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Mustafa Singapore

Updated on March 19, 2015

Mustafa Centre, Singapore is an iconic place. It is probably the only place in Singapore of its size, which is open for customers 24 hours, every day of the year !

Mustafa Singapore has a variety of Indian goods, but almost everyone can find practically everything they need under one roof. You can purchase almost everything from jewellery to electronics to foreign currency, Chicken Tikka Masala, Indian Paneer, air tickets and even Malaysian visa!

Interesting facts about Mustafa Singapore

  • Mustafa started way back in 1970s, as a small clothing shop
  • Mustafa has more than 1000 employees, and amazing inventory management system managing hundreds of thousands of items
  • Mustafa is finally serious about keeping the place neat and less stuffed, as it now invites attention from Singapore authorities on things like fire safety preparedness
  • Mustafa is probably the cheapest place in Singapore to buy electronic items like hand held devices, mobile phones, music systems, car stereos, LCD TV's, and so on
  • Mustafa is probably the best place to convert foreign money in Singapore
  • Mustafa is probably the best place in Singapore to buy day to day items some items like shaving razors, perfumes, cosmetics and watches
  • Best time to visit Mustafa is morning before 11 am on weekdays and before 10 am on weekends. Many think, mid-nights are good as they are open 24 hours, but actually they have fewer staff during those hours, and you end up spending time in queue at the cashier
  • Niranjan Electronics shop, who has now become the talking point for people coming to Singapore from India, is a lot like Mustafa when it started. It will probably grow like Mustafa in the coming years.
  • Mustafa is only place in Singapore, where you can buy the Alphanso Mangoes (the best mangoes in the world !)
  • Since this is such a popular place with Indian tourist, you are also going to spot Bollywood celebrities there, but you probably need to be there past midnight or say 2-4 am to have such a chance

Please click here for website of Mustafa Singapore

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Please click here for Singapore Casino guide

Mustafa Centre Singapore location details

Locate Mustafa Centre Singapore on map here

How to go to Mustafa Centre in Singapore

  1. You can take MRT (train) to Farrer Park MRT and walk to Mustafa in 2 min
  2. You can take MRT (train) to Bugis station and walk to Mustafa (10 min walk), please check the map at the MRT station and you will be fine (please ask anyone on street if you get lost)
  3. You can take taxi from everywhere in Singapore. Taxis in Singapore do not cost a lot, even from Airport to Mustafa will be around 20+ SGD
  4. My recommended route will be to go to Little India MRT, and then walk to Mustafa on Serangoon road, so that you can buy many more things on the way and also catch up on some nice Indian food

How to go back from Mustafa centre ?

How to go back is more important than how you get there, because you will be buying lot of goods, and you quickly want to reach home as soon as you can

Best way to get home from Mustafa is by taxi. In Singapore, you can call taxis on phone or you can stand in a queue at the taxi stand. So please do not get upset, as someone gets into the taxi outside the queue, as they might have called the taxi on phone. It takes about 2.50 to 3.50 SGD surcharge to call the taxi. There is a taxi stand opposite old Mustafa on Serangoon road. You can also flag down taxis on road, but normally taxis will not stop when taxi stand is near. It is good you visit in the morning, so that you can get the taxi easily

Important tip

Mustafa has a very good luggage bags section, and it is really inexpensive. So it is good idea to buy the luggage bags and stuff all your purchases inside, as you head back from Mustafa

Mustafa Singapore Guide

Click here for map of Mustafa Singapore

Old Mustafa (Serangoon Plaza)

Old and new Mustafa buildings are just next to each other and also connected. Old Mustafa is on Sarangoon road. It is mainly selling below items

  • Level 1 (Ground level), has good collection of watches, electronic items, jewelry, sunglasses
  • Level 2 and level 3 have lot of fashion accessories, and baby items. Mustafa is a decent place to buy baby items

New Mustafa (Mustafa Centre)

This is on Syed Alwi Road, just a small lane from Serangoon road. I would recommend to just visit this place, as it hosts everything. And if necessary you can go over to the old Mustafa from inside, particularly to get some baby items

This building also connects to newly added sections like food, electronics, jewelry etc. Here is what you can get in new Mustafa centre

  • Mustafa Level 1 (Ground floor) : This is home to some great variety of watches. They have lot of variety on watches. At times they may not have the models which are launched in say previous one month or something, but be rest assured they give you the cheapest price for every model they have in stock. Level 1 is also where you can buy medical equipments, medicinal stuff, mobile phones, ear phones, handheld accessories digital cameras, Music CDs, VCDs, DVDs, perfumes, toiletries, cosmetics and so on
  • Mustafa Level 2 : This is where you can find Indian food items, grains, lentils, spices, etc. You can find anything, from your favorite brand of Indian local pickle to every possible Indian biscuits or breads or fragrant basmati rice. They have very good variety of snacks, dry fruits, sweats. In this level you can also find household things like laundry detergents, floor cleaners, room fresheners, etc
  • Mustafa Level 3 : This level has all new house things like cutlery, kitchenware, curtains, blankets, bedsheets, bedroom accessories and women's apparel.
  • Mustafa Level 4 : This is home to all hardware, books & stationary, plumbing and DIY (Do It Yourself) stuff.
  • Mustafa connecting level 2 : From level 2, you can go to another building to find the wet market, some great Indian fruits, sweats, vegetables etc
  • Mustafa connecting level 1 : This is home to all jewelry, some very nice stuff !
  • Mustafa connecting Basement Level 1 & 2 : This is home to sportswear, mens wear, women wear, computer parts, shoes and accessories. It also connects to electronics section, which is not to be missed

Mustafa Singapore - Frequently asked questions

  1. Can we bargain in Mustafa - NO, they have fixed prices, just like any other retail store
  2. Which is the best time to visit Mustafa - every day morning before 11 am (weekends before 10 am). Best is to come for breakfast, alight at Little Indian MRT and then walk on Sarangoon road, have your breakfast at Komala Vilas, buy some local vegetables on roadside shops, visit some of the nice South Indian temples, and then head to Mustafa
  3. Which are the best sections in Mustafa : Watches, perfumes, cosmetics, mobiles phones section on level 1, Electronics section on basement level. Food / groceries section on level 2 if that's what you are looking for.
  4. GST : Singapore has 7% GST tax, but you can get refund for GST paid on your purchases if you are a tourist. There are a few outlets inside Mustafa, where you need to show your purchase receipts and passport, and get a form for your GST. You can then get refund at the airport. Please remember, when you are the airport, you need to go to GST checking counter before you check in, and show your goods. Later when you pass through immigration, you can then refund your GST. You do not get all 7% as refund, but Mustafa gives you the best refund, as they take the least commission and handing charges
  5. How much time it takes to cover Mustafa : It depends how long is your shopping list. It is so big, it helps to visit Mustafa earlier in your Singapore stay, so that you can have a look first and later come to buy the things. It always helps to have your list ready before you enter, if not you just get lost
  6. Should we take our kids to Mustafa : It is so crowded, there is no customer service, it is good if you keep your kids busy in restaurant section or in Komala's nearby
  7. Is it safe near Mustafa ? : Singapore is a very safe place, but the area around Mustafa can be a little unsafe on weekends. Weekends are so crowded, there are instances of pickpocketing, snatching purses etc. It is better to avoid Saturday & Sunday evening visits to Mustafa. it is also the worst time to find a taxi there.

Must buy items in Mustafa

  • Television sets, car stereos, music systems, digital cameras, video cameras, computer screens
  • Washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, fans, irons
  • Electonic accessories like tapes, converters, batteries, chargers, etc
  • Indian food items, and groceries
  • Watches
  • Mobile phones
  • Perfumes, cosmetics, Singapore souvenirs¬†

Things you should not buy in Mustafa

Mustafa is a great place to buy so many things, but below are some items you should never purchase in Mustafa, as they are much cheaper and better elsewhere

  • Computers: Mustafa has a very small variety
  • High end digital cameras, Mustafa does not have the expertise to tell you the nuances in models, as you buy high end digitals cameras and SLRs (like in excess of 2,000 SGD)
  • Shoes and sports apparel : There are so many places in Singapore (one being Queensway Shopping Centre, 10 min walk from Queenstown MRT) where you can get better sports apparel.
  • Clothes : Clothes in Mustafa are so "me too" and local, it will not appeal to any of the visitors' tastes.
  • Grocery items which are not Indian : Any grocery items, which are not Indian specialties, they can be much cheaper in Singapore retail chains like NTUC.

Mustafa Travel & Visa

Mustafa Travel is very specific travel company. It is a place for buying the cheapest air tickets to Indian subcontinent (including SriLanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives). They have good deals all time round on budget airlines and also on expensive ones like Singapore Airlines. But if you are looking for anything else regarding your travel, Mustafa is not a place to book your holiday.

Mustafa Visa services

Mustafa is a good place to get visa to Malaysia from Singapore. However, there are other, less crowded places like in Tekka Mall, which can get you the visa much quicker.

Please click here for Mustafa Travel website

Buying Jewelry in Mustafa

Mustafa Centre in Singapore has been a good place to buy gold jewelry. The artwork is as per Singapore traditions or more of South Indian feel, but now slowly they are becoming modern

Prices for gold, silver etc are very competitive here, and if you plan to buy gold just because if you like something, Mustafa is probably the best place

Indian food near Mustafa

One more bonus to shop in Mustafa is to eat around there. You get some fabulous Indian food all around Mustafa. Here are your choices

Delhi Darbar on Serangoon road : Great place for north Indian food if you are ready to spend

Komala's on Serangoon road: Good value for money Indian fast food. You also get Indian chinese or "Chindian" food, as it is referred to now.

Komala Vilas on Serangoon road: This is about 6-7 min walk from Mustafa, but it is worth it. You can sample some authentic south Indian food. The "thali" is highly recommended if you go there around lunch or dinner time.

Chellas Serangoon road : Good fast food place

Murugan Idly behind Mustafa : Best Idly place in Singapore. But please note, rest of the items are not great, so might plan a quick bite there

Indian Wok behind Mustafa (Syed Alwi Lane) : This is probably the best place for Indian Chinese food in Singapore

Raj behind Mustafa (Syed Alwi Lane) : This is good, north indian vegetarian restaurant

Ananda Bhavan opposite Mustafa Centre: Good south Indian fast food, better than Komala's

Mustafa restaurant itself (Mustafa Centre level 1) : Good to keep your kids happy as you shop, they serve fast food and drinks.

Sanskriti (small walk from Sarangoon road): This is good Gujarathi food place, which serves nice thali. It is a good place if you are looking for authentic jain food

If you walk like 15 min, you will get to Racecourse Road, where you can find some of the best Indian food restaurants in Singapore like Jaggi's, Banana Leaf, Muthu's Curry, Mustard, Kashmir and Spice Junction

Click here for you Indian food guide in Singapore

Mustafa & Sim Lim Square

Click here for map of Sim Lim Square

For a tourist visiting Mustafa, the biggest item to save on are ELECTRONICS. So it makes sense you also visit Sim Lim Square. In fact you can get down at Bugis Station, then walk up to Sim Lim and the go to Mustafa. This can be a long walk, so be prepared. If not, just take a taxi.

Sim Lim Square hosts retail to wholesale sellers of every electronic item in the world. They sell from music players to systems to cameras to microwaves to computer accessories to notebooks to computers to mobile phones. You can get parts & items made all around the world for same brand like in Japan to Korea to Malaysia to China.

Sim Lim Square has many many floors, typically one item can be found on same floor or couple of floors. This is a place where you NEED to bargain hard. You will definitely get a discount on the price of the item. Moreover, you are most likely to get free accessories on your purchase!

Watchout : When you bargain, always ensure you are clear if the GST is included in price or not (Singapore has GST tax, which can be reimbursed at the airport if you are a tourist).

Niranjan Electronics Store

Please click here for map of Niranjan Electronics

This is like a "Mustafa in the making" for electronics goods. It is a secret, how this store manages to sell items even cheaper than Mustafa. That too with hardly any reports of stuff being fake or goods not working. There are a few things to consider about this store:

  • Please ensure you visit Niranjan before buying any big ticket item in Mustafa, because it might be really cheap in Niranjan Electronics.
  • Niranjan sells only a specific range of brands and products, so if they have in stock, what you are looking for, you will get a great bargain.
  • This is not a place to come and check out things, they do not have much in the name of customer service. It is a place you just come and buy. So please ensure you visit other places before and make up your mind about which brand and model you are buying. If not it is not worth the time you spend to get there.
  • You might check out the Gujarathi Thali restaurant Sanskriti (Pure vegetarian place) after you shop in Niranjan Electonics


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      is it a good place for visit n for purchasing gold or silver

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      n Mustafa center the product price is slightly higher just 10%-20% but genuine and trusted.No failure even if fails it comes under warranty either national or international depends upon product. Better to buy in Mustafa or in Hanifa.Mustafa having higher choices and 24hrs shopping.

      In Nirajan the product price is lesser by 10%-20% but not trusted 100% ,more reject pieces no warranty so it depends upon your luck.if you willing to take risk go ahead to Niranjan.More choices but lesser than Mustafa.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very Informative. Thnx

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      thanks for detail explanation of Musthafa market. please could you provide the contact details of niranjan electonics shop @ musthafa? please email me at


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