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High Paying Work In Aerospace And IT Jobs In Mississippi

Updated on December 14, 2015
Used w/ permission of Cirlot per website, for info. purpose(c)2005-7
Used w/ permission of Cirlot per website, for info. purpose(c)2005-7

Believe in Mississippi

Many job opportunities that can lead into long-term careers exist currently in Mississippi. Perhaps that's one reason that the state slogan is Mississippi - Believe it!

In addition, aerospace careers are expected to expand and surge into the 2020s.

The Gulf Opportunity Zone Act of 2005 offers a sizable incentive to business that move and/or expand into the southern half to two-thirds of the state. This benefit is further contributing to the upsurge in new jobs in Mississippi.This is enhanced by the emergence of new businesses and jobs coming out of the Aerospace Industry in Mississippi and from drone technology.

Most new Mississippi jobs are opening in Healthcare and Information Technology (IT) Industries, with numerous jobs combining aspects of both.

Employment forecasts for the decade 2004 - 2014 were made inaccurate in Mississippi by the impact of Hurricane Katrina. When the forecast was initially made, both Healthcare and IT jobs were predicted to grow by approximately 30% each by 2014. This figure was surpassed and both fields are still growing in the late 2010s.

At the same time, aerospace installations and employment opportunities are growing in Mississippi and all along the Gulf Coast. from Florida to the far end of Texas.

There is no better place to emphasize the unity of the people of the world than high in space. We are all the same people.... And almost all of us are good people.

— NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Jr., USMC ret., four-time astronaut

Many IT and Aerospace Jobs Are On the Gulf of Mexico

show route and directions
A markerCape Canaveral FL -
Cape Canaveral, FL, USA
get directions

B markerCentral Florida Aerospace Academy, Lakeland FL -
Lakeland, FL, USA
get directions

C markerGeorgia Space Grant Consortium, Georgia Institute of Technology,. Atlanta GA -
Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, USA
get directions

Football song "I'm a rambling' wreck form Georgia Tech and a hell of an engineer."

D markerU.S. Space & Rocket Center, Alabama -
Guest Parking West Lot - U.S. Space & Rocket Center, One Tranquility Base, Huntsville, AL 35805,
get directions

E markerMeridian MS -
Meridian, MS, USA
get directions

F markerJohn C. Stennis Space Center, NASA - Mississippi -
John C. Stennis Space Center, MS, USA
get directions

Dozens of private aerospace companies also operate around the state.

G markerNASA Michoud Assembly Facility, 13800 Old Gentilly Rd , New Orleans,Louisiana -
13800 Old Gentilly Rd, New Orleans, LA 70129, USA
get directions

H markerHouston Space Center -
Space Center Wetlands, Houston, TX 77059, USA
get directions

I markerBrownesville TX -
Brownsville, TX, USA
get directions

A private space port is under construction here 2015 - 2017.

A Southern US Space Corridor

Hundreds of aviation and aerospace companies relevant to the American spce program and its partners around the world are located in the US States bordering the Gulf of Mexico. The map above shows only a few.

Gulf Coast Palm Trees
Gulf Coast Palm Trees | Source

Employment Projections for Mississippi

Construction jobs and Business Services jobs are expected to increase by state officials from 2012 - 2017. Some of these are involved in the Aerospace Industry.

Healthcare finds Healthcare to be a particularly fast growing industry in the state. Some of the biggest employers in Mississippi are

  • University of Mississippi Medical Center and
  • Mississippi Baptist Health System Inc.

Hot jobs include

  • respiratory therapy technician
  • medical assistant
  • respiratory therapists
  • physical therapist and assistant
  • cardiovascular technician
  • occupational therapist
  • biomedical engineers
  • physician assistant,
  • registered nurse
  • paramedic and others

Information Technology (IT)

Fastest growing jobs

  • computer software engineer
  • network systems and data communications analysis
  • data base administrator
  • computer and information systems (CIS) manager
  • computer support specialist.

The Gulf area has many jobs, some associated with waterways.
The Gulf area has many jobs, some associated with waterways. | Source

High Quality Higher Education

Meridian Mississippi Historic Area

Meridian, Mississippi is a unique college town. It has a renovated train station converted into offices and restaurants as well as a multi-model transit center. It became part of the refurbished National Historic Depot District in Meridian.The Meridian Railroad Museum is housed next door on Front Street in the 100-year old Railway Express Agency building.

In the late 1970s, Meridian was home to a McDonald's that had an outdoor swimming pool with a lifeguard and an interior decorated with museum pieces. This McDonald's was likely the first to have a cafeteria line from which you picked up your food and beverage items. Very interesting town! People are very friendly there.

Meridian companies involved in aerospace, defense, and IT:

  • NAS Meridian - Military
  • Peavey Electronics - Manufacturing
  • Mississippi Air National Guard
  • Structural Steel Services - Manufacturing
  • Avery Dennison - Manufacturing
  • Lockheed Martin - Manufacturing; member of the NASA Commercial Crew.
  • Southern Cast Products - Manufacturing
  • Magnolia Steel - Manufacturing

Around Union Station

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The nearby Dentzel Carousel is a National Historical Site.
The nearby Dentzel Carousel is a National Historical Site.
The nearby Dentzel Carousel is a National Historical Site. | Source

© 2007 Patty Inglish

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