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NYC's Most Exclusive Nightclubs for Bottle Service

Updated on May 19, 2013

From loft parties in Soho to the dive bars of the Lower East Side. New York City’s nightlife options are as diverse as the city itself. But perhaps the most unique nightlife offering are the city’s exclusive boutique nightclubs.

Exclusive boutique nightclubs cater to the city’s affluent, sophisticated club goers and are a favorite of fashion models, famous actors, professional athletes and musicians.

It is not uncommon for A-list celebrities to just pop in for a drink unannounced.

The chance to socialize amongst celebrities, fashion models and the city’s elite has proven alluring- with people paying thousands of dollars to gain entry.

So what are some of the City’s Most Exclusive Clubs? As of May 2013, these are some of the NYC hottest clubs for bottle service.

1Oak - NYC Clubs

In a city where nightclubs come and go more quickly than the seasons- 1Oak has remained the king of NYC’s late night parties. The club is a favorite of celebrities, fashion models and the city’s well connected.

Provocateur - NYC Clubs

Provocateur one of the city’s most exclusive nightclubs. The club maintains a strict reservations only policy- where you must know the club managers to even be considered for a reservation.

Boom Boom Room - NYC Clubs

The Boom Boom Room is considered by many to be the city’s most exclusive and most opulent club. The elite atmosphere that the club provides makes the venue a favorite of celebs- who feel confident that they can come by to enjoy a drink without being swarmed by gawking fans.

Electric Room - NYC Clubs

This exclusive rock and roll club is the coolest basement party in town.

No 8 - NYC Clubs

This exclusive venue feels more like a luxuriously appointed living room than a nightclub.

Avenue - NYC Clubs

Avenue is a compact, bilevel nightclub that is a favorite of the city’s elite. On Mondays, famous faces flock to the club, where bottles of thousand dollar Cristal champagne are passed around like party favors.

Le Baron - NYC Clubs

Le Baron is a favored hangout of NYC’s hip downtown crowd. The club is a favorite of artists, writers, designers and fashion industry insiders.

Finale - NYC Clubs

Finale is one of NYC’s premier venues to see big name DJs. The club offers a mixture of exclusivity and also a top notch sound system.


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