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Australian Slang - Very Aussie Sayings

Updated on January 15, 2020

 This is a collection of some of my favourite Australian sayings.  Some of these are used quite often in everyday society, but a lot of them a slipping away from common vernacular and are being consigned to yesteryear being only used by old timers who are quickly disappearing from society.  I belong to a small section of society who is trying to revive some of these forgotten sayings and bring them back into everyday life and language. 

We love our food and drink

When is comes to food and drink we have quite a few sayings:

As dry as a dead dingo donger - very thirsty

As dry as an arabs armpit - even thirstier

i could eat the crutch out of a low flying duck- very hungry

im so hungry i could eat a shit sandwich- very very hungry

As full as a fat ladies knickers- very full after a meal

As full as a fat man undies - same as previous

Saying used on the building site

As busy as a one armed paper hanger - very busy

As busy as a bricklayer in beurit - very busy

As useful as tits on a bull - useless

As useful as an ashtray on a motorbike- useless

A thick as a lump of 4 by 2 - very dumb

As rough as hessian undies - a bad job

As busy as a one armed taxi driver with crabs-  very busy

Some mixed gems

Better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick- better than nothing

A stubby short of a six pack- not very very intelligent

A chop short of a BBQ - as above

A sandwich short of a picknick - as above

You have Buckleys chance - little chance of success (see my upcoming hub on Australian convict William Buckley)

As handy as shit on a stick - not much help

Looks like a dogs breakfast - very messy

Madder than a baptist in a brothel - very angry

Flat as a shit carters hat- very flat (usually referring to waves in the ocean)


 Hope you like this crazy collection of saying.  Please feel free to add to them at any time.  There are so many but i keep forgetting them.  Thanks for reading


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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      9 years ago

      Very funny! We have some of the same ones here in The US of Apathy. I've eaten many shyt sandwiches- without bread too!

    • simeonvisser profile image


      9 years ago

      I liked the Australian slang during my time in Australia. I must say I haven't heard the slang that you list here in this article so it's good to keep it alive. But a "g'day mate" will always remain part of Aussie language :)


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