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Mt. Pulag Ambangeg-Ambangeg Trail - Benguet

Updated on March 15, 2016
Mount Pulag "Do's and Dont's"
Mount Pulag "Do's and Dont's" | Source


This is what I like most with Mountaineering. The Trail symbolizes Life. It is filled with obstacles. There are so many ways or strategies to walk through or remove these obstacles. Results depend on how you will walk through it.

Mount Pulag Trail
Mount Pulag Trail

The paths we walk require many skills. Some of which we already were gifted at birth but most of it are acquired. Acquired skills need to be trained. Only then comes Mastery. To achieve Mastery, your center should be disciplined. Stick to your principles and continuously train to enhance your skill. At first, many will taunt and degrade you, making you feel worthless. That's the reason why you have the armor, the shield, and the sword. The armor makes you tough, allowing you to withstand Life's most strenuous damage. Your shield allows you to deflect the critical attacks that will make you fall and gives you an excellent chance to use their power against them. The sword allows you to attack and counter in hopes of severing the source of all attacks. Those are the tools of discipline, the means of Life.


No matter how hard the Trail is, it is sheer determination that drives you to move ahead. No matter how many times you stumble, it is in standing up that makes you a better person. When falling down a cliff and facing death, it is on how you struggle to keep Life and holding on to that root lying beside the cliff that matters. It is how you lift yourself up using that root that makes you strong. It is by walking again through that Trail that makes you wise. Fear is the real enemy. Combat fear and you will find peace. Take up arms and join the battlefield and there you will find true peace. Real bravery is found when facing death. Real victory comes when you faced death and battled to keep your Life going. Such is the cycle of Life. There will come a time when you will ultimately be defeated, by death herself, but when that time comes, you can now say in her face that you already won several times over. She will have this victory over your body but she will never have victory over your spirit, which will continue to inspire generations after you and that you will continue fighting and give her a headache in the afterlife.

Best Sunset View at the top of Mount Pulag
Best Sunset View at the top of Mount Pulag | Source

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Want to Visit Mount Pulag?

A markerMount Pulag, Benguet Philippines -
Mount Pulag, Mt. Pulag National Park, Kabayan, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
get directions

Height: 9,610 Feet. Third highest mountain in the Philippines.

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