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My FIeld Trip XP

Updated on October 21, 2012

Having an educational tour leveled up a new perspective for us in the OEECES department. It was an eye opener on how it was like beyond the four corners of MSU. Apparently there are stuff one could may as well learn best being expose unto the outside. We got to see big equipments which I bet me and my classmates have never seen before. There were fresh sights of products quality made as they are. The trip was beneficial for us in a way that we got to learn from lecturers and people who are already in the field of our course. They are the ones who serve as examples for us of what an engineer is like on the practice profession. We witnessed a lot of views along the way as well as some movies on the bus and though we didn’t got to enter into crocodile farm, the trip was worth having as an experience.

First Tour

As part of our first trip, we went to NAKAYAMA. It’s hard not to notice when you are in the bus for giant letters corresponding to the company’s name are on scale up above. They are painted white as far as memory is concern. You can hardly ignore it as its location is just near the highway. It’s alongside the route where buses usually travel from Digos to gensan. We were filled with awe seeing how big the company is from outside. We were apparently taken by the view of the house they have for VIPs or very important persons which include its founder. Right inside the company is a building and a nice one too where the owner stays whenever he is around. This means he got a comfortable place for any transactions he have with regard. It can may as well be a resting place for any companions he might be with. The company’s name is derived from the owner’s family name. It wasn’t an abbreviation as the one who entertained and welcomed us mentioned. We can see how Mr. Nakayama values the people of his own. He is a family guy as far as the name is concern. As part of their policy, we have to wear a mask. It was to avoid any unwanted dusk or smell that we might be dealing inside. All of us had one and no slippers were allowed so shoes are necessary. We saw everyone else with their masks on so it was like blending in although our T-shirts were classified. Cellphones were also unavailable so as strong as any signal in the premises there may be, you won’t benefit from it as any are prohibited. There were moreover 70 of us. The supervisors clearly saw it a big number. It’s not like we can go inside directly. We have to wait for instructions. We were divided into groups. One group shall follow the other in entering the place. We were divided into three for there were three capable persons who would be looking after us, in short tour guide. Ours was on the second and we were all EEs moreover. We were told of the building’s size. It was like a coliseum inside from our point of view. It was high and wide anywhere you look at it and it’s a sure fact a lot could be accommodated by it. We were told how the building could have workers just fine with the space. A total of 7 hectares was what he more or less said. As we enter the work site, we were attentive to the guide’s statements. We were all ears. How things work inside was something we want to know. We have a paper to answer so we can’t just be looking around feeling wow the whole time. More of us often ask questions with regard. “How does this, that, those work…?” covers a variety of the curiosity we had by the moment. We spent more time trying to understand the principles being in the place. We understood in the later part of our walking why it is necessary to have a mask to cover your nose. We were exposed to some smells which were not pretty adequate. Some places were fine and some are a challenge to have it through. We went to some parts where it was hard to hear what the guide was speaking but we got his message somehow. His words were all clear when some of us asked about his salary and although he didn’t said of the details, it was fine as what he assess. We were brought to other parts of operation. We had ourselves standing along operations of the tiles and soon it was time for us to leave.

AT the Hydro Plant

It was almost noon when we went back to the buses. Our tour to NAKAYAMA had ended and it was a nice experience. We slowly filled up until it was time to leave. All were now present. We only have to wait for few moments until we got ourselves to Davao. We can finally take off our masks. It was a relief having to breathe freely. We found out it hard to walk with them on if it weren’t for some smell inside that we could go on freely. It was only in the inside that we must wear our masks for outside was fine. Right before we got out of the entrance, we took some pictures near their kitchen design. It was a model they made for the market. The glass windows separated us from them. We can only see through outside but it was all okay for us as they are only a few meters away. It was all transparent and clearly we had our opinions of what it takes to acquire any of the materials inside. The price tag was a sight to notice as we walk along trying to have a view of the stuffs to be observe before we set off.

For our second destination, we got a bit lost on our way to it. Our bus have to go back when we happen to have passed ahead. We had to make a U-turn which had never been easy but soon. On the road to the site, a lot of detours have to be done but we finally got where we want to be.

The mini hydro plant was next. There happens to be one in Davao and it supplies a great deal of electricity for the city. It moreover rates itself to 32 MW. It’s classified as a renewable source which means it poses no threat to the environment. It’s friendly for the surroundings both living and not. Nature isn’t degraded with it and no pollution is seen along. Water is the driving force that makes it work. We knew that the pressure from above makes power as it is directed below. It contributes very well to the place and as part of its presence; it ought to help the people near.

Before we got to see the plant first hand, we were directed to a room. We had ourselves inside where they probably conduct meetings of some sort. They prepared a power point presentation of the components there are. It was an introduction or review about the terminologies. Including of which are the generators, the pipes and the concepts. They were engineers and have probably been in the site for quite a while. We filled the space and had learned much from them. After the lecture, we went down to the plant. We were divided in two. By course we separated which one should go up and which should have a first look at the generators. Our group was instructed to see the upper part first. There was stairs of which the handles made it all convenient. We went up where the water flows. There were two gates we saw. To prevent any unwanted stuffs to enter the pipe, an initial gate was set. The first gate keeps small plastics out as strong as the current may be. We went down after and went inside the plant where the generators are. There were three and each were functioning that a large noise was all you can hear. We took some pictures and listen to the lecture of our guide who is also an engineer.

Soon we have to go. We walked up the road where the buses were waiting. They have been facing outside for quite some time probably when we were still down the site. Few hours remaining and the day would end so next stop was the dormitory.

Sleeping Time

When the day was near to an end, we got to see at last the dormitory we were about to sleep in. it was inside a campus for students who are in the medicine field. It was an ordinary one and was adequate enough for us. The rooms were nice and they had a good order of things. We went inside corresponding to the room we were assigned in. Ours happened to be where twenty people could be occupied. The more the merrier as others say. It was the first time for some of us in the place. They had a TV at the bottom and a mini store too. When all were settled we took our dinner just outside. The Victoria Plaza was just near and we grab the moment having to walk in its hallways after filling our stomach and if there one thing we learned in Davao, it’s that you can have a meal but your budget may ache you so.

On a Power Plant

A change in schedule occurred that our second day visit was focused more on the morning. We were starting to get familiar with Davao by the time. We have known some place of the city. As we go on to our third plant visit, we can’t help looked outside while on the bus. The site was not far from the dormitory so we didn’t have to wait that long. Supposedly, we would have our tour of the electric company on the afternoon but having it in the morning means we would finish our day early. It implies an early free time having necessary events done. When we went passed the gate, we walked unto their lecture or meeting room. Every site seems to have one and it was wider compared with the mini hydro plant. A presentation was given to us like the one we had yesterday. Our group was on the left side and near the entrance but we can hear quite fine. We can relate to what the speaker or the engineer who was giving the lecture was talking. They are in the field of our course and maybe we would be like them in the near future. We just hope our ECE classmates can internalize as well. the supervisor was kind enough to answer some of the guide questions. It’s not hard to notice he had a copy handed to him as he go on with them.

After the lecture we were divided into three groups. We went to see the equipments there are in the company. There were a lot of tools differing in sizes and numbers which we can’t help to be amazed. Big machineries beheld our eyes. There were massive engines controlled by small levers, switches and also buttons. They were often controlled manually but the automatic control system were just on standby. Soon, we went back to the lecture room. After few minutes we thank the engineers and waited for our buses.

After the Davao lights company tour, we went to one of the places of the city where family’s have fun. The crocodile farm was an anticipation and we were all ready to be surrounded by the reptiles. It has been a while for us to visit such a place. We got into the place. The park was waiting but unexpectedly it would seem that there would be some change of plan. Our assumptions turned us down. We thought that 50 pesos would be enough for each of us. It was what we have known but it turned out that to enter, 150 pesos would be the price. There were a bargain for 100 and any of us could have taken it at our own expense but none did. We were only up to the outside. We got to hold some animals instead like the snake near the entrance. It was yellow and few of us saw it near. To maximize our stay, we went to where the ostriches were. We saw them as our bus enter by the detour. We took pictures of them as our background. Outside their fence, we place ourselves. We hang near the road watching people come and waited for the time to leave which eventually came.

Second Night Out

It was the second night and tomorrow would be leaving time. This would be our last but before we get back to Gensan, our group walked the streets for coke. We were six by the time trying to see any grocery store. There were a lot of establishments but our interest was on finding coca-cola product as what we were told to. The night was filled with by a busy street and it was probably rush hour seeing them.

many people on their way home. When having a coke product was over, we were on our way home. It would sure be nice to have our feet to rest. As we were headed back to the dormitory, the group agreed to eat pizza. Buy one take one was on the menu. We all contributed and soon we had ourselves four pizzas and each was quite big. It wouldn’t be a wonder that after, we would be in our full. While we were eating, we made some terms with regard to our course. It was related to our meal. Step up means vomiting. Step down means going to the comfort room for the necessity. Maximum capacity means we can’t eat anymore and championship is for Rhandy and Roel who would be competing for the one who would consume much. In terms of slices, Monrio had 3 , Shaira, 3; Roel, 5; Jonel, 4; Rhandy 5, 5; John, 6; and for me, Jay Mark, 6 slices which I felt an achievement for my appetite. We pushed ourselves to what we are able and our stomachs were begging us not another more. When we were all ready, we went out and set ourselves walking back to the dormitory.

Last Tour

For our fourth and last plant visit, we got to experience a tour of Coca-Cola. It was the last day and in the afternoon, we would be travelling home. The company was very large indeed. We didn’t knew it was like it inside. Bottles just keep coming in. A long line of them constantly moving filled our eyes. It was an example of an automated control system. The computer played most of the part. Any errors were traceable including the bottles. They were being scanned if one didn’t pass the sensors, they are acted upon. They are either cleaned back again or just be disposed of. They were transparently devoted to their customers’ best interest. They make sure their consumers’ get the quality they asked for. Large piles of their products were just near. Heavy equipments were on the role bringing products to where they are wanted. On count, by the time we saw the counter, it was about 62,000 and counting. We found out that they have a schedule they follow. A certain day corresponds to a product so if Tuesday is coke, Wednesday could be Sprite. Walking into their conference room, we saw from above how things work. When we got to their area of presentation, they made something for us. They showed us the history of the company. Their coke formula is a secret and who knows what the ingredients are that made Coca-cola the best refreshment. We had meriendas and they were kind enough give prices for their games. By the time we were about to leave, they gave hand fans as you write in their scrap book. We thanked them for the accommodation and their nice treatment of us.

To the Eagles

When all the plant visits were cleared, we were on our way to Philippine Eagles Park. Thankfully, we were able to go in due to the small fee required. It wasn’t like yesterday. The place was huge indeed but the map helped us get familiar of it. There were no eagles in what can be called their plaza. Instead, it was where the souvenirs were. We went to their center where the place is renowned for. There, you can find many of them. The descriptions helped us have an idea of what we were looking. We circled the sanctuary and found others as well. The aviary hosted at least forty animals aside from the eagles. The place also has a crocodile which we anticipated to see. The reptile was just lying still. It’s quite a wonder how he can be so lazy. He was white huge in size. When we saw he wasn’t moving, we went back to the entrance of the center. We entertained ourselves with the pond upon which “Tilapyas” they say were down under. The bridge was a nice place to look at them.

On Our Way Home

Soon, It was time to go. We had our last pictures in the plaza. It was quite an experience being there. We bid farewell to Philippines Eagles Park. We were on our way now. We looked our last at the malls that burdened our pockets. For the moment, farewell Davao as we head back home.


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