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Most Unique Places in the World

Updated on January 22, 2011

A large-scale part of journey is that feeling you get when experiencing certain thing absolutely new. Many travel places offer new experiences that other’s don’t have. But there are only small numbers of locations in the world that really offer truly exclusive experience.


Azores is composed of nine volcanic islands situated in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean approximately 1500 km from the European coast and 3900 km from the North American coast. Explore the spectacular natural attractiveness and beauty of lakes in this collection of nine volcanic islands. Azores offers the widest range of adventure.


Bhutan is a small landlocked country in South Asia. It is a tiny, remote and impoverished kingdom nestling in the Himalayas between its powerful neighbors, India and China. Bhutan is a unique land in a unique time. Bhutan is a country which is enriched by large green valleys and temples. It is an amazing kingdom rich with culture and spirituality. Bhutan is definitely one of the most beautiful countries on the planet.


The Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives is a premier beach destination. Maldives really offers you some of the best unforgettable moments of your life. The Maldives is a remarkable tropical destination, loved by all who visit. It is also stunningly lovely and beautiful that offers several of the majority dramatic ocean vistas in the world.

Palm Islands

The Palm Islands are an artificial archipelago in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on which major commercial and residential infrastructures will be constructed. The Palm Island in Dubai is one of the true wonders of the modern world. They are the world's largest man-made island clusters and called the eight wonder of the world.

Yakushima, Japan

Yakushima is a subtropical island off the southern coast of Kyushu and part of Kagoshima Prefecture. It is covered by an extensive cedar forest that contains some of Japan's oldest living trees. Yakushima is rich in sub-tropical life, and attracts visitors from all over Japan. Yakushima known as the island of mountains.


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