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My Two Favorite Travel Apps

Updated on July 8, 2017

Traveling for vacation has always been hectic for me and I believe this is the case for you too. Being able to find the most affordable flights, hotels, and rental cars while in foreign cities is quite a mean feat. This coupled with the need to ensure I have enough cash to spend during my trips had me searching for mobile applications that could help me in this regard. Nobody in this age and day of technology wants to deal with travel agents who are expensive, unreliable and often offer poor service when there exist applications such as Uber and Kayak that are way much better.


Kayak is a free app available to both android and iOS users. This amazing app allows users to perform searches for flights, hotels and rental cars in different travel destinations. The kayak app has got various special features which include:

  • ability to track any flight which is done by showing the arrival and departure times. This feature can be used to track the position of any flight while in the air using a convenient map.
  • setting price alerts for best flight rates, discount coupons and hotel prices. This ensures that you can set a certain price in your budget that you are willing to spend and the app will notify you when prices change.
  • finding shops, restrooms, lounges, food, coffee places and many more. Actual pictures of these places are available to you in order to ensure you make a good choice.
  • securely and effortlessly booking flights and hotels using a variety of payment options such as credit cards. This is supported for all the major flights worldwide such as Etihad airways.


The only drawback in using this app is the problem of the app crashing and becoming unresponsive which rarely happens as well as the requirement that one has to link a social media account which I find infringes on my privacy though it’s an area the can improve.


Some of the advantages of using this app for me and many other reviewers is the excellent user interface, great customer experience, and the ability to compare flights prices by different airlines as well as its ability to make price predictions. Another major plus has got to be the one stop shop feature which allows one to plan on flights, accommodation, and transportations once in the new destination, as suggests. This is extremely important for one to have a successful and stress-free trip. This is a must-have app that gives value for money and is completely worth checking out.


The second app that comes second as the best in my ranking is the Uber mobile application which is available to both Android and IOS users. This is a free app that helps one book a cab ride anywhere in the world. The application runs in 77 countries and 527 cities world over and continues to expand its horizons. Some of the great features that are available in Uber include:

  • securing a ride at any time of the day or the night making it very convenient especially if you get late and don’t have any means of getting back to your hotel.
  • tracking your location and as such, the driver knows exactly where to pick you up.
  • making payments via many ways such as cash payments, credit cards, Android pay, PayPal and much more.
  • checking out the driver's profile and information as well as their progress as they come to meet you.
  • Users can cancel the ride from that driver if you feel that you won’t be comfortable with them before they reach you.
  • You can rate the driver and provide feedback about your overall Uber experience.


The app does not miss some drawbacks which the Uber team can work on and these include the large space that the app occupies which sometimes causes to freeze and crash. Another issue is the cancellation fee charged on the user once they cancel a ride. This should not be present as it’s not always the users fault that the ride is cancelled.


There are certain merits that other reviewers and I have come to enjoy about Uber and these include the free ride option when starting out where ones accounted with some free cash that can use for their first ride as well a coupon code. This coupled with the great interface and the good quality of Uber drivers who are always on time and polite is a big plus for me. Overall it is a must-have app for every traveler visiting cities abroad.


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