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Missouri Hotel and Restaurant Reviews

Updated on February 17, 2013

Reviews of Missouri area resturants and hotels.

This page collects some of my reviews of Mid-Missouri Restaurants in and around the Jefferson City area.

The earnings from this page are donated to: American Heart Association, Food for Everyone Foundation, Action Against Hunger, PA Breast Cancer Coalition, and The Squidoo Charity Fund

Periodicity Updated Restaurant Reviews

I visit these area restaurants regularly and will often update them so keep checking in.

Here are some Jefferson City Missouri Area Restaurant's that I frequent with my wife and children that we have consistently good experiences.

Bandanna's in Jefferson City and Osage Beach both seem to be very clean and have good service and food even when their super busy.

Menu can be pricey if your feeding a family, but they seem to have a good value. We always leave full, and with take home left overs for family of four around $50-$60

Roly Poly on Ellis Blvd in Jefferson City, great selection for lunch or dinner. some kid friendly stuff like fruit cups, chips cookies. I mainly order the beef wraps the make a great Chipole wrap and santa fe style where they grill the wrap. always clean alway polite and quick service. about $20-$30 to feed 3-4 people.

Quizno's in Shnucks Plaza on Missouri Blvd, Always a great meal, some kid friendly stuff chips cookies, smaller kid sized sandwiches. Once again I usually go for the beef subs prime rib is good, I like the size and value of the flat bread "Sammies" they are offered in a good combo and make a great lunch or dinner sandwich.

UPDATE: Quiznos was shut down by the local owners and a new owner opened ZINO's Subs in it's place. Similar prices, and products.

Zesto's on Jefferson St, the place is pushing over 20 years old but for the most part it's a fun soft serve ice cream joint. their smoked meats are really good to. I like the Beef brisket with sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. Value wise their ice cream is the best in town and they offer a super small toddler / kid size cup for ice cream.

Culver's in Jefferson City and Osage Beach, always a consistently good experience. Sometimes they make a simple mistake like wrong topping on frozen custard but they always fix it politely and quickly even when their window to the walls busy and packed with customers. Expect to spend $20-$30 for a family of 4 there for a basic meal. Kids meals come with a coupon for free scoop of frozen custard.

Wendy's on Missouri Blvd, always fairly clean with polite service, sometimes you may have to wipe crumbs of a table before you sit but a small price to pay for a fast and value packed meal. Can still feed 4 people for about $20

Chipole Mexican Grill on Missouri Blvd, managers and staff are super peppy and friendly, always clean. I dig the beef and Barbacoa burritos, a little pricey and not to kid friendly as far as menu goes. We always leave stuffed and with take home left overs. expect to spend $20-30 for two to three people.

Boulevard Cafe in the Jefferson Plaza on Missouri Blvd, neat little cafe has some unique salads and sandwiches, good coffee and all natural smoothies and baked goods. not too kid friendly but a great place for a quiet meeting of two or three people. Expect to spend about $10 a person for a meal. I recommend the Korean Salad, baby greens, garbanzo beans, ginger dressing and SARDINES!

Fazoli's on Missouri Blvd in Jefferson City. Their always clean and quick service, the last time we went they added a new touch they did away with the foam plates and plastic ware and started using real plates and silverware. Which adds more of a family dinner feel to the meal and helps the environment by not producing so much waste. Thumbs up to Fazoli's for this smart move!

The Old Brick House Deli

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Country Club Hotel and Spa Review

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Restaurant Review McAlister's Deli

Restaurant Review McAlister's Deli
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Restaurant Review: Jina Yoo's Asian Bistro

2200 Forum Blvd. Unit 109, Columbia, Missouri 65203

Restaurant Review: Jina Yoo's Asian Bistro
Over all I would give Jina Yoo's Asian Bistro 9 ½ stars on a scale of 1-10 stars. I would recommend it as a romantic place for any dinner date or business luncheon.

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