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My Trip To Atlantic City

Updated on June 11, 2010

 This past week, I went with my family to Atlantic City for a much needed break. My parents have a Marriott timeshare. So we got a 2 bedroom suite at the Fairview Villas. Typical marriott. The master bedroom had double vanity and a jacuzzi tub in the bedroom and a long standup shower and toilet in the bathroom. the other bedroom had a door to the main bathroom and a pull out couch in addition to the queen sized bed. The main area had a full kitchen, washer/dryer, pull out couch, and door to screened in patio. There was a gas fireplace in the living room but it was turned off for the summer. We had it turned back on. One really unfortunate thing was that the master bedroom had 3 vents, the main room had several vents and the other bedroom only had 1. That resulted in some people freezing and some people sweating. Not comfy. Also, our fridge was freezing everything no matter what we set it at. Awkward. The pools were lovely and there was a playground which was good since my 3 year old nephew was with us.

On to the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Sketchy. Repetitive. We were over it in about 10 minutes. It was dirty, with openly drunk people everywhere. There were the same 5 stores over and over again. Massage, psychic, clothing, fudge/taffy, pizza/hot dogs. To make that worse, the clothing was exactly the same in every store and the candy was exactly the same in every store. No variations or additional options anywhere. Also, I hope you don't have to go to the bathroom while there. My very pregnant sister in law, nephew, and myself had to go and were relieved to see a "comfort station". ....You ever see the movie Accepted? The scene where they are cleaning up the old mental instituion to make it look like a college and they open the bathroom door and it looks like a giant had a blowout. So horrible they just lock the room off and forget about it? Well, that's what this so called comfort station was like. Every stall had a blow out with toilet paper covering and surrounding each bowl. We found one almost decent stall and the two of us had to like levitate my nephew over the toilet so no part of him touched any part of the stall. Grossest. Thing. Ever.

The only good part of the day was the Rainforest Cafe, where we had dinner. Fun jungle theme, entertaining thunderstorms, yummy food. Same as all other Rainforest Cafes.

We spent a day at the Ocean City Boardwalk. MUCH better. Clean. Bright flowers. You can actually see the beach from the boardwalk. There were several mini golf places and arcades. All the stores were different. There was even a movie theater. If you go to the Jersey shore and want a boardwalk, go to that one.

We spent another day in Cape May. We went to the free zoo and park. There were a lot of trees which was nice. It added to the ambiance and also kept us from roasting. Then we went to the Washington Sqaure and walked around. It's a full on olden days town. All the houses and buildings are from the 1800s. There are huge bed and breakfasts near the water. It's beautiful and pleasant. Lots of little shops.

My favorite place that we went to was the Historical Village of Smithville. It's just a little spot with a lot of small shops. There's a colonial bed and breakfast and an old windmill. A cute train offers rides around the whole complex, which my nephew loved. Almost all of the shops have great handmade items. There's a carosel and some gazebos and a wooden bridge over water with ducks in it. It's really a very sweet and pleasant little place. I highly recommend it.

The last thing we did was slot machines. I went with my parents to the Hard Rock one night and with my brother and sister in law to the Borgota another night. The Borgota was wayyy nicer. Something you should know is that slot machines only take $5 bills or higher. No change or singles. My advice for playing the slots is to machine hop. Generally when you sit at a machine, pretty quickly it lets you win. Then it takes your money. Once you win a decent amount, LEAVE and go to another machine. Our favorite machine was the Deal or No Deal one. There were only about 6 of them. It starts out like a regular slot machine but every now and then you get to play the actual game like the tv show. It's a sure way to win money and it's a lot more fun.

Well, that's all my advice for that trip. Seriously, don't go to the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Don't do it.


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