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My trip to South Dakota Cosmos- Place where water flows uphill

Updated on June 26, 2010

last week I had a trip to South Dakota and visited many places in rapid city and Mount Rushmore. But the one unforgettable is a place called cosmos near the Mount Rushmore. This is a place where we feel an uneven gravity that we can not stand straight though you try hard for it. You feel like you are pulled from a side though no one touches you.

The tour is about 30 minutes. The guide had given a small introduction about the place how it was discovered and other stuff and then we moved into a wooden house where we actually feel it.

When we entered in, the guide was standing near the entrance door of the house and all of us were staring at her as she looked like standing at around 60 degrees to the horizontal. But in next few minutes we understood the reason. When I entered into the house, I was trying to move my leg forward but it was hard to do that. I felt like someone is pulling me from behind. Somehow we got into the house and it was hard to stand straight. We felt a pull towards the walls.

There was another curious thing that I saw was that water flew uphill. There was a small table at around 45 degrees to the horizontal and when water poured at the lower end, I water fell down from upper end of the table. That means water flew uphill instead of downhill.

I feel that I can not express my experience in words completely but it is surely a place to visit. Here is the link and you can check it out.


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    • profile image

      TheGlacier 7 years ago from USA/INDIA

      Hi Soumyasrajan,

      The guide says the place is discovered and didn't mention anything about the behavior. But I heard from one of friends that these kind of places can be built. If so, it is really a marvelous engineering work. Have to search for the reason behind it.

    • profile image

      soumyasrajan 7 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Enjoyed your article Glacier! Very interesting place. I wonder why it is like this. What is the explanation?