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My First Trip To Shanghai, China

Updated on December 16, 2015

China Trip

My first trip to china was very exciting because it was my second trip outside the country. The first country I've been visiting twice was Brunei.

Anyhow, my trip to China was a ten-day Christmas vacation with my chinese boyfriend (ex now). He invited me to visit his family and we spent the Christmas in his hometown. I was honored to witness their culture especially experiencing their lifestyle which is very different in my country.

From the Philippine airport, the immigration officers were very strict in interviewing the tourists especially when you say that the trip is your first time experience. They gonna ask many personal questions such as who is with you in the said trip? How long you gonna stay in the destination country? And Why you gonna visit the country?

"I am with my boyfriend, we will spend Christmas together, I will stay in his place for only 10 days". Those were my answers to all of his questions to me. He asked me where is my boyfriend? I was lucky that my boyfriend that moment was with me in the said trip so I pointed my boyfriend's counter to the officer which was next to my counter because my boyfie was also with another officer that was assigned for foreigners. When the officer checked my visa stamp in my passport and was convinced with my answers, he approved it and put exit stamp.

I was so innocent that time that I didn't have any idea that officers in the airport are so cruel to Filipino people who are traveling abroad the first time. I can say they are unreasonable because I already experienced the bad system when I got a chance to travel to my "outside the country third trip" to Costa Rica, read more for my Costa Rica trip experience.
So after the exit stamping of my passport, my boyfie and I met his colleagues at the gate of our flight. We greeted each other and they were happy to see me with their friend having vacation together in their very own country, China.

My boyfriend already reminded me that their weather is kind of cold so sweater is needed in the said trip. I brought with me clothes for winter and it was really exciting for me to wear the wool sweater since we don't have winter in the Philippines.

We reached the airport in Shanghai and as soon as we stepped on outside the building I felt the freezing breeze that I never experienced ever in my entire life. My first time to feel the winter is a wow, whew and oh!

I saw my boyfriend bought tickets for us in the counter across me to take the train trip going to his hometown while I was waiting for our luggage. I forgot the exact location of his hometown because it was really hard to pronounce and it's written in Chinese character so I didn't mind to remember it. I was just focus in exploring the place using my eyes as my camera to capture the moments so my mind was really busy looking at some views and observing their system. In this trip, I brought camera but I left the battery charging at home so it was really unlucky for me that I couldn't capture beautiful views. I was happy that my boyfie allowed me to use his cellphone to take some photos. This is the effect of being excited, you will forget something important in the trip.

On the road, their taxi was different in our taxi in Philippines, the driver and passenger cannot have physical contact because there is a glass or plastic divider blocking in between the passenger and the driver. I was not sure if it was a glass or plastic since I didn't touch it. Only a small hole in that transparent plastic or glass at the center where you are able to talk to the driver telling him direction to hotel or asking how much the fare is.
During that moment it was already evening so we decided to check in at the nearby hotel because we just gonna take the first train trip early in the morning. We did not catch the last trip that day because of our delayed flight.

In the hotel room, when we were done fixing our things inside our room in hotel, we went out to eat dinner at the nearby house 5 blocks away from the hotel who served hot delicious soup noodles. It was really cold outside while walking on the road and it seems like the clock is so slow in ticking. I started to complain that I don't like winter anymore and my boyfie started to laugh at me because he doesn't like it either. I started to catch cold and all I wanted after dinner was to take hot shower or sleep underneath the thick blanket.

The next morning, when we were waiting for taxi to take us to train station, I saw the beauty of the place outside the hotel. The road is really nice and I saw many bikers. It was really amazing that their road is a lot more wider than the widest roads in PH and there's really a wide lane for bikers. Unlike in the Philippine, you cannot see bikers lane because we don't have it.

When we arrived in his hometown, my boyfie introduced me to his family, relatives and friends. We visited his relatives in different places scheduled everyday or every other day. Sometimes, his cousins visit him at home. For the remaining days of our stay, we celebrated holidays and spent time together with his niece and nephew by going to school, mall and park. Their food is really delicious, glad to taste real chinese food cooked at home.
At the park near their home, they are actually living in an urban place where malls and amusements are just walk away, I saw many oldies doing exercises like kungfu in the said park. There are solo, couple or group of people that you can see around doing good and signature exercises.

I can say my vacation in the said country was awesome. I remember when I took shower in our hotel and I forgot to blow dry my hair so when we went outside for shopping with my hair really wet, people were so amazed because I had this wet hair while walking around in a winter land. Isn't weird? They actually don't take shower for few days because mostly the poor don't have hot shower at home. That was funny because I felt embarrassed with my wet hair. First time is always a learning experience to keep and it's really fun. And one thing I witnessed was their toilet bowl at home and public use it's kind of different in Philippines. When you use it, you need to sit by squatting to pee or poop because the bowl is leveled to the ground floor, you can't sit your ass so you need to squat and when you flush it you need to pull the string from up above so you need to look up to find that string after you use the toilet. I was not comfortable though.

I'm thankful that God gave me this kind of experience, to see the other side of the world and experience their lifestyle. So travel while you are young and able. Don't miss a single opportunity that come your way. Please keep reading my blogs if you enjoyed this.Thanks for reading!

View my collection of photos below:


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    • bujoy83 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Costa Rica

      Thank you and Happy New Year too to you and your family. God bless!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      3 years ago

      Glad you got to visit this lovely area of the world. Have a wonderful New Years.

    • bujoy83 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Costa Rica

      Thank u for your encouragement for me to write more. I also love taking pictures but my trip was really bad luck because I did not have camera. I was glad I have these few pictures but all selfie. Thanks again.

    • Suhail and my dog profile image

      Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent 

      3 years ago from Mississauga, ON

      Interesting hub, although I would have love some more pictures of the city :-) I hope you will write more and more frequently.


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