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My darling Romania, smile to your children!

Updated on March 5, 2015

Letters to a beautiful country, lost in translation

A subjective look into Romania's traditions and uniqueness

Romanians are very proud when it comes to their history and nation. Well, who wouldn’t be? Yet, this wonderful country, situated in Eastern Europe has been overlooked by the international community. In matters of tourism and attractions, people should know that Romania has a lot of things to offer, starting from natural wonders and ending with historical heritages.

Travelling to this part of Europe is an opportunity to take stunning photos of tall mountains, old medieval castles, romantic sunsets or virgin forests. I decided to write this article in order to help Europeans, Americans and even Australians to understand more things about my country and some of its treasures. My darling Romania is shrouded in myth and legends, each and every one of them still living the hearts of many of my countrymen.

Romanian history revised

Discovering the story behind Romania is a fascinating journey through countless stories that blend history with love and betrayal. I often find it quite captivating to look in my country’s “eyes” and then write away most of its gifts. Most of my friends go to extensive lengths to describe in detail what the country means for them. It is not an easy task. Taking into account the many articles about Romania, travelers can discover easier the most beautiful places of this country.

You might say that such a statement can be made about almost any other state but the truth might surprise you. How come? Well, we have one of the most active communities of bloggers that write about different travel ideas and destinations in Romania. So, people that do not know a lot about this country can do it online without problems. It is quite fun to read such articles. Why? Well, they quite sentimental, linked to people’s emotions and feelings.

More than a country, a feeling that keeps on growing

If you plan on travelling to regions like Moldova or Transylvania, you will find kind and warm people. From the first moment you see them, an emotional “contract” is signed. My darling Romania, open your arms and greet as many people as you can. This is a quote that can be found in my travel blogs, managed by some of my fellow writers. What can you see in Romania? Well, this is a complex question which can be answered in a lot of ways. It is not recommended to offer a short answer because that will mean to reduce the beauty of the country down to only a couple of travel destinations.

I would say this: welcome to Romania and hope you enjoyed your stay! There were a lot of men and women from different parts of Europe and United States of America that managed to have a pretty good time in the Carpathian Mountains or Danube Delta. Just imagine: you rent a car in Romania and then start driving away from one city to another. Hopefully, you consult some articles on how to manage such trips. I would recommend as first visit in Romania the town of Sibiu! Why?

As the former European capital city of culture (in 2007), Sibiu gives visitors the chance to enjoy a meaningful connection with history. Sibiu and Sighisoara are two of the last medieval cities in Europe that are still populated. It is a real pleasure to walk in these towns and take beautiful photos, worth sharing on Facebook or Twitter.

Discover Romania

Sometimes we all need to get away and Romania seems to be the best place to start!

Your opinion matters to me

Would you like to visit Romania?

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