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My Version of Hello World

Updated on February 23, 2017

Hello World! Isn’t that’s what you have to say when starting or creating something new? Like the first episode of TV series, they always titled it “Pilot.” Here’s my version of Hello World.

My name is Ledanne. I’m a Nurse, Photographer, Traveler, Vlogger, and Outdoor enthusiast. This year my goals are to live simple, travel more and to find what everyone is looking for a purpose. I am not a good writer but with everything else, practice makes it better. So here I am practicing my writing skills. And I appreciate any critics or advice to improve my it.

They said how I speak is how I write and it’s true, English is my second language and it took me a long time to accept it as my own. When I was a kid, I hate English. I was born and raised in the Philippines and it didn’t make sense why I have to learn something that I’m 100% sure not going to use it, and boy was I wrong. When we arrived in the US that’s when I realized that hating something could really makes my life so much harder. Culture shocked, isolation, fear of rejection were all in the mix and to add to my problem, I have to start in the 9th grade. I remembered crying almost every night and asking my mom if we could go home but she replied, “this is our home now.” At age of 14, I couldn’t understand why we had to leave the Philippines because we had our friends, families and a house we call home, all the things we didn’t have in the US. For many years, I keep asking, “Why do we have to start all over again?”

I was an outcast for my first year in high school due to my lack of communication and culture understanding but I was determined to find my roots again. So every day, I practiced speaking in English and believe that I could make it. My sophomore year was better; I met new people, I found my circle of friends and learned more about my surrounding. On my third year, I started to mentor kids that just came from the Philippines and just like me before, they felt lost. On my fourth year, my friends and I started a club called “Kaibigan” which in english translate to “Friends” where we helped and guide new immigrant students.

By the end of my high school year, I finally found my answer. We had to start all over again so we could grow. Just like plants, we have to keep changing the pot because it gets smaller for the plants to grow into. We had to migrate and start all over again to have a better chance of surviving, growing and expanding.

How about you?

Would you move to different country for a chance of better life?

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