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Adventure as Profession!!!! Must is being an 'Adventure Lover'

Updated on May 3, 2013

Adventure is Out There

Adventure as your Proffesion

Hey Presto,

Getting excited by the name of mountaineering, rafting, diving and on, on, and on. Felt some times like, Oh my! Hope if could survive enjoying my adventures and no other works.

You are an adventurist and love to dare? Do you love never to fear?Sometimes prefer risk as well? Also have good physical strength and energy to workout? Want to Enjoy your workout like some fun or game? and you are brave as well !!!

Whoa! So, friends lemme provide you with some tips so that you can plan your future, to live with your dreams.

Off course you've heard of various adventure acts - Mountaineering, Scuba Diving, Rafting and Paragliding etc.

You know Professional in this field do earn millions. Here, is summed up a very basic information regarding "Adventure as Profession".

Mountaineering for a peak


The most popular among adventure courses is mountaineering. It never lacks it's fans.

'Ötzi the iceman', who first ascended at least 3120m in Alps, where his remains were found at that altitude preserved in ice. The first woman to climb mount Everest Bachendri Pal, The women to climb Mt. Everest twice - Santosh Yadav, India's youngest Mountaineer Arjun are all just icons.

Mountaineering, which began as attempt to reach highest point of unclimbed mountains, has now become a Passion, a fun, an adventure, a profession and much more.

Ways to learn: In India Mountaineering courses are provided at many Institutes in Northern regions. However, Nehru Institute of mountaineering in Uttarkashi district is great for this. Jawahar Institute of mountaineering is another best class rated government institute providing trainings at very reasonable costs, where even thousands of foreigners avail their training.

At NIM, where Bachendri Pal, Santosh Yadav, Arjun trio availed their trainings; they provide 2 courses for mountaineering.

1. A basic course of 26 days, with a requirement of physical fitness in candidate with age group 17 to 35 years.

2. Advance Course of 28 days for Candidates within age group 18 to 40 years, and have already qualified basic course with A -Grade.

Job Options: Well, after a mountaineering course you can easily become

  • Tracking and mountain Guide
  • can even opt 'Search and Rescue' operations, by simply availing an extra search and rescue training, thus adding extra bonus options.
  • Adventure Camp Organiser.
  • Or even a Training facilitator and Trainer.

A training facilitator must have some extra skills along apart from a genius mountaineer. Salary of a trainer may go from 600 to 2000 dollars equivalent in India. Here, one provides Adventure courses at various Institutes.

Relevant training Institutes:

  1. Nehru Institute of mountaineering, Uttarkashi
  2. Himalayan Mountaineering institute, Darjeeling
  3. Jawahar Institute of mountaineering, Pahalgam

Under Sea Diving

Scuba Diving

Nowadays people find great interest in oceans, they want to face lives from as much near as possible. If you are brave and enjoy playing with water, so this field can prove to be a golden opportunity for you. Won't it be great to enjoy fun of swimming with millions of tiny sea creatures, and face in reality, something which had been once just an adorable discovery channel stuff.

Job Options: This field has many job options. Specially in Coastal areas where millions of travellers from around the world do come the companies hire Scuba Instructors to encourage under water tourism. Other options are:

  • Commercial diver
  • Diving Instructors
  • Construction and repair divers in Big Oil Companies.

Salary in this field is actually attractive. For a talented Instructor from the basic start up of 600$+incentives, one can easily earn eighty to Ninety thousand per month after an Experience of 2 - 3 Years.

Relevant training Institute:

  1. Planet Scuba India, Bangalore
  2. Barracuda Diving India, Goa
  3. Thane Scuba Diving Club, Thane, Maharashtra
  4. Laca dive, Mumbai and Banglore

Rafting at its peak


Now Rafting is not just a matter of fun. Many bravos have even already started to work with it as profession. The Institutes training for rafting provide the Certificate courses. In its training the ways to use Rafting Equipments are well taught. As well as Overnight river trip, Flow of water, depth, steep and dangers associated with these all, are well elaborated. In India, duration for rafting course is six month.

Job Options: Some of many possible ways to earn being an expert in Rafting are:

  • Rafting Guide
  • One may open a Rafting School.
  • Providing Rafting trips to Adventure loving and courageous candidates.

Relevant Institutes for Training:

  1. Atal Bihari Institute of mountaineering and allied sports, Manali
  2. National Institute of water sports, Panji
  3. Katabatic Adventure Sports, Rishilesh
  4. Himalayan River runners, New Delhi


The Craze of Paragliding is another big scenario. Nowadays, at every almost hill station paragliding is organised. To be a good para-glider needs are experience of many hours of flying apart from being physically fit.

Paragliding course is provided in 3 parts :

  • Level P1 For Beginners
  • Level P2 For Novice and
  • Level P3 Intermediate

Job Options: After being an expert paraglider, a self training school or Adventure group can be started or you may join a travelling agency to provide Paragliding trips to travellers.

Relevant training Institutes:

  1. Bangalore mountaineering club, Banglore
  2. Atal Bihari Institute for mountaineering and allied sports, Manali
  3. Nirvana Adventures, Pune
  4. PG Gurukul, Manali

So this was to provide the basic idea for those who want to opt adventure as their profession.

Have a nice time.. see you back

Reference - Article by Sir Harendra Chaudhary in Dainik Jagran Newpaper.(June 2010), and our own internet offcourse. :)


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