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Mission Sierra Leone

Updated on August 6, 2016

Mission Sierra Leone

Mission Sierra Leone is something I intend carrying out as and when I return to Sierra Leone.

People are sometimes surprised when I say I have a fiancé and 3 adopted children in Sierra Leone.

I get questions like

1. What is the place like. ?

Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world, it is rich in minerals but like many countries in West Africa, poverty , disease , lack of employment make the Country a harsh place to live for so many people.

2. What are the people like. ?

Although there is lack of so many things in the country, the people are so cheerful , the respect they give out is like the united kingdom used to be like. "Thank-You Sir , Yes Sir , No Sir , Yes Please" are used all the time , even for the smallest things , open a door for someone , you get " Thank-You Sir. Manners like this brighten your day, each given with a smile of gratitude.

Families are very close , everyone is like one family , with many aunties and uncles who are not family but very close friends , children are well looked after by the communities they live in.

I witnessed total strangers being fed by people on many occasions , humanity at its best. Most people may not have enough food for there family but are only too willing to share what they have with strangers.

I eat local food only when Isha cooks it for me , not that I wont eat other people food , but Isha and many others believe in JUJU and apparently one way to affect people is via food , so Isha takes no chances. The meal I really like is cassava leaves and rice. I cant eat too much peppers and the people do love their pepper.

3. Is the Country safe. ?

I lived in a small village called Tombo for a month , staying in a small tin shack , no electricity , no running water , yet every morning my daughter Fatima managed some how to make me a nescafe coffee as soon as she knew I was awake.

Spent most of my time , people watching , watching people go about there daily routines , the kids getting each other ready for school , women starting their fires on the floor for cooking their daily meal of rice plus perhaps potato leaf or cassava leaf , men getting ready to go to sea to catch fish in there wooden hand crafted boats.

I took trips in to Freetown using local taxis and local buses , an experience once done you don't forget , isha sent me on a task one day , it was like a survival test , I had to travel to Freetown by myself ( The African Way , I had to share taxi etc. Most White Europeans me included would have just taken a taxi alone to Freetown and back. ) Not this time , I lived in a mud hut, so must travel there way also.

So I had to buy a small list of goods from shops and stalls spread across Freetown and then return , Isha told me the price for each item on the list and the costs of taxi / bus fares , she then gave me the exact amount of money.

So off I set, walked to local taxi rank , shared a taxi with 5 others , 4 in back of taxi and 2 in front plus driver , took the taxi to Waterloo Market , a busy place were I had to find a mini bus to take me to Freetown , Managed to get a seat at very back of mini bus , this was wrong as more people came on the bus it got hotter and hotter and people looking at me and chatting away , most said hello as they came on the bus.

Well the journey was finally over when I got dropped off in a small lane were the bus pulled up behind other stationery buses.

That was easy I now had to remember were the stores and stalls were, that Isha had told me to go to . I always only went to Freetown with Isha, never alone , so it was head down and off , ducking and diving through people , so many people , eventually I got all the items then again had to remember were to get the mini bus back all I could remember was look for a coca cola sign , every thing else had drained from my mind , stressed I found the bus and managed to get back to Tombo.

Isha and what seemed like the whole village were waiting , shouting and greeting me as I walked towards them , something i'll never forget.

Amenities in the compound consisted of a area screened off for showering , but if that was being used , you took a bucket shower outside in the open , 1st time was nervy but after that it was a case of ok I'm white get over it.

The toilet consisted of a make shift tarpolen and wooden door with a hole in the concrete slab to do your business, no lock on door , you just placed a tee-shirt or towel over door to let people know it was busy. Isha thought it was funny to barge through the door spraying air freshener one afternoon whilst I was using the toilet, well I ended up upside down with me combats around my ankles, isha and her friends had something to laugh about that day.

So generally the country is safe , treat people with a little respect and they will likewise.

So moving forward , my mission is to help people , I'm not interested in taking any thing away from Sierra Leone , lots of people go in and try and buy gold and diamonds , with most of them taking home a bag of brass filings and pebbles.

No my intention is to teach the ones who have ears to listen , by using items that I may have to import into the country and items already there.

I'm looking at

  • Water collection can be achieved in many way, setting up tarps to collect into tanks , rain water >>>> drinking water.
  • desalination can be done in many ways , another source of drinking / washing water.
  • new toilets I have a 3 container system that is more hygienic and easily installed and user friendly.
  • new showers I have a few systems that I intent installing to provide hot showers.
  • new baths for women this is something women need but have a lack of baths , showers are fine but women need baths , again I have systems I intend installing.
  • electricity not using solar or wind, but a bit of imagination has provided me with enough ways to produce electricity.
  • batteries 12 Volt and 24 Volt systems that ive designed are going to be installed.
  • growing crops new ideas and they work.
  • led lighting low cost and easy to maintain , gives security to compounds and people especially women.
  • new ovens that will make life easier for people cooking.
  • Plus many many more new and interesting ideas, some using new technology.

Mission Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a place that has suffered so much, its time for a turn around , what I do I do for my reasons . I've had malaria twice , I've lost a baby to malaria , I know several individual who died because of Ebola.

So yes as long as I can I intend planning and implementing my ideas to my friends in Sierra Leone, no one should be suffering due to lack in the 21st century.

I am not a NGO but am looking for sponsors to assist me in any way they can , company sponsors will have their company name branded and displayed on items of equipment we use , videos will be placed on YouTube to show how progress is achieved.

Many reading this will have the mental pictures we see on television of the child sitting drinking from a mud pool , that is an advert , asking for £3.00 .

It is annoying when you see Africa and Africans getting stereotyped by advertisements or people using terms there lazy and want to sit about all day.

The reason many sit about all day or seem lazy is a consequence of LACK , they have limited food , they have limited employment and they have limited monies, so a lot are reduced to waiting , waiting for what you may say , waiting for people like myself who realise the only way to assist people there is by teaching skills and new technology to them, in order that they may teach others and earn monies for themselves.

Give a man monies freely , he will spend it quickly and come back and ask for more.

Give a man a job, he will earn money and spend wisely on his family and community.

Introducing opportunity to a community introduces social progression from well being to wealth in all terms of life.

We get in life what we SOW.... the Gardens of many are starting to bloom...

Myself, my boy Mellie and his grandmother
Myself, my boy Mellie and his grandmother
Myself and Isha
Myself and Isha

Sierra Leone People and Family

Freetown Flooding and Waterloo


What a lot of people in the western world done understand, Africa and its peoples are hungry , when I say hungry I don't mean solely food hungry , they re hungry to learn, to be taught new technology , to raise there families without the every day worries of LACK.

The internet has shown people how we in the west live and they want the same but LACK of opportunities places barriers in front of this happening in many cases.

My mission / intention is to teach what ive learned , showing how I learned and assisting them to show others the same methods, with the right blue print, I intend to expand this to Liberia and Guinea, maybe even further.

Some one told me once, you can NOT do these ideas by yourself Michael. My reply, I'll take one step at a time, until the time comes when someone wants to help me.

Many years ago someone told me I should read a book by Tony Buzan on Mind Mapping , the knowledge on how to mind map using colours and images will spring board my kids and others in there learning skills.

Mind mapping opens new doors, it will let them learn by there self how to achieve and do things. Solely by word / colour and image association. It will stimulate there brains to new skills that can be passed on to others quickly and in there own languages.

Having faith in oneself and knowing people are waiting, stops me from giving up.

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Growing Grass Without Soil

Below is a Video of myself showing the basics of how to grow Grass without the use of Soil, it does work and the grass can be cut short and it will re-grow. you have to add additional water every few days like normal grass growing.

Growing Grass Without Soil

4 Days Later..

Growing Without Soil

As you can see from the 2 videos above, it does work.

Below will be a video about growing Vegetables in the same way.

Growing Vegetables Without Soil


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