exit

Updated on March 31, 2018

Hell is Here

The article I read, pointed out that Hell is not underground. They showed a picture of a person in a robe, stirring some lake that was on fire and there were flames and supposedly, that was someone's picture of Hell. Total pain and agony.

Then, the article went on to say that if you lived your life, and you died, depending on your circumstances; for example, if you lived a bad life, you would die and you'd be back on Earth, reincarnated as a new person.

Their point was that being reincarnated was awful. That being back on Earth was the worst, possible outcome for dying. No pearly gates, no new wings, no reuniting with loved ones.

Nope. Just "I'm back!!"

I Read

I read the entire article and was moved to look for certain keywords. I was expecting him to offer a solution for the problem of being here, over and over. He didn't include a solution.

No. The article was comparable to a bad movie where all the good guys are killed and the bad guy comes back to life. Guess who will be in the next movie. You guessed it, the bad guy. Supposedly, in your life, the bad guy is you. You'll be in the next sequel.

Lucky you?


He went on to point out that here, we are educated that if we serve and do good deeds and works, we will die and we won't be back. We'll get all the rewards promised of Heaven.

Well. He mostly talked about bad men in history, that apparently proved point about Hell.

I'm sorry, but his article left me high and dry. Dry, looking for a pond to dip my tongue in. Depressed, despondent and convinced that I needed to write my rebuttal. I decided not to steal his thunder, and I thought I'd write my own page on the next great event.

Yes. This page is the reason why I did not comment on his page. I didn't have enough room to respond.

Hell is Here - According to Him

I noticed that in, I don't know how many words his article was, but he did not mention Jesus at all. He was mostly pointing out his observations of why Hell is here.

I think that he is right about our life on Earth being Hell. I agree that there are good people here, and bad people here. I agree that there are some bad people who seem to stick out like a sore thumb, and their works are publicized and make the news and people really seem to enjoy reading about the gory details.

Enough to make the movie industry thrive and make lots of money. Money is important in this lifetime.

Inheriting the Earth

What reincarnation supposedly accomplishes is being born and having another life. Like another writer pointed out, it's like being trapped in a virtual reality game and having an infinite number of lives to lose over and over and over again.

Well. I guess if you want to believe that story, that is your choice. I mean, there are only so many people who have died, come back to life and mentioned that there is a new place to get to go to.

One Good Guy

In fact, if you believe in the Good News at all, you know, without me telling you, that the one person who died, went to Hell, and on the third day, rose again and ascended into Heaven, told of a wonderful place that he would be going to, that we would be going to as well, if we just clung to the fact that he died for us, so that we wouldn't have to stay here, in this God forsaken place forever.

Choices and Rules

He offered a choice. Our God gave us the choice. God gave us many choices. Eat the apple, don't eat the apple. The snake encouraged the apple eating. The rest of the story is that the first two people were told to go away. Don't come back.

Over the years and stories of the family tree, so and so begat so and so, and on and on it went, and there were stories of bad men. Lots of stories about bad men. Cruel men.

Moses was saved by the Blood of a Lamb smeared on his door, he was floating on the river and was rescued by someone who wanted a child. He was adopted. Otherwise, he would have been killed by some Angel.

Later, he was drafted to give the populace fifteen rules inscribed on a few flat plates of rock, but he was so angry at someone for doubting them, that he broke one of them into pieces. Which left us ten rules to live by. We all are aware of the ten commandments.

Snake on the Stick

We all go to doctors. Well, their symbol is the snake on the stick.

That snake on stick thing is one of the stories you will find in the historical musings in the Good Book. God put that snake on the stick and said that you could believe that it could heal you, but it only prolonged your time here on earth.

He was cool with that.

Perhaps, in the time you had remaining, you would see the folly and would promote the guy that died on the cross and would choose the narrow gate.

The Narrow Gate

The narrow gate. The gates of Hell are wide, but the gate to Heaven has a narrow gate.

Rich men will try to go to doctors to save them, believing that the doctors will give them some pill that will give them eternal life. So, as the pills do their work, they do damage to other organs. It compares to putting new, hotter spark plugs in an old engine that hasn't been modified for hotter plugs. It isn't good for it, and will cause more mechanical damage and cause the engine to fail. Permanently. Well, at least until someone puts a different motor in the vehicle.

The narrow gate is a hard choice for rich men, because it requires leaving everything behind and believing that Heaven is is the next step.

A Comparison

Death, for a grown person, is the adventure of going toward to light. Of letting go, of trusting Jesus to guide your way.

I think that if you told a fetus, you know, the one in your pregnant wife's belly, that it was going to undergo a journey through a tight tunnel. That someone would be there to help them out and that they'd be, hopefully, given a warm bed and clothes and a bite to eat now and then, would they believe it?

Would they believe you, or would they spend the rest of the time in the womb, micro managing what they thought was going to happen with the end of their life in the womb?

Well. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and you need to accept that he is the narrow gate.

That's all there is to it.

Choose the Narrow Gate

The Video

As I watched the video, and was watching the scene with the storm and the water, it left out the part where Jesus had one of the men walk on the water with him. It was a lesson in trusting Jesus.

I'm sure, as video goes, it was hard to include all the details. Usually that is what happens when you put a story to picture form. It loses much of the value and meaning, since it takes so much time to explain the many, many moments.


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