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Barbados Heritage: More reasons to visit

Updated on June 5, 2013


Update: Barbados' capital city - Bridgetown - and Its Historic Garrison are now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Congrats Barbados!!

Read all about it at

I've just read the great hub "Barbados: 6 Great Reasons To Visit" and thought I'd continue the trend, this time focusing on the heritage aspect of a Barbados holiday.

Barbados certainly has the beautiful beaches and friendly people that attract many visitors to the Caribbean, but in addition we have a rich heritage and a tradition of restoring and maintaining places of historical interest.

Let's explore a few of these amazing Barbados heritage attractions...

Parliament Buildings in Bridgetown, Barbados
Parliament Buildings in Bridgetown, Barbados
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Arlington House MuseumGeorge Washington House
Arlington House Museum
Arlington House Museum
George Washington House
George Washington House

Barbados heritage tour...

  • We'll start with a visit to the Barbados Museum, which is actually housed in a former British military prison dating back to 1817! Here you will explore a wide variety of displays covering the island's natural history, early inhabitants of Barbados, colonial past and rare maps.
  • Our next stop on this Barbados heritage tour is George Washington House, just a few minutes stroll from the Barbados Museum. Washington visited Barbados in 1751 and spent about two months on the island. In fact, Barbados was the only country he ever visited outside colonial America! Enjoy a short film about Washington's visit, a tour of the house and the exhibits.
  • While in the area, check out the amazing collection of cannon at the Garrison Savannah just opposite George Washington House. Barbados has the rarest collection of 17th century English iron cannon in the world.
  • Next we head to the north of Barbados to the town of Speightstown for a trip to Arlington Museum. This restored 18th century building is now a three storey interactive museum that will appeal to the whole family but particularly children! The carpet map of Barbados on the second floor is particularly fun.. have a look you just might find your family name there!
  • We could also stop in at the marine museum at Folkestone to see relics from shipwrecks around the island and learn more about the marine environment.
  • Heading to the south-east we make our way to Sunbury Plantation House which is over 300 years old and filled with antiques. Take your time strolling through the house and be sure to spend some time looking at the horse-drawn carriages!
  • For more recent history we make our final stop at the Barbados Concorde experience. Barbados was a regular stop in the winter season for the London Concorde. When this magnificent fleet of aircraft was retired, Barbados was lucky enough to become home to one of them! Experience the luxury that those luck travelers enjoyed as well as the technological marvel of these supersonic aircraft!

There is so much more we could cover on our Barbados heritage tour, including the historic capital city of Bridgetown... perhaps we'll do so in our next hub!

So if you're looking for a heritage holiday be sure to consider our lovely island of Barbados.

See for an interactive satellite view of Barbados heritage attractions!


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    • profile image

      Jorge 3 years ago

      Hi, Aurora! Thanks for reading my blog I'm glad that you will be using this next sesmeter. I hope your final from this sesmeter went alright having one final is pretty awesome!

    • profile image

      KathyLynnWard 7 years ago from Barbados

      Nice article. Be sure to do the Bridgetown hub next not even us Bajans fully appreciate the historic value of our capital city. Thanks