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Moving from East Coast to West Coast

Updated on July 12, 2014

There are many reasons why people decide to move from east to west coast. It might be a search for something different, going back home after school, job offer, marriage or just looking for growth. Whatever the reason is, it’s important to know what you are getting yourself into. There are clear and distinct differences between these two parts of USA from climate to culture to lifestyle. Before proceeding, it’s only fair that we look at these differences and stereotypes so one can be informed when moving from east coast to west coast.

East Coast vs. West Coast

1. Weather. The climate in the west coast is perfect. There are sunshine and blue skies while the east coast is cold, rainy and snowy for half a year and then extremely hot and humid the other half.

2. Business. All big businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities are in the west coast. There is room for growth and mentorship for young people to develop especially technology wise. East coast on the other hand feels lazy and relaxed.

3. Transport. It’s easier to get out of the country and especially if you are going to Asia from the west coast than it is from the east coast.

4. People. People in the west coast are laid back, friendly and have fun a lot. People in the east coast are hard working; rarely have fun leading to the massive economic difference and have no time for friends or new comers.

5. Lifestyle. This is the biggest difference. Besides being laidback, west coast people have adopted the art of right living.non smoking zones, recycling and electric cars are normal. What they eat is also well selected. Life in the east coast however is freestyle. If you need a place with no restrictions and rules then you are home.

6. This is not to say that the east coast is bad because there are people who would love to be free and have fun all night but when moving from east coast to west coast this attitude has to change. The east offers variety, fast life and lack of sleep. It’s all about adjusting to the other side.

How to Move from East to West Coast

If you have decided after reading the above reasons that you want to move to the west coast there are a couple of ways you can do this. If you don’t have baggage you can just get on a plane with your bag of clothes but if you have many belongings you might consider selling them or finding a way to move them. Here are the moving options if you have baggage;

1. U-pack. This option offers you a truck where you pack, load, unload and unpack your own stuff. All they do is drive you. It’s cheap but very tasking and you need some friends to help since you can’t do all that alone.

2. Rental truck. This option is not all that because you drive yourself to the other side of the country. It’s also quite expensive because the rental rate doesn’t include fuel, tax and damage costs.

3. Containers. This method is cheap and the most convenient. You put all your stuff in a container and it’s shipped or driven for you across the country and delivered to your new address unopened. It also reduces the chances of damages.

4. Full service moves. As the name says it is a great deal if you have money. Your job is to give orders while the movers do all the hands on work.

The Cost of Moving from East to West Coast

The cost of moving depends on quite a number of facts. The first one is how much belongings you have and how much they weigh. The methods of moving will also determine the cost and if you want movers and loaders then it will add up to your cost. It’s cheaper to sell your old things and buy new ones when you get there or drive yourself using a one way truck. Moving companies are very costly especially in such long distances. It’s important to know that there are a lot of con-men out there who charge you more than what they quoted so be careful. Ideally the cost of moving should range from 3 to 10 thousand dollars.

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Challenges Faced when Moving From East Coast to West Coast

1. Culture shock. A person who is from the east coast will be shocked at how polite people from the west are.try dropping something and they will all pick it up for you. It’s hard to adjust from rude fast people to polite laid back people.

2. No matter If you are used to humidity and fear of hurricanes you will probably get a terrible flu because your body will get unbelievably cold. It will get used to it eventually.

3. Trust. People in the west coast are very friendly and helpful so you will find yourself with a lot of fake friends and not know which one you can trust.

4. Time difference. People in the west wake up very early because their time zone doesn’t allow late sleeping. Light comes up early and so does darkness. It will take time to adjust your body to this difference. However, unlike the east coast you have to learn to relax even after you wake up so early.

When moving east coast to west coast it’s important to know that everything is about attitude. There are a lot of real differences between the two but the body is made to adjust very fast. The stereo types that people from the west are lovely and kind may be true but if you rub them the wrong way they won’t be so kind. The place might be laid back but not everyone is. You can take the hard work of the east to the west and see magic happening. After all you are living your own life not theirs and no one ever became successful by fitting in. Be polite like them, be kind but do not leave your east like lifestyle. Take the good, leave the bad and you will do just great.

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