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Museo de Azucar, Colombia

Updated on March 11, 2013
Museo de Azucar
Museo de Azucar | Source

The Museo de Azucar (The Sugar Museum) is just north of Cali, Colombia. It is a short bus or car ride from downtown Cali. It is a museum that captures the history of making sugar from sugar cane in Colombia.

There is a mansion surrounded by some very beautiful grounds. On display are a variety of crude instruments and machines that were used to extract the sugar water from the sugar cane.

Mansion with surrounding grounds
Mansion with surrounding grounds | Source

After the liquid has been extracted, it is transferred to large pots that are heated to evaporate the water and leave a paste that was mixed with a little honey and some spices to produce a product called panela. Panela is consumed in great quantities today in Colombia. It is melted in hot water to make a tea like drink called Agua Panela.

The grounds
The grounds | Source
The grounds
The grounds | Source

The liquids were heated in these pot structures by wood fired furnaces with tall brick chimneys and the power used to operate some of the extraction type machinery was powered by water power that was made from elevated streams like a small aqueduct feeding a waterwheel.

Extracting machine
Extracting machine | Source
Heating Pots that evaporate the water
Heating Pots that evaporate the water | Source
Power Generation
Power Generation | Source

The best way to describe the museum is to view the pictures that I took on my tour of the museum.

The national flower of Colombia an orchid
The national flower of Colombia an orchid | Source

Museo de Azucar


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