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My lovely Portugal

Updated on February 14, 2013

We are also aware of national costumes of the Slavs, Spaniards, and Englishmen. And what do Portuguese wear? As Portugal is a colorful, sunny country, with many greenhouses, where grow the most beautiful orchids in the world, the clothes they wear are very much the same – they are bright vivid. Girls always dress up in skirts with frills and ruffles, and all for under gentle breeze almost weightless material innocently floating in the air and created a cute girl with a romantic look. It may look weird, but Portuguese gladly wear on a head scarf, tying it on the chin. It is interesting how men dress. Once in Portugal there is a sun, a beach, (remember Baywatch?), and before your eyes appear tanned, inflated men with bare horseback, in a sombrero and shorts. Almost the way it is in reality. Men in Portugal are cropped leggings, a vest and a hat thing.

Just as Europeans drink champagne, Portuguese eat grapes as it is one of the most important symbol of the country.

As you know, the main religion in Portugal is Roman Catholicism, so you understand religion takes one of the first places in the culture of the Portuguese. Any city you go, you will find a huge number of temples, churches and monasteries. Usually the church festivals in the country are organized in lavish celebrations in the streets with priests, holding faces of the saints, then the holiday goes into a sort of carnival, where people wear masks, fireworks are heard almost in at every corner and of course street performers make few scenes with subjects taken from the Bible.

As for dances, the most popular in Portugal is Veera. Probably very few people have heard something about it. So you have the opportunity to see this show, and by learning how to dance.

Portuguese are very rare craftsmen in the field of arts and crafts (wood, production of souvenirs, jewelry and knitting lace).

Portuguese architecture is a combination of several styles. From of Arabs domination of the country there are still some building preserved in Arabic style, there are buildings of the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo, and in particular the Portuguese Manueline style.


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