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Mommies feel happy to fly with Monarch Airlines

Updated on January 6, 2016


Monarch is a leading airline in the UK and more than 3,000 employees are working with Monarch airlines. More than 7 million passengers travelled with Monarch airlines last year. It’s a perfect airline company for kids and infants. Mommies will feel comfortable in Monarch airlines with their kids. Specific rules and regulations are designed for the kids/babies/infants by Monarch airlines. It is always a good idea to know about the rules of airline with whom you are planning to travel with. The first rule of travelling with any airline is that every person must have their own passport including babies and infants. Monarch has divided kids into three categories;

1) Infants: Newly born baby/infants under 2 years old

2) Child: 2-11 years old

3) Adults: 12 years+

Babies must be at least 7 days old to travel with Monarch airlines. Moreover, mothers cannot travel within 14 days after giving birth.

What are the In-flight kids seating rules offered by Monarch airlines?

You can carry infants on your laps and you can use an extension seat belt to make your baby safe and secure. Parent/guardian will be placed in a seat that has an extra drop down oxygen mask in the unlikely event of emergency.

Car seats & travel chairs

Parents can carry babies’ car seats with them on board. Infant must sit on the guardian’s lap during take-off and landing however. You can carry car seats of babies aged 6months-3years and should meet the safety standards. If you want to carry a car seat with you then don’t forget to inform Monarch cabin crew at least before 5 days. The car seat must be forward facing and capable of being secured firmly using the aircraft lap type seatbelt. The car seat must constitute of a rigid frame because Monarch airlines don’t permit to carry “bucket type car seats.”

Infants with no care taker are not allowed

Monarch is no longer providing escort services so individuals aged less than 16 are not allowed to travel alone. Individual aged less than 16 must be accompanied by any other individual aged 16 or over. Similarly every infant must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 or over.

Infant’s baggage and luggage

1) Infants have 10kg luggage allowance

2) Children luggage allowance will be same as adults luggage allowance

3) You can carry huge luggage of infants such as push chair free of cost


You can either check-in from the desks located in airports.

You can book your flight online and can print your boarding pass.

Is it a good idea to book your seat in advance?

Booking your seats in advance is always a good and a better idea. By booking your seat and flight online can make your life really easy and it can give you a peace of mind. By booking your flight and seat online you can print your own boarding pass and can save your time at the airport check-in desk. Moreover, if you are carrying hold luggage you can go straight to the fast drop bag desk and if you are carrying only hand luggage then you can go straight to airport security.

By 3 different ways you can preserve your tickets:

1) Online booking:

You can book your tickets online and can select of your choice via online Monarch seat map. Moreover, you can also book extra legroom.

2) On phone:

You can reallocate your seats on a phone call and at anytime you can change your seat.

3) At the airport:

On the day of your flight you can reallocate your seat but it depends upon the availability of the seat. Availability is limited therefore, Monarch recommends you to always go for an option of pre-booking of your seats.

How Monarch Airlines is facilitating disabled children?

Monarch airline is also facilitating disabled children by providing “Travel chair” on board. These travel chairs are specifically designed for disabled kids. These chairs fit into the airline seats with adjustable security straps supporting upper part of the body. They are free of cost and you can ask about them from the customer service department of monarch airlines.

How to make your journey comfortable with Monarch Airlines?

If you want to make your journey comfortable then you can follow Monarch airlines tips. Let’s have a look on those tips:

  • Don’t forget to pre-book your seats. Pre-booking your seats will make sure that you’ll be sitting next to your kids during the flight.
  • No, emergency extra legroom seats are available to the individuals aged less than 16.
  • If you don’t want to stand in a queue with your children, then please don’t come late and try your best to check-in early. Try to come at least 2 hours before departure.
  • If parents are travelling with infants then normally they travel on their parents laps with the use of an extension seat belt. Parents carrying infants will be issued special seats with extra oxygen mask for infants in case of an emergency.
  • Don’t forget to carry baby food with you, because infants will not receive any food on board. Only normal food will be served to the passengers. So, it’s better to carry infant food (milk bottles) with you.
  • No heating facilities are available on board but on the request of passenger, Monarch airline staff will provide you hot water to assist with baby feeding bottles.
  • In every aircraft of Monarch airlines nappy changing facility is available.
  • 10 kg baggage allowance is given to the infants on all flights. Parents can carry pushchairs, car seats and prams free of cost.

So, if you have planned your vacations, then pre book your tickets today with Monarch airlines.


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