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Mt. Charleston Resort outside of Las Vegas

Updated on March 23, 2011

A ski resort within an hour of Las Vegas?

When you're in Las Vegas out in the middle of the Mojave Desert it may seem like you're a million miles away from snow, but that's just not the case. Mt. Charleston is just a 35 minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip and it has skiing, horseback riding, and a lot more. You can stay there in a rustic but luxurious cabin and you'll have no idea you're so close to the heat and lights of Sin City.

What surprised me about Mt. Charleston and Mt. Charleston Lodge in particular are the reasonable prices. You can stay there for less than many hotels on the Strip, and you'll actually be able to get a good nights sleep without all the distractions happening down below.

How do I get there and how much?

Getting to Mt. Charleston is rather easy. Just take US 95 north to Lee Canyon. The drive itself is actually quite a site to behold as you ride from the desolate and barren floor of the desert up a mountainside complete with full forest coverage you'd see in any Alpine location. If you don't have a car available you can take a taxi there from Las Vegas and you'll probably pay less than $100 for the ride.

Lodging at Mt. Charleston Lodge is actually very reasonable. It's $135 for a single log cabin, $175 for a double, and $195 for a double suite cabin complete with kitchenette. The rates are about $75 more per night for Friday and Saturday.

Along with all the activities I've already mentioned like skiing and horseback riding, you can also have your special event at Mr. Charleston. It's an absolutely beautiful place to have a wedding, and they do many weddings their every year.


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