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Mobile Phone Lanyards

Updated on January 4, 2011

Greetings and welcome to yet another hub, this time about handy little lanyards—more specifically, mobile phone lanyards. This hub will serve as an all-around guide for lanyards, how to get customized lanyards, and where to get them. So, let’s get started, shall we?

What are lanyards?

Let’s first tackle the obvious. Lanyards, by definition, are cords worn around the neck used for carrying objects. However, shorter versions can also be worn around wrists. Both aspects will be discussed here and are available from the short deals list below.

Lanyards & mobile phones

Using or attaching a lanyard to your cellphone has become a very popular way to carry one because phones have gotten smaller and lighter through time. If you have your phone around your neck at all times, it is very good for security and accessibility.

More often than not, people who carry phones around their necks are those usually in whole day events and gatherings, with crowds, and who are usually doing something important for the event. In this scenario, they are those who are always on-call and need to hear their phone always, even amidst the noise. Assuming you know what I’m talking about here, using a phone lanyard in such cases is a no-brainer.

However, using a lanyard is not limited to the above scenario. Both students and professionals who find themselves wearing casual to semi-formal wear on a daily basis can benefit from cellphone lanyards. Obviously, having your phone around your neck while wearing a business attire would look dumb, so let’s just stick to casual wear. If you are a student who commutes daily or a professional who is always on the go, a mobile phone lanyard can keep you organized and connected, safely and easily. Never again will your phone ring without you hearing it, nor will you be worried about it getting snatched from a pocket or a bag. There will always be something connecting you with your phone which is also why lanyards are great for avoiding damages via accidental droppings to your phone.

Sample mobile phone lanyards

Shopping for one

While a lanyard is a relatively simple object, there are still some important things to consider when looking for one. Graphics and colors are a given, and is a straightforward personal choice. You can also go as far as getting a customized one for yourself or as souvenirs, and there are a number of places to have these done online.

Apart from the main, thicker strap, we know that a lanyard attaches to a mobile phone via a thin string. This easily becomes the weakest link in the design, so make sure this connecting string is of top quality and can support more heavy weight. Nylon is typically used for such—it is strong even when it’s thin.

As previously mentioned, the main strap is where you can get creative. The length and thickness of the straps vary, but the color combinations and prints are what make them unique. Logos and small graphics can be imprinted, and some are even stitched to get that embossed feel.

Mobile phone lanyards can also be those that have small pouches at the end, instead of just having to attach it to the phone. The small pouch-style lanyard can also become a makeshift bag that can carry additional stuff like cards and money. You can also choose to go this route if you are think it will be more useful in the long run.


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    • profile image

      lanyard 7 years ago

      Great product. I have not see the lanyards with a cell phone pouch. Its still kind of uncommon in use. May be we have to promote this product more. This seems like a very useful item. Thanks for the good hub