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Mustangs of Las Colinas World's Largest Equestrian Sculpture | Horses Running Through Fountains | Irving, TX

Updated on March 24, 2012

Touring Irving, Texas in Dallas County

When touring the state of Texas from another state, I don't know about you, but in the back of my mind I know I was hoping to see a Long Horned Steer, an authentic cowpoke, a wondering armadillo or coyote, a Blue Bonnet in bloom, a large cactus with arms stretching out into the surrounding desert ….and possibly a round-up of some kind. Well maybe you had other things in mind. Things like enjoying the western culture by eating BBQ until the cows come home or buying some new leather duds. There is a particular western treasure you do not want to miss while touring the wild west sites of the surrounding cow-towns in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolis.

In the City of Irving in Williams Square Plaza in the town Las Colinas in Dallas County Texas, there rests the world's largest equestrian sculpture called the Mustangs of Las Colinas. This breathtaking sculpture captures your heart the moment you first lay eyes upon it. As with any site worth seeing, pictures do not give you the same sense of awe as seeing it for yourself. Positioned in the middle of three towering buildings like cement mountains, a courtyard of granite corrals nine wild mustangs sculptures running across a granite streambed fountain. It is better to see this site during the day because your photos will turn out better than at night. However, at night the lights in the pool give reflection to the sculpture for satisfactory viewing as well. So real to life, the small fountains under the horses hooves give the appearance that the horses are running through the stream, splashing with every stride.

There is a small museum inside the building on the grounds open during the days on Wednesday through Saturday from 11am – 5pm. You will want to see a film shown inside the small museum about how the sculpture was created. It is a fabulous and fun event for a touring group. There is a restaurant around town, but it would also be very fun to bring a lunch to eat in the courtyard with the sculpture. Everyone that we have taken to see this art form has been so impressed and happy to have seen it before leaving for home. Wild mustangs give us that sense of freedom that our country was founded on. The ponies of the wild west that run through our minds when thinking about how the western movement came into being depicts a familiar heritage for all Americans to learn more about. It is a sense that I hope we never forget no matter how much cement we pour onto the earth.

Great Video of the Equestrian Fountain Sculpture

Historical Information provided by the Mustangs Of Las Colinas website

Ben H. Carpenter had a vision. His vision was to transform his family’s ranch, fondly named El Ranchito de Las Colinas, meaning the Little Ranch of the Hills, into a world class development. Las Colinas would be transformed from the open grassland of the past into an urbanized community for a new generation of Texans. Mr. Carpenter was determined to create within Las Colinas a grand plaza, a gathering place for future generations. In order to establish a unique identity for this urban space, a sculpture that captured the free spirit embodied in the heritage of Texas would be the centerpiece. Wild mustangs that roamed the early days of Texas would be the identifying piece for this grand gathering place. Mr. Ben Carpenter unveiled his plans in 1973 that would turn his family ranch into the world renowned master-planned community it is today.

Relatives Love This Tourist Attraction

All of the family that comes to visit wants to go see this sculpture.  Even when pre-viewing the website before coming to visit, no one is ever disappoiinted when seeing the actual sculpture.  It is amazing and awesome to explore.  




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    • Golfgal profile image

      Golfgal 3 years ago from McKinney, Texas

      Such a beautiful picture you describe. Thank you for posting.

    • profile image

      James 3 years ago

      Diana & Wei were married at their home cchurh at Dallas Chinese Fellowship Church in Plano followed by their wedding reception at the NYLO Hotel in Las Colinas. I loved Diana's wedding dress — her mom picked it out and she looked stunning in it & I loved Wei's wedding day style with his suspenders and bow tie. They are such a sweet couple and their wedding day was full of great moments: I loved their first look and the fun bride and groom portraits we took at the NYLO; their wedding ceremony was beautiful and I loved hearing them read their handwritten vows to one another; I loved their first dance and the photo Aaron took when Wei dipped his bride at the end of the dance; and the toasts given were sweet and heartfelt. I hope you enjoy these photos that show all of these fun moments documented.a0 Posted in Wedding, Weddings by Aaron, Weddings by Allison Related Posts

    • profile image

      patricia mccawley 6 years ago

      after reading this article, we plan to visit - soon! thank you