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Moving Accessories – The Things You Need to Know

Updated on November 4, 2014

While moving for the first time, you may need to know many things about how to relocate. When your precious belongings are concerned, it is better to know something about their safety, because for some time they are to be left in the moving company’s custody.

Small Moving Box Options and Accessories


If you don’t know, remember that there are special moving boxes too, different than the regular grocery boxes. You better buy small ones and take care not to overload them, i.e. not more than 50 pounds. Take into consideration the fact that you may need to carry those boxes yourself. Even if you hire professional mover, you may need to move those boxes inside your house.

Other types of boxes are 4.5 cubic foot and their dimensions are 18 x 18 x 24. They can easily carry about 65 pounds of weight and are appropriate for large lamps or kitchen equipment. There are 6 cubic foot moving boxes too which can carry about 70 pounds and their dimensions are 22 x 22 x 21. Be careful while packing them, otherwise they may get very heavy. Pack toys, cushions and pillows in them.

The extra large moving boxes are 6.1 cubic foot with dimensions 24 x 18 x 24.

There are some wardrobe boxes too, which are of all sizes and contain a metallic bar. They make moving comfortable. They are really very heavy and may take a considerable free space. You can save money on them by packing your clothes in some flat.

When you want to pack your mirrors and pictures, there is yet another type of boxes for them. These can be telescoped, i.e. you can keep two or more of them together, provided you use a strong filament tape for safety to cope up with the excessive weight.

To keep dishes, there are dish boxes too. They are specially made to carry cutlery, so that safety of these delicate items is ensured while going through the shocks and bumps during moving.

Move Heavy Furniture Using Lids to Jars!

Furniture Pads

When your furniture and other showy items are being moved, you expect that there should be no scratch over them. For this, you can use furniture pads. They prevent your valuable goods from being scratched and damaged.

GPS Navigation

This is a very useful moving accessory and it is very easy to use too. Because of a GPS navigation system you can locate spots of interest like restaurants, gas stations, etc as well as all the routes. Some GPS systems provide audio instructions too, and sometimes there is a very easy to read touchscreen equipment. Moreover, they also provide many types of other information, like arrival time, 3-D maps, location of important spots like hotels, etc.

Towing Apparatus

You can save unnecessary mileage on rental vehicle by choosing towing apparatus. It saves your expense on gas as well as provides you peace of mind to travel with your luggage. There are car carriers, dolly, and many other types.

If you know well about all these accessories, your moving can become much more easy and comfortable and you can take a wiser decision about moving.


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