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Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada: Festival of Fireworks!

Updated on July 18, 2010

Once a boring little hamlet, nestled atop a hill, now a brilliantly lit up location for a Fireworks Festival, is the picturesque town of Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada. This past weekend was one of the few highlights of this small town. People from miles around come to attend the hustle and bustle of events. 

The first event that filled up the closed downtown main street, is the car show and motorcycle show. This is where people can enter their antique cars and have onlookers view their "oldie but goodie" vehicles and their loud and boisterous motorcycles. The entire main street was packed, on one end was a live children`s show and the other end held a live concert. For about a span of 6 blocks was a clustered road with cars, motorcycles, ice cream, sizzling food and vendors with numerous delightful items.  A winning mix for adults and children alike.

After an hour or two, we headed over to the fair grounds, where we were consumed by the loud thumping music and lights flashing, that amazed and enthralled the kids. We all went on some rides that stirred up our insides until we were nauseous and shortly thereafter, dusk fell. It was then that we strolled over to the fireworks, which is the highlight every year. Once we arrived, we sat down on the grass amongst hoards of onlookers. This town held a fantastic display of shooting, spinning and whistlings fireworks. 

It is no wonder why people come from miles around. The events, the rides and the fireworks make for loads of family fun.  It's surely worth the trek over and up to visit the town that has the winning slogan "High, Healthy, Happy" for good reason.

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