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5 Most Visited Tourist Destinations In Bangladesh

Updated on March 18, 2018
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Traveling is my passion. Articles in Hubpages I write voluntarily in order to help people find right information about their traveling.

5 Most Visited Tourist Destinations In Bangladesh

#1 - Cox's Bazar: The most attractive tourist destination in Bangladesh is Cox's Bazar, the longest natural sandy sea beach in the world. It is a long sea beach. So, opportunities for beach activities are also unlimited here. As the tourist capital of Bangladesh, Cox's Bazar has every facility for a tourist. Good communication by road and air, high standard of accommodation, all kinds of food, high security everything a tourist can find here.

Sunset on the beach
Sunset on the beach

Cox's Bazar is Located in the southern part of Bangladesh. This is the longest unbroken natural sea beach in the world.

While entering the city, you'll see the beach from your bus window. I'm sure you'd be crazy to get down from the bus & get to the beach instantly. The road entering the city has plenty of hotels. Accommodation is also available in the city. People in this area are so friendly & helpful

The beach is vast. Plenty of activities are here to entertain you. You can just relax under the umbrella sitting on a couch & watch the sun set. You will find a variety of beach activities like jet skiing, surf boarding, banana boat riding, horse riding, kite flying and many more. The beach is always busy with local & foreign tourists. Tourists are full in this destination all the year round.

Accommodation is available for all types of travelers ranging from Deluxe to budget. The hotels are very close to the beach. Some hotels have sea view rooms.

Different kinds of foods are available here ranging from Bengali food to continental & Chinese. Seafood like lobsters, fishes are much popular in this area.

The most popular nearby destination from Cox's bazar is St. Martin's Island. This is a unique destination for Island lovers. The place is quiet & calm. The clear blue water in the sea & the life under the sea is amazing to watch. A few facilities are available for scuba diving here. The grill & BBQ at night in your resort will give you feeling like Robinson Crusoe or may be the Swiss family Robinson.

Some other nearby destinations from Cox's Bazar is Inani beach & Himchori. Inani beach is partly a coral beach. Himchori has a beautiful spring & has a hilltop view.

This is a must visit destination for the life time.

#2 - Sundarbans: This is a mangrove forest along the southwestern coast of Bay of Bengal. This is the largest mangrove forest in the world. Part of this forest also falls in India. This is a nominee for the new 7 wonders of the world.

Fishing in Sundarbans
Fishing in Sundarbans

Traveling Sundarban is an experience of adventure. This is not like a reserve forest where you can travel by caravan or with a four wheel van. To see this forest deep inside, you will have to stay in a motor boat. There are several tour operators who provide modern motor boat or launch those have all the modern facilities. You can explore the forest with a guide. Also the beach at Kotka and Kochikhali, Hiron point is really wonderful.

#3 - Rangamati: Rangamati is a hill station. The beautiful land of hills and manmade lakes are the main attraction here. The Kaptai Lake at Rangamati is made out of the waters of the Kaptai dam, the only hydroelectric power plant in Bangladesh. Boating, relaxing, small manmade island hopping is the main activity here.

Hanging bridge, Rangamati
Hanging bridge, Rangamati

Rangamati is a beautiful hill town in Bangladesh. This is in the Chittagong hill tracts. Rangamati has a beautiful lake which is called Kaptai Lake. In this lake, there are several tiny islands. These islands have so many things to offer. Most of them offer excellent tongue licking tribal dishes. Some have resorts, which are surrounded by trees, bamboos. You will get a rural touch, staying in these resorts. All the islands are with an excellent view of the Kaptai Lake. This is a paradise for nature lovers.

Lush green forest, exotic hills and valleys, marine blue lake, colorful culture of the ethnics, attractive a whole, Rangamati is a land of tourist attraction.

Everything is fun here as you do visit the ethnic museum, hanging bridge. Or you do angling from the lake or even just enjoy the beauty of the lakes and hills.

Rangamati Attractions

Island hopping at Kaptai Lake-

Kaptai Lake is a huge lake and it has some tiny islands. A half day trip will be adequate to explore the lake and the islands. Each island has different names such as "Peda Ting-Ting", "Tuk-Tuk Echo Village", "Shuvolong", "Chang-Pang". "Peda Ting-Ting" is a tiny island and here you will find cottages to stay and enjoy a moonlit night with fantastic lake surroundings. "Tuk-Tuk" is an echo park with varieties of trees and plants. "Shovolong" spring is a beautiful spring from the hill and has an exotic landscape.

Hanging bridge-

The hanging bridge at Kaptai Lake is an excellent location for a view of the lake. Uphill from the bridge, there is a playground for kids. Also you can relax here facing the lake. This is the most romantic place in Rangamati. Some ethnic boutique shops offer handicraft and handloom fabrics and apparels here that are perfect for gift and souvenirs.

Chakma (an ethnic group) King's Palace-

Chakma King's palace is an ideal place to know the history of the Chakma ethnic group.

Rajban Buddhist Monastery-

It is a big Buddhist monastery and Buddhism is practiced here.

Nearby attractions

Karnaphuli paper mill, Chandraghona

Kaptai hydroelectric project

Getting there

By Air – From Dhaka to Chittagong by domestic flight. From Chittagong, Rangamati is a 2 hour drive. Both public and rented vehicles are available in Chittagong to reach Rangamati.

By Road - Direct bus from Dhaka to Rangamati. Daily trips available.

By Train - Dhaka to Chittagong. From Chittagong, Rangamati is a 2 hour drive.

Where to stay

Parjatan (Bangladesh tourism) Motel. Phone: +88028117855, +88028119192

Hotel Sufia. Banarupa. Rangamati

Hotel Green Castle. Reserve Bazar. Rangamati. Phone: +880 351 61200

My suggestion to travelers - Visit Bangladesh, visit Rangamati to enjoy the beauty of the hill town queen.

#4 - Bandarban: Bandarban is the land of adventure. The highest peak of Bangladesh is located here. Thajingdong, Keokradong is the highest peak in Bangladesh which is around 3 to 4 thousand feet high. The best place for trekking in Bangladesh is Bandarban. Clouds, hills, waterfalls and the river are the main attraction of this place.

Bandarban is located in the southeastern part of Bangladesh. Bandarban means dam of monkeys. It is one of the three hill tract districts in Chittagong hill tracts. Bandarban is situated on the bank of Sangu river.

Drive to this hidden paradise on the metallic road through the green forest and hills are great experience for the tourists. Its flora and fauna, bamboo cottages, its ethnic people and their lifestyle have made this picturesque hilly resort a popular tourist destination.

Three tallest peaks of Bangladesh are located in Bandarban - Thajingdong, Keokradong and Modok moual. Rakhain Lake, Chimbuk and Nilgiri hills have similar looking views as Darjeeling (a famous hill district in West Bengal, India). Boga lake is a great attraction for tourists. The biggest manmade lake of Bangladesh Kaptai is an ideal place for boating and cruising.

Bandarban is the best place for trekking in Bangladesh. You can go for expedition to Keokradong and Thajingdong. There are some places in Bandarban those are like paradise, but located in very remote areas. These places are not accessible by car. Boat and walking is the only way to reach those places. Most famous of them are Boga lake, Nafakhum, Tinduk, Baklai falls.

Natural beauty of Bandarban
Natural beauty of Bandarban | Source

Attractions in Bandarban

Meghla tourist complex - At the entrance of Bandarban town, there is a wonderful tourist complex named Meghla. There are several lakes here. These lakes can be crossed by few hanging bridges. There is a zoo and a mini safari here. Boating is so enjoyable in these lakes. There is also a small cable car across this lake.

Shoilopropat - Shoilopropat mean rock falls. 8 kilometers far from Bandarban town. It is on the way to Chimbuk hill (a famous hill). The cool water of this falls run all the year round. It is the most attractive waterfalls in Bandarban.

Chimbuk Hill - This is a wonderful watch point. It is 2000 feet high. Sight from this hill is very exciting. Your vision will range up to the Bay of Bengal from here. There has a rest house here.

Nilgiri - This is the highest tourist spot of Bangladesh. About 2200 feet is its altitude. It is 45 kilometers away from Bandarban town. The most attractive view is found here in rainy season May to September. The whole area seems covered with a blanket of cloud. The view is really awesome. There is a beautiful resort here managed by Bangladesh Army. Civil people can stay here with prior booking. You can spend a nice time with your friends and family staying here in this wonderful resort.

Nilachol - This is almost 1000 feet high and located about 4 km away from the town. Watching the sun set from this viewpoint is so amazing. Also the excellent view of Bandarban town is visible from here.

Shorno mandir (golden temple) - The biggest Buddhist temple in Bandarban is located at Balaghat. This is called golden temple. This gold color temple is a shrine place for Buddhists. This temple is at the top of the Jadi Hill.

Fascinating view, beautiful landscape, natural lakes and waterfalls made Bandarban the hill king of Bangladesh.

#5 - St. Martin's Island: St. Martin is a small island in the southeastern part of Bangladesh. This is the southernmost point of Bangladesh. It is in the northeast part of the Bay of Bengal. This island is almost flat and is 3.6 meters above sea level and about 8 kilometers long. St. Martin is the only coral island in Bangladesh. Exotic views of the sea, simple lifestyle of the natives, quiet, peaceful and full of enthusiasm made this island best tourist island of Bangladesh.

St. Martins' Island
St. Martins' Island

St.Martin's is a popular tourist destination in Bangladesh for both local and foreign travelers in Bangladesh. It is like a pearl dot in the Bay of Bengal. It is situated at the entrance of Bangladesh-Myanmar border river Naaf. The old name of this island is "Narikel Jinjira" means coconut garden. In 1717 christian priest father Martin came in this island and since then it has been named as Saint Martin's island.

Don't see only...feel the island

This island is much for feeling inside than seeing. You see the bay, the beach, coconut trees, birds, hear the sound of the waves like a melody , all of these you don’t just see or hear, you feel them inside as well. Such a strong appeal is there in St.Martin's island.

This island is separated from the mainland, 20 kilometers away from Teknaf (the south most sub district of Bangladesh). Total distance from Dhaka to St. Martin is 510 km.

Getting There

Getting there is a two part journey.

First, go to Teknaf. There are several bus services to Teknaf from Dhaka ranging from budget to luxurious. You can reach Teknaf also from Chittagong or Cox's Bazar.

From Teknaf, take motor boat, sea truck or launch to St.Martins which is about a two hour journey. No helicopter service has been developed yet in this route, so water way is the only way.

Staying there

If you enjoy staying in cottages on an island, don't miss to stay here also in St. Marins because there are some wonderful resorts here. Real rural cottages are nicely decorated in the resorts. So, you will also be able to feel the ancient surroundings where there is no electricity at late night, get water only from coconut, and moonlit bright night. It’s all thrill.

Every resort is along the beach. So, the beach is where you actually stay. Most famous resorts among those are Shimana Periey, Nil Digonte etc. There are some hotels also here to stay such as Prashad Paradise, Blue Marine, Abakash parjatan motel etc.

St. Martin's Attractions

You can go around this island by motor boats. It is only about 8 km long and about 1000 meters to 1500 meters wide. Sun bathing is so enjoyable here as this island is so quiet. There are few facilities here for scuba diving and snorkelling.

Most attractive sight in St.Martin is Cherra dwip (detached island). This is a tiny part of this island which becomes detached from the main island during high tide. Here the water is so blue and quiet. Life under water is so nice to watch here.


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