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Montreal, a luxury weekend get a way!

Updated on August 16, 2011

Visit the city called the Paris on the St. Lawrence

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec Canada. It stands on an island in the middle of the great St. Lawrence River. Mount Royal stands in the center peaking out over the island city. It has a French speaking population and is a destination for artists around the world.

The first European to explore the area was Jaques Cartier in 1535. Now, Montreal is one of the most important inland ports in the entire world. Naturally, hockey is a favorite sport. Hockey rinks are scattered all around the city. It is common for tourists to catch a game during their weekend visit.

There are many tourists sites around town and plenty of hotels that vary in price. It is home to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The 1829 Church of the Notre Dam is another well known tourist attraction. The Montreal Symphony Orchestra is housed at the Place des Arts.

Consider taking the Amtrak train. Canada's main headquarters for their railroad is located right in Montreal. Round trip from New York City to Montreal costs about $300 for a couple.

When traveling to Canada remember to bring all proofs of identification. Have a passport on the train and all required materials. The trains are now heavily inspected.

I suggest leaving your car at home and using public transportation when you arrive. Catch a hockey game and enjoy some of the most lovely hotels the world has to offer right in grand Montreal.


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