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Monterey Bay Aquarium - Day Trip at the Beach

Updated on March 8, 2013

Sights in Monterey Bay Aquarium

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Fish Swimming in Large Reef TankUnderwater Sea LifeShallow Tide Water Fish DisplayFish Hiding in the RocksPenguins on DisplayBeach Bird ExhibitSand Dollar TankSea AnemoneA Seas TurtleShrimp amongst the sand and grassHuge StarfishA School of Tropical FishA flock of Flamingoes
Fish Swimming in Large Reef Tank
Fish Swimming in Large Reef Tank | Source
Underwater Sea Life
Underwater Sea Life | Source
Shallow Tide Water Fish Display
Shallow Tide Water Fish Display | Source
Fish Hiding in the Rocks
Fish Hiding in the Rocks | Source
Penguins on Display
Penguins on Display | Source
Beach Bird Exhibit
Beach Bird Exhibit | Source
Sand Dollar Tank
Sand Dollar Tank | Source
Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone | Source
A Seas Turtle
A Seas Turtle | Source
Shrimp amongst the sand and grass
Shrimp amongst the sand and grass | Source
Huge Starfish
Huge Starfish | Source
A School of Tropical Fish
A School of Tropical Fish | Source
A flock of Flamingoes
A flock of Flamingoes | Source

Take a Day Trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Located in Northern California just outside of the San Francisco Bay area along the coast, you can see a huge assortment of wildlife on display at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. There are huge tanks stocked with native fish species, hands on exhibits for kids, and even a sea otter community to watch and learn about.

This destination is great families with small children and also the perfect place for anyone interested in learning about the diverse ecosystem of the Pacific ocean in California. The aquarium is called the Monterey Bay Aquarium and is located at the former site of sardine cannery n industry that was prominent in the past in this fishing community. the site is located in the historic Pacific Ocean’s Cannery row, which is now filled with shops and restaurants making it a perfect day trip vacation getaway for anyone in the bay area.. The aquarium is open to all ages of people from young to old and is also designed nicely for disabled persons, as long as you want to witness the different beautiful creature that live under water you will enjoy your time.

Before going to the aquarium make sure you have your camera with you, for you can take pictures of the animals; furthermore you should learn how to turn off the flash of your cameras because there are some area’s on the aquarium that the flashes are prohibited, there are some species inside the aquarium that are very sensitive to light flashes.

If you purchased the ticket online; before entering the aquarium make sure you have your tickets print out with you to present to the attendants; the ticket fee depends on what ages you are in. You can also buy tickets at the front desk of the aquarium. However, children who are under 3 years of age are FREE!!

Monterey Bay Aquarium

A markerMonterey Bay Aquarium -
886 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940, USA
get directions

Location of the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Animals to See in Monterey Bay Aquarium

Inside, you can see a giant Kelp forest inside the tank, with different class of fishes swimming inside from little rock fish to large tiger sharks. Other large tanks include Chinook salmon and halibut. In the Monterey Bay aquarium they separated some the marine animals into different exhibits, there are exhibits for all the different kinds of jelly fish, an exhibit for all the sea horses, sea turtles, sharks, octopus coral reef creatures, and sea otters. There is some special areas set up just for penguins and pink flamingos and sea turtles, there is also an exhibit where you can sea large schools of smaller fish swimming, and much more.

Aside from different sea creatures, Monterey bay Aquarium also offers you dining and shopping areas which offers you a wide variety of selection on different items in relation to the aquarium’s history and exhibits. They also have a theater inside, which you can watch a brief shows on several different topics that change from time to time depending on when you visit the aquarium about the aquarium and sea animals.

After seeing the different beautiful creatures inside the Monterey Bay aquarium, you realize how it is important to take care of our earth. Each one of us should learn how we can do our part in helping to preserve the world we live and protect the environment so these creatures can live happy lives. Nature is the source of everything so; we must love and take good care of it.

Tour The Aquarium

Current Exhibits at Aquarium

The aquarium has a large number of exhibits to check out while visiting. Each one is designed to not only show off the beautiful creatures that reside within, but to educate the public about the environment that they live in.

List of Exhibits currently view able at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

  1. Kelp Forest a 28 feet deep underwater exhibit with sardines, sharks, wolf eels, black sea bass, calico's, and other sea life that inhabit this special ecosystem that is prominent off the coast of California.
  2. Secret Lives of Seahorses includes 15 different species.
  3. Jellies "Jellyfish" includes moon jellies and many more species of this unique marine animal.
  4. Splash Zone - fun for kids includes bilingual interactive educational experience
  5. Open Sea - an exhibit that allows a person witness sea life constantly in motion similar to the life in action way offshore for sea turtles, sharks, tuna, and wide array of smaller fish that live in giant schools.
  6. Sea Otters - watch these playful creatures and see how they swim, play, eat, and sleep in the water.
  7. Rocky Shore - An excellent display of shallow water organisms that live in the zone where waves crash and churn against the sandy shores and rock outcroppings. Includes a touching pool for children.
  8. Giant Pacific Octopus
  9. Mission to the Deep
  10. Monterey Bay Habitats
  11. Sandy Shore & Aviary
  12. Life on the Bay

Make sure to give ample time to enjoy all that the aquarium has to offer.

Delicious Food in Monterey Fisherman's Grotto

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Fried Calamari AppetizerChicken and Shrimp JambalayaJumbo Sea Scallops
Fried Calamari Appetizer
Fried Calamari Appetizer | Source
Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya
Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya | Source
Jumbo Sea Scallops
Jumbo Sea Scallops | Source

Great Lunch & Dinner Spots in Monterey for Day Trip

After visiting the aquarium if you have some time to walk around Monterey you will find some great little shops and eateries to enjoy in the cannery area right near the aquarium. If you want to check out the Fisherman's wharf a mile north of the aquarium you can stop in at the Old Fisherman’s Grotto right on the water for a great bowl of clam chowder or an appetizer of fried calamari or any of the other tasty entrees that are served on the menu. There are several other restaurants right there as well with many of them providing samples of their fares, so enjoy a day in Monterey visiting the aquarium and tasting the local cuisine.


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    • Tolovaj profile image

      Tolovaj 3 years ago

      I always wanted to visit one of these aquariums where you are 'surrounded' with animals and can feel how large are they. Monterey Bay's looks spectacular!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I would love to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium someday if I am ever in that area. Enjoyed your photos and learning about it. Up, useful and interesting votes.