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Tips for Visiting or Living In Lagos, Nigeria

Updated on February 22, 2016

I started my Journey from South Africa. The thought of going to Nigeria has always been on my mind. I can no longer wait to see this happening.

Welcome To Nigeria

Muritala Muhammed International Airport (MM2)
Muritala Muhammed International Airport (MM2)

I jumped online to book the next available flight going to Nigeria. At last I landed in Nigeria at exactly 7pm (Nigerian Time). I am at the Muriatala Muhammed Airport (MM2) in the city of Ikeja, Lagos. My destination was Eko Hotel on the Lagos Island. It was a wonderful scene to finally be in one of the major Airports in Nigeria and of course to be in the largest oil producing country in Africa. Indeed Lagos has really changed. I was not going to board a cab to the Island immediately until I have a feel of what it is like in Ikeja. I approached a cab guy and asked for a great club I could cool off my stress, and he suggested I visit Lagos Country Club. I quickly jumped in. I found out that Lagos Country Club is actually a membership club on getting there. Thank God they had a special event on that very day as King Sunny Ade one of the greatest legendary musicians was billed to perform that night. What a night to be at the right place as I was also told one of the expected guests that night was the Oni of Ife-this is one of the greatest kings in Nigeria and one of the youngest kings in Nigeria. I paid the gate fee and entered at once. It was a splendid time wining and dining in the blues of the night.

I left the spot at about 11pm and headed for the island. I told the cab driver to drive through places I can get to see the night beauty of Lagos but the cab driver hinted that passing through the 3rd Mainland Bridge will be faster. I said I wasn’t in a hurry so I opted for the longer route yet full of scenes. I am on vacation but not a business trip for God sake! The scene from Ilupeju to Yaba was quite impressive. He opted to show me Yaba College of Technology, the first higher Institution in Nigeria. We spent few minutes having a chat with some guys at Hollywood hostel. Then we headed straight to the University of Lagos. I said to myself, ‘Wow! This is what I am talking about’. The cab guy did what was right as he headed straight to the Queens Hostel. Nigerian ladies are spot on and ready to mingle. We had a long walk with some chatty ladies all the way to the Senate. It was past 2pm in the midnight. Can we still make it to the island at this time? I asked the cab man and he says, this is Lagos; a city that never sleeps.

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Unilag Students in Epic Pose

We got going at exactly 30minutes past 2. We finally got to the island as we passed through ‘Obalende’. I really can’t believe the number of clubs I saw on our way to Keffi. The ladies were standing by the road as if they were waiting to usher people into any of those clubs. Nice scene but a bit scary though. I suppose they were all hardcore clubs. We were stopped by some Policemen when we got to the front of the Eko Atlantic-a maga city in another city currently being developed by the Lagos State government. This was said to become the most expensive city in Africa after its completion. I watched the beautifully sand filled city in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. One of the policemen tapped me. ‘Oga, where you dey come from at this time of the night’. I said we actually went for a programme on the Lagos Mainland. They said no problem but ‘anything for the boys’ I managed to give to them some ruffled naira.

Victoria Island,Lagos

Here I am finally at Eko Hotel, got my keys, paid my cab guy, jumped into my room, and slept off. The next day I had a call from a friend to come see Lekki Conservation. This is a place to see just before you die. Lekki conservation is directly opposite Chevron HQ in Nigeria and it is concept currently managed by Chevron. There are traffic controllers in Lagos called LASTMA. These guys are much feared by motorists than any other tariff officers. We approached one of the LASTMA officers who then pointed us to our destination. You will be greeted by monkeys and all kinds of beautiful animals. It’s a long walk in a jungle where you find animals in their natural habitat. Then you find places where you can rest and have fun. Come and see for yourself in Lagos.

Elegushi Private Beach


Did I also mention that I visited the Elegushi private beach? This beach is similar to those beaches you will find in Grand Theft Auto. The scenes at the beach were ooooops but I will not mention. I have been booked to go back the next day but I needed to see a place called Ikorodu just before I leave. I had to rush to a ferry terminal beside Addax Petroleum adjacent to Four Points by Sheraton at ‘Sandfill’. I boarded the next available boat and got to Ikorodu in 30minutes. I was told it takes about 3hrs by road. Ikorodu is one of the oldest towns in Lagos moderately populated and filled with people who are mostly looking to cut down on the extravagant lifestyle of Lagos. Ikorodu is an emerging economy in Lagos but currently has no major attraction to entice people from within the heart of Lagos in order to consider relocation to this town. Though the company has recently completed a world class refurbishment if its major road with might pave way for future exodus into the town in the nearest future.

My vacation ended and I boarded my flight back to SA. Tomorrow is work and I hope my boss does not get to read this so they don’t understand why I have to sleep at work for the first few days after vacation. I obviously did not rest during this vacation but instead did a great exploration. If you are currently considering taking a vacation to Nigeria or maybe you just got a job offer to work in Africa remember that Lagos, Nigeria is a great place to visit.

I Love Lagos-Performed by Olamide


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