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Move to Hawaii, Is it financially achievable?

Updated on September 23, 2009

You Can Afford To Move To Hawaii

The beautiful beaches, great weather, and wonderful scenery. Living in Hawaii is living in a relaxed lifestyle. It seems to be a destination that everyone wants to visit at least once. There have been so many times when I would talk to people about living in Hawaii and they would state that they could only dream. So many people believe that it is expensive, but is it really?

Live In Hawaii

Move To Hawaii

Oahu is like a nice and hot San Francisco. A major city with building after building. That to me is not what Hawaii is about. So when you look at the house prices there which are at an average $500,000, I think that's ridiculous. However, take a look at the big island, Hawaii.

Hawaii is made up of 5 different volcanoes. When I lived there, we called the Hilo side the wet side and the Kona side the desert side. I lived on the Kona side in Kailua Kona. It is beautiful although if you are away from the resorts or out of the main town areas, there is nothing but lava rock. However, the perfect view of the ocean quickly offsets the plain view of lava rock.

So how much does it cost? The average amount of housing prices there is...drum roll please, $250,000. Yep cheaper than California. The taxes are also less. Now how much do you get paid over there? I was being paid $16.75 an hour as a hostess, yeah that's right, a hostess. This was at one of the resorts. The servers, maids, and customer service made so much more than I did. Food costs weren't all that much more either. I personally believe that I spend more on food here in California than I ever did in Hawaii. The only thing I noticed that was more expensive was gas. However, get Costco gas and your about the same as California.

So if you have ever dreamed about living in Hawaii, it might actually be possible.


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    • peggypat profile image

      Peggy Patrick Medberry 8 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thank you for this hub!!1 I have been seriously considering this lately and have dreamed about it for 10 years! I am doing my research!