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My Holiday to Greece, Rhodes - Atrium Platinum Hotel

Updated on December 22, 2013

Atrium Platinum Hotel, Rhodes

Atrium Platinum Hotel, Rhodes
Atrium Platinum Hotel, Rhodes

Our stay

October 2012, me and my best friend went to Greece, Rhodes for a 10-nightstay at Atrium Platinum Hotel. I want to start off by saying it was one of my most favourite holidays ever!! From the hotel, to the country itself to the food. It was difficult to fault.

Firstly it was a short flight from London to Greece, so that was a pleasant journey, besides having to stop over in Germany due to an ill passenger on the plane, who had to immediately leave, that worried me, but I do hope he's ok now! We booked a shuttle to get us from the airport in Greece to our hotel, which only cost us £20 there and back! We booked at that Resort Hoppa when we were in London, however it took long to wait for all the passengers to get into the coach, approx 40mins! I would have preferred taking a taxi, however that would have cost us £20 just one way. So we saved some money there.

Once we reached the hotel it was absolutely beautiful, looked exactly like the pictures we viewed on the website. take a look! It is a 5 star hotel, however was very quiet due to the season, which I don't think is a bad thing. There were a lot more elder people there this time of year, we were most probably the youngest there (24 & 28 years of age) but that didn't stop us from having fun. After sunbathing, enjoying the various games they had on offer at the hotel (ping pong, pool and air hockey) we wanted to get out of the hotel and do some sight-seeing, so we thought let's rent-a-car, as there were not many touristy things to do near our hotel. So although this was quite scary at first, given we drive on the other side of the road in London and also there are not many road signs, we were a little apprehensive to say the least, BUT when we headed off on the road it was nothing but fun and exciting, I finally got the hang of driving on the correct side of the road. We first went to visit a beach in Acropolis, along the way we visited a few remote shops where they were selling freshly made honey, which tasted divine, I do recommend buying that as a gift for people you know.

We visited another beach the following day called Tsambika beach, which was heavenly the sand was so soft, the sea was beautiful and serene, whilst walking down the beach a lady caught us off guard, she was promoting her water sport activities, my best friend seemed up for it, but I took some convincing, not a fan of heights or water sports. This lady called me a chicken and then that done it haha! I decided to go for it and thank goodness I did, because I really enjoyed it. A while later we had lunch on the beach, chicken club sandwich, tasted gorgeous! After which, I was offered a massage on the beach from a friendly lady, a painful, but much needed massage. The temperatures were as high as 28 degrees that day, perfect, even the sand was burning our feet. We headed home around 6:30pm, took around 45mins to get home.

We were recommended to visit the Old and New Town in Rhodes, which was lovely during the evening, you can lose yourself in the maze of alleyways and crumbling buildings. There were cute little restaurants and a beautiful waterfront.

The final beach we visited was called St Paul's beach in Lindos, a 30 minute drive from our hotel, again a beautiful sandy beach, we ordered a club sandwich to our sun beds, greta customer service, amazing weather and lovely sea.

On our final day we had a chance to roam around our hotel and visit quaint little shops and get to know the locals somewhat. We came across a lovely friendly man named 'Tourgood' who owned a little pub, we played a game of pool with him and he gave us an insight to the way of life in Greece and also informed us of why the locals weren't as friendly as they used to be, he explained it was because of the economy and how many people were losing their jobs and how lack of food and resources were available, this made a little sense to us seeing as we sensed they weren't as friendly here than they were in other parts of Europe. He also informed us that the Hotel we were staying at closes in November 2012 and reopens in March 2013, due to the tourist season.

All in all, it was an amazing holiday!!


Atrium Platinum Resort & Spa


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