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My Experience In Saudi Arabia

Updated on May 27, 2012


This is Sebastian Mathews writing about my experiencein Saudi Arabia. As I lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for 12 years.Lots of things to tell you about my experience. I hope this will give you a small picture. Before you travel to Saudi you should know what you are carrying with you. When you come to Saudi Arabia don't take parcels given by unknown persons to handover. If you are taking so you should know what you are carrying. Many people got got into trouble because by unknowingly carrying illegal or prohibited things.

After landing in the airport it goes straight to the emigration department. Normally you will find a big line of people waiting for their turn to take pictures and fingerprints. Many of my friends told me that they were in the line for 6-9 hours. I was lucky in this subject because I went there before these procedures started. After the emigration its baggage and its clearance. Now they they don't open and check the luggage. If they find anything suspicious during the scanning, they will open and check the luggage.

After the luggage clearance its your transportation time. Its better to arrange your transportation through your friends or you should find a "good taxi driver". There is good chance to get cheated everywhere.While talking about roads in Saudi, they made it very well. My driving experience in Saudi, I thank God for he kept me alive. If you see people driving good that means there is camera or a police patrol car somewhere near. For them better to have cameras for every 100 meters. Getting driving license is not a big hurdle there.

About shopping, you will find lots shopping malls and you can have great shopping experience. You will get good hospitality apart from other places. Money matters right! Shops are closed for prayers. There is prayer 5 times a day. Better not to wander during praying time. If so you might be taken by the religious police.

Ramadan is very important in Saudi Arabia. In this holy month it is not to eat, drink or smoke in public places. If you have children with you it is better to feed them by hiding from others. And don't go with any women other than your wife. If your wife with you it is better to have marriage certificate transalated in Arabic.

It is not complete desert as i expected in the cities, some places are really fantastic. They are spending lot of money for the landscaping. It is interesting to talk about weather. In both terms it is extreme weather for me. Summer actually starts in the month of May. July is the hottest. When talking about winter it starts in the month of November. January is the coldest. Rain is there often with hailstones. The worst is the sandstorm. This occure during the transition time between summer to winter and vice versa.

About working experience I will explain in different hub.It is amazing that the petrol price is cheaper than water in Saudi Arabia. Hope these topics were helpful to you.

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