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My Disney World: The Polynesian Resort

Updated on October 12, 2015

Need a Disney Fix

It has been way too long! Almost a year! *gasp* That is an outrageously long time for me.

My mom and I decided the kids needed a vacation. Which really translates to "we need a Disney fix".

We wanted a hotel on the Monorail line. I wasn't sure if we were going to go into a Park because it was Labor Day weekend, but if we did, it'd be nice to super close to pop in and out. SmallStu had recently been asking to go to the Polynesian. She's never stayed there, and for me it has been about 30 years... no kidding.

The Polynesian has been under renovations for a while, and honestly we were not considering it when we called. Mom and I had been on our My Disney Experience accounts separately and noticed a deal at the Contemporary. So when we called, that's what we were looking into.

But alas, the Contemporary didn't have what we wanted, and the Polynesian did.

Please excuse the quality.  I was driving and not focused on snapping a photo - I think this came from one of my monsters.
Please excuse the quality. I was driving and not focused on snapping a photo - I think this came from one of my monsters.

Your Disney Experience

My suggestion for booking your Disney trip is to call. The number is (407) W-DISNEY.

You can book online, if that's your preference. Sign up for a My Disney Experience account. The account is free, and once you've done that, download the app to your phone (it'll be priceless when you're on Property). As far as I know, you need to be on an actual computer (not smart phone) to book online.

Here's the deal though, the Disney telephone operators are AMAZING. They are knowledgable and incredibly helpful. They aren't pushy sales people, but they will probably suggest things you hadn't thought of or even known about. They will check multiple Resorts an dining options for you. And they will let you know (if you ask) if any extra discounts exist. But you have to ask. Don't be shy. Disney sometimes has really excellent offers, but they won't share them with you unless you specifically ask.

Take our recent trip for instance, when we saw the Contemporary online, we thought "Oooo let's book it!" But when we tried to, that room was unavailable. So I called and talked to a very nice man. I told him that we wanted to be in the Contemporary main tower. He said there were two rooms left... and let's just say that the Presidential Suite was more per night than we wanted to spend for the whole weekend. He priced the rest of the Resort for us (Garden Wing and Bay Lake Tower). Then we asked him to look at the other Resorts on the Monorail line (Grand Floridian and Polynesian). It was basically a toss up between the other two. And since we hadn't stayed in the Polynesian in several decades, we opted to go Hawaiian.

I'd like to know...

How do you book your Disney vacations?

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Our Experience in Pictures

The Great Ceremonial Hall
The Great Ceremonial Hall | Source
Our Room
Our Room | Source
Our Room
Our Room | Source
The waterfall washroom
The waterfall washroom | Source
The spacious bathroom
The spacious bathroom | Source
View of our room from the door
View of our room from the door | Source
Little Stu finds the murphy bed
Little Stu finds the murphy bed | Source
Little Stu loves the murphy bed
Little Stu loves the murphy bed | Source

The Resort

The Resort is a sprawling compound made up of lots of different buildings. The Great Ceremonial Hall is where you check in, it's where the Monorail stops, and it houses all of the food options.

A few years ago, we ate at Ohana's with my husband's family. It is a character dining experience on the second floor. It was yummy. And obviously when there are Disney characters involved, it's pretty fun.

This trip we stuck to the cafeteria-style eatery. It is on the first floor, in the back of the Great Hall. And it overlooks the pool. The food options here were pretty interesting... you can of course get the usual cheeseburgers and hot dogs. But they also offer things like Buffalo Chicken and Waffles. I'm a sucker for chicken and waffles... and anything buffalo. So combining the two would be excellent. In reality, it was interesting. That's the word I am going to go with. I could really probably learn to love it. But off the bat, it was a real different mix of flavors.

Anyway, the pool was amazing!!! In order to get into the pool area, you have to use your MagicBand (which doubles as your room key, triples as your Park pass and quadruples as your credit card). This keeps the population down, but people still sneak in.

There is still one pool under construction, but if it's anything like the main pool, it will be INCREDIBLE. The main pool has a giant waterslide. The waterslide is entirely enclosed, so if you don't like tight, dark spaces do NOT ride it. The kid splash park is so fun. There is a smaller version of the big slide. But don't worry, grown ups can ride it too.

Our room was in a building called Pago Pago. It was a good distance away from the main building. I valeted the car when we first arrived. I didn't know where we would be staying. When we got to our building and walked around a bit, we noticed two things: [1] we could park right in front, saving me $20/day in valet fees, [2] it is really close to the Ticket and Transportation Center. The last one came in handy when we wanted to go to Epcot the next morning. We walked right over to the Epcot Monorail - no need to ride the Resort Line all the way around.

Our room was fairly spacious. It was in the Vacation Club section. The couch unfolded into a full bed. Mom slept there, and she said it was very comfortable. Under the television there was a murphy twin bed. The kids thought that was a hoot. Our room also had a mini fridge, microwave and coffee maker. And Disney stocked the cabinets with paper plates and bowls. One thing that Mom and I thought was a bit odd was that our room had two bathrooms. Really. But not two toilets. One of the washrooms had a shower/tub combo, sink and toilet... and it was incredibly spacious. I'm not sure if it was an actual handicap bathroom, but it certainly felt that way. The other had a sink and very lovely rain shower. It was really awesome looking - my only issue with it was that the shower drained poorly. By the time I soaped up my hair, I was standing in two inches of water. That kind of skeeves me out.

All in all, it was an AMAZING Resort. We had a wonderful time, as usual at Walt Disney World. The kids though the hotel was "so much fun and the pool was awesome!"

I hope it's not another 30 years before we stay there again. =)

How about you?

Have you stayed at the Polynesian?

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