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My Home.My Dreams

Updated on August 5, 2014
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

My Home.

There was a Hut by the side of my Home and there was a old lady who was alone in the hut when the entire area of over 1000 acres of land was occupied by the govt to convert it to plots to be sold to public to build their homes.This old lady was young and very ferocious at that time and just would not budge from the plot she had occupied when it was a no man's land hundreds of years ago.At night around 8:30PM she used to sing a song sitting in her hut and it was " Where was my Home before I came to this world and where will be my home when I go from my home here in this place a hut ".In between these lines she would sing:-

I know how I came to this world and what I did in my earlier birth

I know I must have had no need for money in my earlier birth

I know I must have left lot of money but never ever gave charity in my earlier birth

Where was my home,where is that home now.

What must have happened to the money I left in my previous birth

Who took my money that I left when it was mine but never gave to any in my previous life.

I have no money now but people who come to my temple give me money.

I do not ask money now even if I do not have anything to eat

I get no money when I am hungry but there will be fruits that too in plenty.

Where is my home,where is my home my hut is my home,my hut is my money..

There were other thought provoking lyrics that I wanted her to give but she never gave.

I had retired from my job not by choice or rule but on account of my ego that made me do my job with honesty and sincerity as Managing Director of a Spinning Mill which was constructed by me from Blue Print to production and marketing all done as I thought fit and best since the mill was being financed by Co-operative bank and no director or Chairman had any idea of how a textile mill was run.Since this made every body think that I might as well be pocketing mill money in running the mill.There was this feeling and one day I just threw my keys to the Executive Director who tried to interfere in my work.

Sitting at home relaxing near my Window I could hear this Old Lady's song some times.Her song where is my home with many interesting words made me think about my home ever since I left my home and started living away from my loving mother,father,brother and sisters who were all still not married except my elder sister.First it was a home of 3 bachelors who had taken up a house in another state and I joined them.The senior most friend and college mate kept the kitchen for himself and he used to cook his food there and we the 3 of us were asked to go to a hotel for our meals day and night.We were getting breakfast at subsidized price in the textile mill where we were sent for practical training.This was my home first in my life after I left my parents.

I stayed with my college mates taking training in that private mill and there were other trainees also.While we were just 4 there were others who were just science graduates not knowing any thing about textile technology but we were all graduated in textile technology.The mill owner had 18 textile mills and he could not get floor level managers to run the mills which worked all days in a week.If there was any vacancy in any mill he would depute his science graduate trainees to fill that vacancy.I had completed 6 months of training and was just a week time I would be relived from my training and I had 9 days leave granted so I can make my arrangements to get a Job elsewhere.I took leave and came home to tell my father my position.It was at that time my fathers brother visited us and he asked me what I doing at home.I told him my position,he was a Rotarian and Mason and it so happened that he knew the Managing Director of the mill where I was taking training. He told me not to worry and gave me a letter from his company letter head to my mill MD.I was sent to one of the mills located nearer to my home town with increase in salary and with a designation.This was the mill in south India called as Manchester of South India.I came here and stayed in a room all by myself and if I can call it a Home it was my 2 nd Home..Here I stayed in a Lodging Felicity better than my single Bed Room earlier and continued to stay there and going for work on a rented bicycle payable monthly.The distance was over 5 KM and I had to cycle all the 3 shifts in rotation weekly and also my water bottle as there was no drinking water available in a textile mill even for technical staff let alone 500 workman.Fed up by cycling for 5 KM daily I applied for a Job which was in the heart of the city and got a job.I shifted to a Hotel Room in the heart of the city and enjoyed my stay in my 3 rd .home. One of my cousin who was a big shot in Bombay in a textile mill came to the city I was leaving and seeing my pathetic job told me if I had to progress In my profession I must work in Bombay Mills and not the mills like I was working.I left for Bombay got a Job in one of ASIA'S largest textile mill and stayed in a Paying Guest House which was my 4th Home.I stayed here with my college friend who was responsible for my stay comfortably as he took care of my boarding and lodging in the Paying Guest House till I received my good friend would always lend me money at the end of the month and I would pay him as soon as I would get my pay.Thus my jolly life went on for nearly 3 years while in such a place we enjoyed what we could including learning western dance in a dance school in colaba a luxury suburb in Bombay now unfortunately for me named Mumbai..

One fine morning my boss called me and told me that I may join a new unit which was a closed textile mill near Mysore with same pay as it needed the man knowing local language.I did not hesitate to say yes.I told my good friend that I had to go and after explaining my predicament he was glad that I would be nearer to my family and I said good bye to Bombay with near tears in my eyes for having such fun and job where I learn't lot of my professional practical work.

I came home told my parents and went and joined the closed textile mill which was a mess.Here I stayed in a house vacated by my friend and thought I would settle down as living was cheap and place was good besides it was the place of our family deity.I tolorated my boss who knew nothing about how to run a mill and after working for just 5 months I left the mill happyly and came home and told my father to contact his friend in tamil nadu.I got a job with a good designation like in bombay as this textile mill was run by gujarati family.I stayed for few months in a lodge and soon shifted to a house on rent in a good locality.Here I shared the house with a friend of mine who worked in another mill but was staying in the same lodge where I was staying.This was my 5thHome and final home as a bachelor boy.

My parents were approached by a gentleman who wanted his daughter to join our family as my wife.They went and saw the girl and found her and her family suited to our type not only in financial terms but also in social status.I got a letter from my father that I must come home to see a girl as they had seen her and was suitable for me for marriage.I did not reply to that letter and was wondering how I could marry a girl and manage a family.In my place of work I had my own asst a elderly man who was shop level supervisor.He liked me for my work and style of work as it was different to the persons under whom he had worked.I told him about my father's letter and asked him if I should go since I might not be able to run a family.He said you will not run the family but that girl will run the family do not refuse the girl go and see her and marry her.I wrote to my mother saying if she had liked the girl I need not see her tell them that they could arrange the Wedding.My mother wrote back saying that even if I do not want to see the girl the girl wants to see me.

I wonder what happened.

I wrote to my father stating that I would come to see the girl.I went saw the girl and came back after seeing her once more and telling my mother she is fine.I had over confidence that though she looked fine but needed more social life which was forbidden in her family.I was not 100% successful but managed by brute push to talk and mix with people.She did it not with a smile but with fear.Our married life went on for 3 years going here and there but not with out seeing a English Movie every Thursday which was our mill holiday.Those days in Tamil Nadu there was power shortage and more than 200 textile Mills were running.In order to manage power they wanted a group of mills to close one day in a week and ours was on Thursday.I will go to the movie at any cost and there was no problem of booking a ticket as tamil people hardly went to a English Movie that too a "A" certified movie with their kids.On festivals we both will go to a Shiva Temple which was around 7 KM from our Home.I would barrow my friends Scooter and take my wife to the temple.

My friend who shared the house was in the same predicament like me and he wanted to bring his wife to our house. We stayed for a year and my friend left his job and went to Calcutta for a better job.Our house was ours now and I could manage the Rented furniture and house rent.My mother who had come to set up our family had left after few months but now my wife was feeling lonely when I went to work.Earlier she had my friends wife to chit chat but now she felt lonely and there was a fear of her being alone.I told her to go and learn typing and Short Hand classes she went for a month and refused to go as there were boys there who would stare at her when ever she looked around.So her typing was gone and fear stayed which I could not help.Once or twice she went home but returned back even though I wanted her to stay back.

I became a father.

The House we stayed was indeed a lucky house because my father insisted so much that I must not do any family planning and must make my wife pop out a baby.We soon had a baby boy just I wanted and he grew up in this hose # 5 a number I consider as lucky.My wife was also was born on 5th.I consulted a known astrologer as to what luck my son would bring me.He studied his horoscope and told me that he will bring me luck after his 4.1/2 years of age and that I will have few downs and more ups in my life.Yes when he reached the 4.1/2 I had to move to my 6th home I stayed in my 6th home for 9 years where my daughter was born.After one year of her birth.I then moved to my 7th Home.I stayed in my 7th Home for just 7 months where my daughter was born when she completed her 1st birth day and moved transfered to another unit under the group to my 8th Home.I stayed here as a CEO of a textile mill another Luck after my daughters birth with in a year.I stayed here for nearly 5 years and was transferred to another unit of the group my 9th Home.I stayed for nearly 1 year when I had to leave my organization due to my negligence to follow procedure in a govt managed mill.I was not even given a chance to explain to the high headed Chairman who was a IAS Officer.I came home that I had made from the money that I took as loan from the mills which was deducted in monthly installment.This was my 10th Home.I stayed for 11 months when I went to join as a Managing Director of a small semi govt textile mill here I stayed for 2.1/2 years and had to leave due to a corrupt Chairman and joined another textile mill nearby to this mill as a CEO and here it was my 11th Home soon gone and left due to crocked mill management i did not like.I was back but had a job in my home town my 12th home.This was a mess and I was unfit to clear the mess so I left and went back to tamil nadu and stayed in my 13th Home.I worked here and made the mill work well but the mill management had father son interference in day to day work and there was no trust in me so I left and joined another mill nearby and here I had a partial 14th Home since the mill owner used one room which we had from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.and could use it from 7:PM to 10:00 AM only. I got fed up and came home my 10th Home and soon found I had no money to pull on by this time my son was earning and he supported me to maintain for 7 years till I could not make my spending to be inquired and sold my home and with that sum I built a home my 15th Home just like I needed but my wife and children did not like the place which was 50 KM from my original Home.

Now I stay in a rented Home my 16th Home in central city of my home town.My 15th House is for sale..

I am waiting to sell it.But Keeping another Home next to the home which I won't sell.I am nearing 80 years and perhaps I do want to leave my foot print here and do not care what will happen after I am gone.

A Dog also needs a Home.

I love dogs but can't keep them as it needs more care than some pets.However there is a street dog in our street which was abandoned when it was born just in front of My Home.The mother of course took care for few weeks and she was gone.This Dog was found in front of My Home now and then sleeping just on the side walk.It is now over two years and it has made the spot where it was born its home.When it is hot it goes in the storm water drain and when its cold it comes inside My Home and sleeps at the bottom of my back yard stair case.It is a non veg doesn't eat bread and I have not given it any non veg.The point I am trying to say is that this stray dog has made My Home its Home.

Every animal I think has its own Home.

Are we different,we all need a Home,our own in a place if we can choose.We call it as our Residence in our letter Heads and visiting cards.It will have a name and a Hindu god's picture on a granite slab embedded in the wall by the side of our gate it will have a number few have fancy lights over it.A look at this granite slab indicates the taste of the person who lives inside the house.The look of the house is indeed another point indicating the owner's show of his wealth.This is Bangalore,India that I am writing about.

To own a house in Bangalore is the dream of every one living here.The growth of the city and the people who have come from all over India has made it very difficult to own a house at a chosen place.Textile mills which were closed have been converted in to huge high rise buildings.Owning a house is easy if you are employed in a good company or in govt service.Loans are given to these people on easy monthly payment terms.There are Industries and commercial centers in all directions,huge govt undertakings are all over in east.west,north and south.5 star Hotels and Hospitals added.

What do those people who have no permanent job like daily wage laborers do,they build the house in what ever places that are vacant and are govt lands including places kept open for parks,dried up lakes and few have occupied places that are not owned by them.They are vote banks under the umbrella of local politicians.There were over 70 lakes in Bangalore now many lakes have no fish because there is no water,there is no water because there are houses,when it rains it occupies the houses and the people with out complaint remove the water and pour it in storm water drains.These are open and few people get washed away in these drains,even a Car with 4 people went in these drains.Last time when it rained a 8 year kid was gone in these drains,even the Army could not find the kid.

My Home is my palace,here I have everything including the junk which I can't get rid off due to my sentiments.I have household things left by my son and daughter who have left the country after they got married.Their books and other things which are the sweet memories to me and my wife.Their 2 wheelers which I keep in running condition ever since they left around 15 years back.My paintings which are indeed have big space for free.My Electric Guitar left unused since I left playing as there was none to listen to my boring practice and I myself got bored playing same old songs.I could play new ones but that needed lot of practice since I learned the guitar like I learned driving.Suit cases full of Gifts,Clothes,fancy articles,Trunks full of crockery,Stainless Steel Vessels all stored in the garage in cement racks built for this purpose when I built My Home.

All the rooms upstairs vacated by my son and daughter one after another now my place of relaxation at noon for my siesta and painting.I live with my wife downstairs,she with her TV and I with my PC a gift from my son to my daughter who has left behind this for my use.We both are having different speakers for Satellite Radio left by my son.

My Home has a name,a number and a post box,I only wish I could travel all over my country with my home which I can't but the one in the picture is my Dream Home.

On second thoughts I remember our neighbor a old lady and a sanyasi singing a song where is my home,I am a guest here,I come from no home and go from home to home.Thia is a kannada song,I requested the old lady to sing the song for me so that I can write down.She did not like the song to be writen down.

My Dream Home.

My Dream Travel Home all over India.

Have you seen it inside?

Better for 4 persons.

Home on Wheel.

Dream Home away from my home with my wife.
Dream Home away from my home with my wife.


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    • Rooskaya profile image

      Rooskaya 6 years ago from Russia

      Your (dream) home on the wheels is perfect to explore many places and if someone manages to have such a home then it's like a dream come true. I enjoyed reading your hub. Thanks and all the best.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      I like my home too, but also dream of being a little bit mobile. Yours is a good one, my idea is called an Aliner.