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The Fear of Flying.

Updated on April 19, 2016

Why do I Fear Flying.

Since I can recall I have always had a fear of flying, although I have a deep rooted fascination with Aeroplanes of all sorts, space travel, and all things science or science fiction. So why do I have this almighty fear when I get on board an aeroplane. The walk to the departure gate stresses me out, and, just getting to the airport on some occasions have been hard for me. I can't stop thinking about what can go wrong when you are flying at 35,000 feet doing approximately 600 mph. And you try your best not to let anyone know, so as not to spoil it all for everybody else, the kids get excited and you put a smile on for them. Some say there is a connection between Fear of Flying and claustrophobia to me this makes sense as I suffer from both.

For me there is nothing worse than having to sit in the plane on the tarmac waiting for a slot so we can take off. Or taking a missing passenger's luggage off the plane. To me, this is terrifying, my heart will race at 200mph, I'll have major panic attack sweat will engulf my hands, with my body just turns into jelly. Everything bad that can happen to a plane goes through my head. I do work hard to keep it together, otherwise it upsets everyone that's around you, then it just becomes all about you, when there are others to consider.

Once up and Flying.

Once on the plane if possible I prefer to get a window seat, though daft as it seems, I feel I want to see out. If the engine fails or drops off, or the wing was somehow to detach from the fuselage I would be the first to see it. And how does that help I feel slightly more comfortable. I suppose to me if I am sitting in the centre of the plane, it's the fear of not knowing and feeling trapped. What if there is an engine failure, or if the wing suffered a tiny fracture and started leaking fuel. If I am sitting in the centre aisle totally unaware of what was going on! to me that is just terrifying I couldn't cope. For me a window seat is best, as daft as it sounds I am calmer when looking out. When we are up at the cruising height of 35,000ft my heart rate will be racing along, slightly slower than it is before taking off. When other passengers are having a drink, eating listening to music or watching TV, m I grip the arm rests of my seat until my hands are nearly white, I look forward for 20 secs, then look outside. I do this throughout the flight, even long haul! that's no way to travel you might think and you are right it's not. Not for me as such, but others who are traveling with me because they are concerned to some extent for me, and they then, end up worrying as well. So you might ask, am I doing things to try and get over my fears, any rituals or relaxing techniques anything to stop this fear I have of air travel, and the answer is a yes and no.

Easing my Fears for Airtravel!

The first thing I do is no alcohol before flying,although we all think alcohol relaxes us this is only in the short term,and some people can become aggressive when under the influence of alcohol.When under pressure the alcohol raises your heart rate, your body temperature rises you get hot,sweaty and clammy. I don't drink coffee either as it can make me hyperactive,when in fact I need to be calm cool and collected. For me it's hot tea as close to boarding as possible.As for eating I eat at least an hour before boarding,not like most people eating just before boarding,and low carbohydrates food,again to stop me being hyper.No sugary foods either,and I eat just a small amount easy to digest,and making it a lightweight meal so as not to get indigestion when the nerves set in.

But as daft as it sounds I have been working very hard on positive thinking,and concentrate on getting the fear thoughts out of my head.The day I fly,as I workout four times a week,I put my workout head on and focus,my theory for this,if you can push your body to work harder,and lift heavier weights each workout why not put it into practice here,to help my fears of flying.I push myself harder workout after workout,lifting heavier weights each time and I do the same with my flying,as if I workout.And just these few steps has made flying better for me,and I stress,that it works for me,we are all different success for me does not say it would work for anyone else.I would be extremely grateful if you would leave a comment below this hub and just tell me,honestly what you think of it,and if you suffer like me.


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      Gen-Rev 6 years ago

      Hi adrianeds, I can sure empathize with you. And I'd be happy to have you read my hub Afraid to Fly.