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An Unforgettable Trip To India - Updated Slide Show With Latest Indian Music

Updated on February 19, 2015

Mumbai to Delhi Agra Chandigarh & Amritsar India

I thought it will be better to create a slide show instead of just pictures. One of my sardar friend suggested to add this latest Indian song from the Indian movie "Race". I was working on this slide show on an off for few weeks & today I finally uploaded this slide show to Youtube.

I was thinking & planning to write a hub about my trip to India for long time but the problem was I did not remember the names of all the places I visited in Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Chandigarh & Amritsar. Thanks to internet that now, all the information is just a click of a Google search. It took me many hours & few days to collect all this information but still not complete.

My trip to India was an experience of a lifetime, I really enjoyed & had wonderful time. I will write details of my trip later because publishing pictures is lots of work too. Few pictures in the slide show you will see with only the name of city because I cannot recall the location name. If anyone knows, the names of those places please let me know & I will update. Please enjoy the slide show for now. I will write details about my trip very soon. I appreciate for your patience but please come back again.

Taj Mahal Built in 1631 Built By: Shah Jahan Dedicated to: Mumtaz Mahal (Arjumand Bano Begum), Shah Jahan's beloved wife.

An Unforgettable Trip To India

One of my sardar friend told me this:

When you go to Mumbai always remember two things.

1- Never run after a girl - If you missed one don't worry you will find another one because there are many girls in Mumbai.
2- Never run after a bus - If you missed one bus there will be another one in a minute. Bus service in Mumbai is good and more frequent....

indian aunties hot aunties hot hubs desi aunties indian hot hot indian women kerala girls hot photos.

Mohammad Rafi English song - Although we hail from different

Mohammad Rafi - English song " The She I Love"

The Diabetic sardar: Sardar enters the kitchen and opens the sugar container. Sees inside the container and closes it. His Wife was observing the whole episode. Once again, he comes and does the same stuff.

Wife asks why are you keep on looking inside the sugar container?

Sardar replied; Doctor told me to check the sugar level regularly.

Choocho Train

Indian songs plus english mix masala

Jokes about sardar

During my visit to India I made many friends, some of them were sardar. Sikh people who wear turban are known as sardars in India. Sardar people are very friendly & they have lots of sense of humor. I don't know why but there are lots jokes about sardar people. I am listing few of them here.

Going Home Early

Three sardars who work in the same office notice that their boss has started leaving work early every day. One day they decide that after he leaves, they will leave early too. After all, he never calls or comes back, so how will he know?

The first Sardar is thrilled to get home early. He does a little gardening, watches a movie and then goes to bed early.

The second Sardar is happy to be able to get in a quick workout at his health club before meeting a dinner date.

The third Sardar is also very happy to be home early, but when he went upstairs, he hears noises coming from his bedroom. He quietly opens the door and is embarrassed to see his wife in bed with HIS BOSS! He gently closed the door and left his house quietly.

The next day, the other two Sardar talk about leaving early again, but when they asked the 3rd Sardar if he wants to leave early also, he exclaims, “NO WAY! Yesterday I almost got caught!”

Train travel scene only in India

People hanging with this local train in MUMBAI are not trying to attempt a Guinness world record, It is part of their daily life.
People hanging with this local train in MUMBAI are not trying to attempt a Guinness world record, It is part of their daily life.


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  • profile image


    6 years ago

    I also enjoyed reading your articleas about visit . These places are really good .

    delhi agra jaipur tours :-

  • Rooskaya profile image


    7 years ago from Russia

    Thanks for sharing. Your jokes make us laugh. Voted up.

  • MAJJHIMA profile image


    7 years ago

    ha ha Mr Nice..your Sardar's jokes really make me laugh. Thank you for your 'nice' story..

    I also went to India end of last year but did not really visit the tourist spots as you mentioned. Mine was more on spiritual tour, do drop by my hub "spiritual trip to india" published yesterday, when you have time. May be i should plan for another trip to go the the places as you mentioned.

    Have a blessed day! Cheers.

  • Mr Nice profile imageAUTHOR

    Mr Nice 

    8 years ago from North America

    Thanks for your visit & for all the appreciation Madam Maita,

    I listened to my friend’s advice so I didn't have to run after any of them.......hahaha.

    India is too big, people are friendly & girls are very cute.

    I wanted you to watch the slide show because I put too many hours to make it. Did you watch the slide show? If not please watch & let me know what you think. I am working on Tokyo hub slide show now, very soon will fix my Tokyo hub too.

  • prettydarkhorse profile image


    8 years ago from US

    you know what the joke was so hilarious, hehehehe, excellent I heart you Tony, hehe, nice one, I cant comment anymore except to say that the joke was hilarious, did you buy a turban like that? Did you run after Indian girls and a bus,

    This is a beautiful hub, I want to visit India, historical and rich in culture.

    Thank you Mr Nice, good job! I love the videos too, Maita

  • Mr Nice profile imageAUTHOR

    Mr Nice 

    8 years ago from North America

    Thanks for the visit Green Lotus,

    I just added the Amritsar Yoga club picture it's the last photo. I don't know why I didn't add this photo. Yes I had wonderful time, I spent six weeks & I didn't want to leave soon.

    I missed going to three cities, Shimla, Kashmir & Goa. When I was in Chandigarh, I wanted to go to Shimla but it was raining everyday. Didn't have time to visit Kashmir & Goa. May be another time in future. This summer I am going to London, UK, Helsinki, Finland & Bangkok, Thailand.

    Please come again. Enjoy rest of your evening.

  • Green Lotus profile image


    8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

    Nice photos Mr N. I can tell you really enjoyed this trip. You're a lucky guy. Which photo shows where you visited the Yoga club you mentioned? thanks!

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    I really enjoyed reading your hub.

    The pix are also very good.

    Thanks for sharing


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