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More than 40 idea to spend a summer vacation without getting bored

Updated on May 22, 2016

With the entry of the summer holiday season, the end of the study and find a lot of families it difficult to fill the vacuum of their children during this period, and many of the children feel bored and spend most of their time sleeping and watching television and quarrel with each other, but today we will give every family has more children 40 different idea to spend a summer holiday without getting bored, and beautiful in these ideas they are very diverse, including what works for girls and what works for Boys, and including what works with his young age and the ones that benefit the great age, and also including non-expensive and it costs some money and so every family can choose ideas and appropriate and activities for children.

More than 40 idea to spend a summer vacation without getting bored:
Attend useful courses.

Free readings and buy some books in various fields.

Subscribe to the clubs and sports exercises.

Visiting relatives and friends and kinship.

Subscribe to the various competitions.

Visit charity exhibitions.

Drawing in color of wood and wax and also water colors.

Internet search for information about something specific.

Learn to cook.

Learn to read the map and walk through it.

Attend various festivals and celebrations.

Visit different museums.

Take on more responsibilities, such as participation in the management of part of the house money.

Skills and talent development of each child according to his talent.

Subscribe to the camps and the camps and scouting activities.

Walks and eat ice cream.

Show an appropriate film for each family, and the debate about what happened in it.

Play ball.

Learning a new language.

Playing with clay and mud and dough.

Cubes games and drainage.

Playing in the water (bathtub) and work boats and kite swim with the child.

Game soap bubbles.

Agriculture and learn to take care of plants.

The acquisition of a pet and sponsorship.

The child to his diary and important events in his life writing.

Recording voice clips of the child.

Reflection and contemplation of nature around him.

Hide and seek.

Learning first aid.

Game Card Gaming Community and UNO and Monopoly.

Learn some magic tricks.

Action forms by cutting and pasting.

Learn chess and dominoes.


Learning detail and embroidery.

Action reputation fantasies.


Learn geography and country names and flags and capitals.

Home decoration.

Playing a tent filled with Anchor.

Help around the house.

Finally, we are watching television these ideas do not prevent the child to watch cartons favorite but underestimate the time that the child will sit in front of the television.

And beautiful in these ideas and also activities diversity, some of which is an individual, and some of which is collective, if it was the family and one child will find ideas serve him and if there was more than one child also Sajdoa what works for them, but for learning certain things you may wish to all easy searching on the Internet to find what will help you in learning, as learning to draw, for example, there are a lots of ways and a variety of videos to learn, and also ideas for home decorating exist and too many on the Internet, this helped your children and put them on the path of research and exploration, and let them try to fail and succeed and repeat their mistakes and learn from every position they are going through learning something new from him.



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