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Must see in Lisbon

Updated on October 29, 2012

Lisbon is a beautiful city that bears testament to some of Portugal’s greatest architectural and majestic years. Some of the sites in Lisbon have been recognized for their historical importance and most of these places have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Any visitor to Lisbon must include these places in their itinerary if they are to truly experience Lisbon and all its glory.

The first must-see in Liosbon according to is the historical city of Evora in Lisbon. Evora is very well-preserved, and it is one of the few areas that stood tall against the 1755 earthquake. It is a testament of some of the best years of Portugal. It has a lot of historical charm and flavor that will definitely fill the traveler with delight. It has a number of Roman ruins as well as archaeological findings that can be traced back to 4,000 B.C. One can even find Roman steam baths from 1AD as well as beautiful Corinthian columns.

Belém tower or Torre de Belém is a Portuguese architectural feat. This tower was the launching of ships that sailed to discover the new worlds, and is therefore a testament to Portugal’s illustrious age of discovery. Belem Tower is a giant monument that dates back to about 1514. At the top of the tower, one can look into the dungeons that used to hold military prisoners. Belem tower is truly a Lisbon treasure, and any traveler who passes through Lisbon without glimpsing at it will have had half a trip.

Baixa is another beautiful cultural site in Lisbon. There is absolutely no institutional framework at this site. Baixa is more like a shopping district in downtown Lisbon and it is located between two hills. The area runs from Comercio Square to Rossio square and it has some distinctive buildings that are quite beautiful. The streets pavements also feature mosaics. It is therefore important for the visitor to remember to look both up and down when traveling through Baixa.

The Monastery of St. Jerome or the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos as it is called locally is another heritage site that should be part of any itinerary. It is an architectural masterpiece that was designed in about was originally built with the Gothic design, but after the designer’s death, work presumed following the Renaissance style. The Monastery was completed in about 1541 and it stood majestically by the side of the river. It was believed that this monastery was inspired by the discoveries of Vasco da Gama. Monks lived in this monastery for years, and they often prayed for sailors and for the king’s soul. It was later converted into an orphanage and a school until 1940. It is also the final resting place of the poet Fernando Pessoa.

The Monastery of the Hieronymites is another beautiful and artistic structure close to the Belem Tower. Lisbon is filled with a lot of culture, and a visit to any of these sites will truly reveal the beauty of Lisbon. This is the reason why these sites are a must see for both locals and tourists in Lisbon.


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