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My trips around the world (2)

Updated on January 30, 2011

My trips around the World Two

Age 22 to 26,
I was the first full time sand sculptor in the modern times, Won my first sand sculpture world champion in 1982 then won 4 more afterwards.

Worked in difference countries world wide, in order to move on traveling. Traveled every part of Mexico, Canada and USA, except for Yukon, NT and Alaska.

In Southern Mexico visited a 300 all family tribe members, who were all inbreed by incest, all members of the family had these long noses.

In San Blas, I had 3 machines guns ready and cocked at me in an assumed drug raid, had nothing on me.

Swam with kids, wail crocodiles sun them selves on the banks. Skin drove and touched dolphins, turtle’s moray ells and sharks.

The USA and Columbia are the most dangerous in general. In Columbia our bus was stage coach robbed and I came out OK.

Got mugged by three guys coming out of a bank. I beat up these thieve to get back my passport back because with out my passport the Police would have beaten me up much worst.

A Custom man stoled my camera wails laughing at me; Strapped around him was machine gun and with a key, claiming it was not the right one for the locked valt in which he had my camera in.

Age 27 to 35
By now, traveled 80 counties
circled the world 3 times I met with many major politicians including presidents and premieres, plus many beautiful people, Got married, had a daughter kept touring the world in sand, ice, snow, and multi media film fix and museum sculptures.

Built sand sculpture up to 67 ft. tall, 70,000 tons and snow playgrounds span 3 acre. Worst vandals are birds.

Traveled more of Centro and South America and survived few war zones areas.

Petted a tame tiger and lion as they licked my hands. Hugged and kissed monkeys and parrots everyday for 2 months. Chase by a Komodo dragon, swamp by thousands of bugs,

Almost hit by a few local buses. Traveled with many farm animals sitting around me on buses, one goat kept staring at me for a few hours straight, chicken were on string. Taught English even though I don’t speak English well myself.

Age 36 to 55
Taught sand sculpting everywhere, competed everywhere
like in Russia, America, Europe, South America and a few time in China where they treat you like a rock stars. Ate in a China restaurant where all the food is sculptured.

Slept in 5 different Ices Hotels, by far the largest one of all is in Sweden. You spend the night on an ice bed, eat on ice plate on an ice table, drank from ice glasses and watched the northern lights.

Total – traveled 94 countries to date. All in all, nobody or animals were harmed, yet did eat a lot of strange animals. Only one cracked finger nail to show for it. Never touch a prostitute yet tour a few brothels. Never cheated on a woman, although worshiped a few and visited many of the most beautiful creatures and places on earth.

Greatest moment ever, first born child, first world championship and sex (not telling), My sculptures, daughter and travel are the only things that will be for sure continued, maybe until age 100. Today, building my own eco village in Belize

Please ask any question you like.



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    • Castlepaloma profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Toronto, Canada


      I might if I was as fine a writer as penny.


    • C.V.Rajan profile image


      7 years ago from Kerala, India

      I agree with penny. "The experiences and the people you have met must be able to fill hundreds of books!"

    • pennyofheaven profile image


      7 years ago from New Zealand

      Yes I do agree.

    • Castlepaloma profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Toronto, Canada


      For sure, be open and they will appear

    • pennyofheaven profile image


      7 years ago from New Zealand

      Oh I have fabulous friends like you who inspire me! Inspiration also comes in the strangest of places haha.

    • Castlepaloma profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Thanks Penny

      Been so busy, these hub pages are a great place to record and reflect ON many experiences. How do you come up with great stuff?

    • pennyofheaven profile image


      7 years ago from New Zealand

      What a fascinating life you have had and are having. Filled with adventures that some of us can only dream about. The experiences and the people you have met must be able to fill hundreds of books! How I adore that you have a diverse range of experiences that you are able to recapture from time to time. The good the bad and all the lessons much be so enriching! Wonderful hub! Thank you!

    • Castlepaloma profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Alright, doing new things.

      Thank you

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice article Paul,

      How are things going. Charlie......


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