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My Own Three Verb Story

Updated on February 27, 2011

My Dad's Compass

Finding My True North

I’m no Julia Roberts. That is for sure. With the whole Eat, Pray, Love phenomenon making people wish that they could just check out and find themselves after going through the traumatic personal grief of a divorce, I figured now would be the time to do the same thing in my life. I personally love the male version of that story, Drink, Play, F@#k where the main character spends months drinking in Ireland, four months in Las Vegas gambling and golfing, and a fun time of fornication in Thailand.

Yes, I’ve been officially divorced for almost three years now, but that’s not the reason for my extended trip that I’m getting ready to embark on across this great country of ours. Instead of a year on the road and hitting three areas, I will be traveling for six months and spending at least a week in 25 cities across the United States. While both characters in the “three verb stories” don’t spend time working as they are trying to find themselves after quitting their jobs and being divorced, I plan on trying to invoke some of the “Four Hour Work Week” into my schedule. I just recently became divorced figuratively for the second time a month ago.

My business partner (and best friend) and I have stopped working together and the friendship is over. She’s been the lady in my life since the vary day that my ex-wife stopped working together with me. It’s been an ugly “breakup” in the last month, but things on the business side are getting back to normal and actually a lot of good things have happened and been put in motion, including my trip. I miss my best friend and the person that I’ve confided in and who knew more about me than any other individual (including my ex-wife who I was with for 10 years).

Austin has been home since I moved here in 2001 out of college and a new newlywed. I’ve enjoyed more of the town though in the past two years though with my previous BFF and her two kids. Bars, music, restaurants, investments and just places all have memories that haunt me on a daily basis. I love what I do for a living and I have the rare ability to do what I do from anywhere in the country as long as I have my cell phone and internet, along with having a client base of real estate investors that I work with that is primarily outside of Austin.

I’ve put my life into my business and building it into what it is today by working to be a great friend to someone while putting a lot of my personal interests on the back burner for the last two years. Have I enjoyed doing other things and taking on new interests? Of course I have, but I want to get back to enjoying and being myself completely instead of being called a dream stealer for enjoying and wanting the same things that someone else might have had.

The running joke in my life amongst my friends and family is that my life should be involved in some sort of reality show on Showtime or HBO instead of basic cable.. There has been plenty of drama in my life with the ladies that come in and out of the revolving door of dating. My dating life has been pretty interesting and seems to have a life of its own. I’ve done the whole speed dating, Craigslist, bar scene, and online dating scene that have all been one trail of disappointments after another. I seem to attract women that need help or who are flawed in some dramatic way. I’m not God’s gift to women, but I have some great characteristics and a great guy (not my words).

Anyway, I look forward to working with investors, staying with my extended family and reconnecting with friends all across the country over the next six months. I plan on doing things that I love. I will catch as many professional baseball, basketball, and football games as possible. My trip coincides with the start of Major League Baseball, the start of the NBA playoffs, and ends with the start of the NFL season on the west coast. I will also enjoy as many concerts as possible along with doing deals and speaking in each city that I visit.

I’ve decided to try to find the nation’s best cheese burger, enjoy each city’s famous landmark, and just enjoy traveling the country with my dog. I plan on watching the sun rise and set on both coasts. I plan on visiting vineyards and breweries all across the country with me hitting Napa and Sonoma Valley’s late in the trip. There will be plenty of live concerts mixed in with dive bars and some honky tonks along the way as well.

There isn’t anything keeping me here in Austin anymore. Ultimately, I plan on carrying through with my initial idea of moving to California. I love it there and without having kids, a significant other, or anything else, it is time to stake my own flag on my personal life and future. My career is on track, and now I need to work on the whole work/life balance that everyone talks about. I’ve got an old ships compass that was my father’s that he kept in his store and I plan on taking that with me to help me find my new “true north.”

I’ve worked very hard over the past two years to build my company into something and its growing exponentially. I haven’t taken a vacation in two years and its time that I write my own three verb story. Maybe I will call it Live, Laugh, Love. I’ll definitely document my journey with plenty of pictures, videos and adventures along the way. No matter what happens, it will be a blast and something that I plan on enjoying every moment of. Time will only tell me what verbs end up describing the journey that lies ahead of me.


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