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My Journey to Petra: One of the Seven Wonders of the World

Updated on November 17, 2017
love2travel2000 profile image

My passion is travelling, I will write about anything in life, like adventure, personal experiences, and cooking.

One night two years ago , I was researching the seven wonders of the world, and my eye caught the most beautiful stone carved city, Petra the Rose City, they call it the Rose City for a good reason, it’s the color of the stone out of which it is carved. It’s the lost city of the Napataean. Petra is so ancient that it was established possibly as early as 312 BC as the capital city of the Arab Nabataeans. Its located 240 km south of the capital Amman and 120 km north of the red sea town of Aqapa, So I decided this will be my adventure for the summer.


The arrival

We arrived Amman the capital of Jordan around 5 pm, at the airport everyone was welcoming and trying to help, that gave a great sense of comfort, and that I will have the best trip to Petra. We rested until the next morning, and then we ate a traditional Jordanian breakfast, made of Jordanian thyme and olive oil, green olives, white goat cheese, hummus, pita bread and Jordanian tea. I can tell you that it was so delicious, I ate more than am supposed to, but it felt good.

We drove the jeep from Amman to Petra, passing several cities; finally it took us three and half hours to reach Petra, but it’s all worth it, when we first reached the city, we saw mountains all around, beautiful view combined between dessert and mountains. We kept driving until we reached the visitors center, paid for tickets for entrance, Got my hat on, long sleeve shirt, my hiking boots, sun block, and a lot of frozen water, A piece of advice, if you want travel to Petra, try it in March or April, because I went in July , and it was so hot, the frozen water started melting before we started our journey. Now I was ready for my awaiting adventure to the most amazing and mysteries city in the world Petra.

Al Siq

We had to walk a little bet until we reached a place where they rented horses for us to use, because we have a long walk to the first part of Petra, it is called Al Siq, so we rode the horses until we reached Al Siq, the most amazing sight you will ever see. Al Siq is a narrow passage, and ancient main entrance leading to the city of Petra, but the magic of it is it’s like a mountain carved in the middle to shape a passage. The horses will reach only the beginning of Al Siq, and then we have to walk on foot through it, a good 40 minute walk, enjoying the view of its walls.

The Treasury

After reaching the end of the Siq, a true beauty revealed, we started seeing a huge structure, of a true and amazing architecture, that we never thought at that time, they have the ability to carve such a huge and fantastic building from stone, it is called the treasury or al khazna, looking at this breath taking treasury, made me forget the heat and me being tired, I just stood there looking at it ,amazed how perfect it was carved, and how it is still in a great shape, like they had some kind of advanced machinery, to carve all that in the stone, with perfect alignment, this was 300BC, It’s a true wonder of the seven wonders of the world. Am so happy that there was a small place with cold drinks next to the treasury, we sat down and just meditated, looking at the treasury and enjoying our cold refreshing drinks, took a lot of pictures, but the sight of it is printed in my memory for ever.

After relaxing a little bit, we decide to go deeper in the city, so again we rented a horse, as our transportation, to go further in the city of Petra. After passing the treasury, we looked to left and to the right, it all mountains , and inside of it homes that been carved in the stone, I couldn’t believe my eyes, the whole city is been carved inside the mountain from stone, we went and started discovering those places, inside there were rooms, and some of them had two floors, we recognized the rich homes from the poor homes, we saw he pink stones in a lot of these places, they had also roads, and water system, this city is so huge that we need 4 days just to finish it if not five days.

The Theatre

Going further, we saw a theatre looks like the roman theatre; Carved into the side of the mountain at the foot of the High Place of Sacrifice, the theatre consists of three rows of seats separated by passageways. Seven stairways ascend the auditorium and it can accommodate around 4000 people.

The Court

After being amazed, we went further and saw a huge structure carved on top of the mountain, it’s called the Court; it is preceded by a deep courtyard with colonnades on two sides. High up in the facade there are 3 niches which give on to small burial chambers.

Inside the court

The Silk Tomb

The Silk Tomb, Located to the north of the Court, the tower dates back to the first half of the first century AD. With a door in the middle, and features four columns. The name comes from the rich color of the sandstone. It is one of the most dramatically colored tombs in Petra.

Every time I thought that I saw something amazing, I would see another structure that would made me more amazed, everything is beautiful, mysterious, I just can imagen this city in its time, booming with life, unfortunately the day came to an end, and we had to go back to the hotel, but for you who loves adventure, you can go the whole nine yards, stay 4 or 5 days in this ancient fabulous city, and discover every corner in it, you won’t be disappointed. I left Petra and tears in my eyes, this kind of adventure to one of the seven wonders of the world will last in my memory for ever, it is carved in my head like these structures carved in the stone, and this tells me one thing, that it is not the last time that I will see Petra.

Who build Petra?

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    • profile image


      5 months ago

      it;s great place, with unique and beautiful views

    • love2travel2000 profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Yes it was safe, and the people there amazing, i think its the only country safe in the middle east, and yes you have to go and see it in person, breath taking.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Great hub. This one of the places I really must visit. You felt safe the whole time? That's awesome. Spectacular photos. Keep up the good work and safe travels.


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