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Motorcycle Indiana:Destination Nashville, IN

Updated on April 25, 2014

Indiana: More than Cornfields

Indiana is a beautiful state. Yes, we do have many cornfields,but we have more than that too. I am a Hoosier, and I have been to many destinations in Indiana, and I can tell you I have seen things besides cornfields. Beautiful green hills roll into mirror-like looking ponds and lakes at our state parks, skies filled with architecture of tall buildings, and unique is the quaint little towns that host excellent shopping.

We are going north from Evansville, Indiana to Nashville, Indiana, which my husband calls 'Little Nashville" (He's from the bigger version, Nashville, Tennessee).

We will shop as we have before in this cute little town that is friendly and full of good food as well.

A markerstate road 135 nashville In -
Indiana 135, Nashville, IN, USA
get directions

Choose Your Route

As for any motorcycle ride, you need to decide which route you will take to get to your destination. We had choices of interstate or somewhat 'back road' highways. I typically choose the latter because the high speed interstate jars me on the motorcycle quite a bit. Being toted, I sit higher than the driver because the back wheel is more elevated than than the front. My husband also has a windshield, so he is protected from a lot of the wind I endure.

We rode highways to Nashville. It took us quite a bit longer jumping around on the different highways, but the scenery was much more pleasant. At slower speeds of 55 or 60 instead of interstate speeds of 70 or more, I wasn't whipped around nearly as much.

The other option for route would have been mostly interstate 69 which is fairly new. There isn't a whole lot of exits off for gas and such, and that interstate is plop in the middle of what most think when you say Indiana, cornfields and farmland.

So, our trip was about three hours long. I believe in a car it would have taken us around two hours and twenty minutes or so. We had to stop more often and stretch. Neither of us is a good motorcycle rider yet. We have only had our bike a year, and we don't get to go far real often with the responsibilities of three children at home.

Keep in mind that this was a day trip for us, so three hours there and back is going to be a good part of our day. We needed to get home to our children for the evening, but if possible you can stay overnight in Nashville. They have Inns and cute B&B's right there in the downtown area or in the hills of nearby Brown County.

Wind Whooped on the Motorcycle

Get There and Eat!

After reaching Nashville, we opted to park our motorcycle in a pay parking lot. We only paid two dollars instead of four because we were on a bike, smaller vehicle = smaller fee.

We left our home after breakfast and were ready to eat after three hours on the bike. We have gone to the same place to eat both of the times we have been to Nashville, Big Woods Brewing. They have a tavern set-up on what seems like an alley. We ran into it by accident, and were glad we did. You must be 21 to enter, as the name indicates, they serve beer.

They have great beers, says my husband. I don't care for beer, but the food is really good. Both times we have been, my husband got the same thing, a big ole' burger. I have had the potato soup and buffalo chicken sandwich and both were excellent.

The women next to us told us next time to try the pulled pork nachos. They raved about those! This same company has a pizza restaurant across the street.

Other places to dine are Harvest Moon Pizzeria, Hobnob Corner which offers modern American food, Artist's Colony Restaurant has a large variety of American foods as well in a unique colonial setting. There are many places to eat you will see as you walk around the town.


What is There to Do?

We go to Nashville to browse in the shops. There is a little of everything. We saw leather, home decor, pet essentials, flowers, Christmas, clothing, toys and more. Men can find something to look at just as well as women. I believe our children would enjoy the shopping too even though we typically make this an adult trip.

As you are shopping, you see many restaurants to try the next time you go there, and might even decide to stay overnight.

As I was in a store, I found a pamphlet that was right up our alley. It was a map of great rides for motorcyclists. It had four routes all ranging from 43 to 53 miles long. One of the routes rides along Brown County State Park which is another reason to visit this area.

North Lookout Tower

Brown County State Park

Indiana has beautiful state parks, and Brown County is gorgeous and the largest in the state. We went as spring was beginning, so not all of the trees had foliage. The red buds and dogwoods were blooming, and they were seen everywhere we turned. The park has many outlooks to see the park's beauty, but we were unable to visit them all with our limited time that day.

Next time, we will make two trips. One trip to Nashville, and another to the park, so we have time to hike as well. The park has many things to do. There is fishing in the lakes, mountain bike trails, hiking trails, horse-backing areas, swimming, and camping.

I believe we will even want to bring the car and all the kids, because there is a lot of do for a family as well.

The lookout tower in the photo to the right was especially pleasant to view Indiana's beauty. You can see black locust, black walnut, pines, and spruces in the park. Of course there are others such as the red buds and dogwoods I mentioned before.

I truly enjoyed the motorcycle ride through the park. It was peaceful. I even heard and saw a woodpecker doing his thing on a tree.

We rode down to Ogle lake in the park, and saw a beautiful view through the spillway. We circled the parking lot, and came back for another view. It was so still, one jump of scared turtles from a log into the lake sends ripples throughout.

Hesitation Point

Road down to Ogle Lake

More Information on the Park

All Indiana State Parks have a fee to enter. The fee is five dollars for Indiana resident, and seven for non-resident.

The park is open year round and has lodge rooms and cabins available. The park even has a restaurant.

You can ride your motorcycle through the park as we did, but keep your bike quiet. Please don't rev your engine as to not disturb the peace of the park. The maximum speed is 30mph. That is a great limit to view the park.

A visit to the park in the fall would be beautiful as the trees change to red, orange and yellow. The lookouts would be great spots to view the color changes.

Ride Home

We opted to take the interstate home since we were working on a return time of six o'clock. The video I took of me on the bike being wind whooped was the ride home on the interstate. As you can see, the ride isn't as enjoyable. We made it home about 20 to 30 minutes sooner going home on the interstate.

I have to say the back roads gave me more entertainment. I was looking around at the scenery, and I saw a horse eating grass on the side of a hill. He seemed to have to contort himself as he lunged to chomp the grass. I soon realized the horse was a camel! A camel right here in Indiana, and not in a zoo in Indiana. My husband and I saw it at the same time. He pointed as I started laughing.

The views from a motorcycle are different from a car because you aren't encased in glass. You can see things on the ground of the forest, that you would miss in a car. You feel a part of nature as the wind gently flows through you. You can smell anything in the air. The perfume of flowering trees was amazing.

On a motorcycle, you can practically reach into the forest for the lovely birds that chirp on a limb. The squirrels in their nests up above are chanting to their neighbors about you, the intruder.

I highly recommend the trip to Nashville and/or Brown County State Park. It's relaxing and a great way to spend the day on a motorcycle. The memories on a motorcycle are endless and unforgettable.

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    • profile image

      Bill 3 years ago

      It was worth the ride just for that burger! Let's go back on Wednesday!

    • Krmission profile image

      Kristy 3 years ago from Indiana

      I can understand the fears. I've gotten used to it and made myself comfortable. Once you get over that, it's freeing!

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      I'm like Faith, a big chicken when it comes to motorcycles, however I am sure you enjoyed the ride. I have friends from high school who post their pictures of where they cycle to every weekend (east coast, mostly the mountains). It does seem like fun.

    • Krmission profile image

      Kristy 3 years ago from Indiana

      Thank you all for your comments. Faith Reaper, I would love to ride the trail of tears. That sounds very interesting. Thanks all for stopping by to read!

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

      Thank you for taking us along on your ride. My sister rides on her Harley often and has ridden the Trail of Tears, which was truly an experience with the thousands of riders out all at once! However, I am a big chicken on the bikes, but I know it is a much different take on the scenario from riding a bike! Nashville is a beautiful area surrounded by wonderful countryside. Great tips and photos here too. Wow, look at that sandwich!

      Enjoy your trip.

      Up and more and away.


    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 3 years ago from The Beautiful South

      I have never been there but it does look and sound like a beautiful state. Thank you for sharing. ^