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Monte Carlo Las Vegas Resort Review

Updated on March 21, 2011

The Monte Carlo Hotel

Monte Carlo Las Vegas Resort is just one of many MGM Resorts hotels located on the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip. It's located on the west side of the Strip near New York-New York and across the street from MGM Grand. It's actually one of the newer MGM Resort properties in Las Vegas, built in 1996 around the same time as the Bellagio (also owned by MGM Resorts).

Although it 3,000 hotel rooms, the Monte Carlo has a rather boring appearance from the outside compared to some of the other hotels in Vegas. I think part of the reason for that is they were attempting to mimic the appearance of European luxury to go along with the Monte Carlo theme. Another reason might be that they were already spending $75 million to install the fountains at the Bellagio around the same time and they didn't have money to spend on something in front of the Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo hotel rooms and entertainment

The Monte Carlo offers several different room options. You can go for luxury, with an AAA 4 diamond rated room, or you can get the more basic room for under $100 a night.

For the best value, the Deluxe Room has everything you'd expect from the basic luxury Las Vegas hotel room. It's clean and well-appointed. The decor is European, like everything else in the hotel. For a little extra you can get a room on a higher floor and with a better view of the Strip.

If you've got the means to spend a little extra when on vacation, the Spa Suites and Monaco Suites are fantastic. One step above that is the Diamond Suites, which have 800 square feet of room for you to spread out in. Finally, like every Las Vegas hotel there are very special rooms for high rollers or wealthy guests.

The top option package at the Monte Carlo is called Hotel32, and it includes private limo service, a personal assistant during your stay, and a shower that can fit 20 people. It's the perfect room if you're planning on partying with a lot of people in Las Vegas. You and a couple dozen of your friends can get a bunch of basic deluxe rooms and then split the Hotel32 package as a common place for everyone to hang out in. With enough people the cost isn't that unreasonable. Besides, you're on vacation.

For entertainment, I'd recommend checking out one of the other hotels. They've got Frank Caliendo, who I think is just terrible. I'm glad his show got canceled. It did get canceled, didn't it? His impressions don't amuse me at all, and I'm easily amused. They've also got Mini Kiss, which is a Kiss concert performed by midgets. It's a kitsch cover band that covers a band that was already kitsch to begin with. The universe might implode during the show.

For relaxing on a hot day check out the lazy river. I've included a video of it below.


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  • polymathlv profile image

    polymathlv 6 years ago from USA

    Great information - I didn't know that the Monte Carlo has a lazy river! And I definitely agree about Frank Caliendo...but unfortunately he's still playing there :)