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Municipalidad de Santiago in Agusan del Norte

Updated on September 5, 2011

Santiago, Agusan del Norte

Your Vacation Getaway In CARAGA
Santiago is a 4th class municipality in the province of Agusan del Norte, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 17,925 people in 2,651 households.

Santiago is politically subdivided into 8 barangays namely: Curva, Jagupit, La Paz, Poblacion I, San Isidro, Tagbuyacan, Estanislao Morgado and Poblacion II.

Santiago, Agusan del Norte is 20 minutes away from Cabadbaran City and 50 minutes away from Butuan City.

Santiago, Agusan del Norte is accessible by daily flights from Manila (via Butuan City) and by ship daily from Manila and Cebu via Surigao City and Nasipit Ports.

Santiago Elementary School

Santiago Elementary School
Santiago Elementary School

Giniringan (Bikangkang) Falls

Giniringan (Bikangkang) Falls – Negotiable in 20 min. of canoe and trek from Brgy. La Paz, Santiago. Attractions are wild ambience, vegetation, swimming area, rock boulders, trekking.

Mapaso Hot Spring

Mapaso Hot Spring located about 40 kms. away from Santiago town proper. A geothermal spring which can be reached by crossing the Calinawan River and following a foot trail.

Negotiable in 25 minutes by canoe and trek from Brgy. La Paz, Santiago via Route 1 and 1 hour via Ginaringan (Bikangkang) Falls. Attractions are hot and cold spring, rainforest vegetation, birds, fireflies, trekking and overnight camping.

Aciga River

Aciga River is located about 40 kms. away from Santiago town proper. The rushing of water over huge boulders is a facinating site from the top of the Aciga Bridge.

Mt. Mabaho

With its 90 degree peak made of solid rock, one has to have appropriate climbing gear and skills to conquer it. Reported to be another nesting site of the Philippine Eagle, it is a perfect exploratory climbing destination for experienced mountaineers. No one has yet conquered its peak.

Besides being Caraga’s second highest peak, it is also the K2 of Mindanao. Its massive peak of wet solid rock rising acutely to 80-90 degree angle makes it hard to climb. Known to Manobos and Mamanwa natives as “Panlabaw”, it is an intriguing destination for experienced mountaineers, technical climbers and extreme adventures.


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      jjb 5 years ago

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