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Nairobi Travel Guide

Updated on October 18, 2015

Nairobi Travel Guide

The beauty of Nairobi; why you will Love Nairobi

Nairobi is the largest city in Kenya Besides being the country’s capital city. Even though it has been decades since the colonials left, it still conjures adventure and romance from those colonial days. Today, it prides itself on having a rich tribal as well as a historical culture whose manifestations range from excellent museums and national parks to five-star hotels.

Safari Park

This cosmopolitan city is among the few around the world which can boast of having a national park in its midst. If you are in the central business division of the city, the park is only a 15-minute drive away. You will find a variety of wild animals including rhinoceros, buffalos, giraffes, wildebeests, zebras, cheetahs and lions. Animal lovers get the chance to cuddle young elephants and play with the giraffes confined in the animal sanctuaries.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Located at the Nairobi National Park main entrance, this rehabilitation and rescue program for orphan elephants has attracted animal lovers for centuries. Daphne Sheldrick was the project founder in 1977. The center was started to care for young rhinos and elephants that had been abandoned and later they are released back to the forest. You can enjoy communal with the lovable animals as they romp in the mud. Additionally, you can help with their feeding from the big baby bottle if you wish.

Karen Blixen Museum

This museum is located at the Ngong hills foot, and it is named after an African author who used to live there before. Karen Blixen inhabited the house between 1917 and 1932 while running the coffee plantation. You can tour the colonial farmhouse, coffee-drying plant located in woods, agricultural college and a kitchen outside the main building. Furniture, books and photographs that belonged to the owner are on display. There are enthusiastic guides which bring Karen's story to life.

Giraffe Center

The center is situated at the Nairobi national park edge. You will enjoy interacting with endangered species of Rothschild's giraffes. The center is owned by a non-profit organization, and it lies within the grounds of Giraffe Manor, which is a plush Guesthouse. At the visitor's center, you will find information about the graceful creatures. There are built-in raised platforms to allow the visitor to feed the giraffes. Afterward, you can enjoy a self-guided walk through the forest which is about 1.5km.

Nairobi National Museum

For hose who wish to know more about the history and culture of Kenya, the Nairobi National Museum is the place to be. There is a display of natural history and diverse cultural exhibits that include more than nine hundred stuffed birds, mammals, Lake Turkana fossils, local art exhibits and tribal groups ethnic displays. At the Gallery holding Geology items, you will find a remarkable mineral and rock collection as well as learn about volcano life cycle and tectonic plates. Hominid Vault holds prehistoric fossils and bones. While at the museum, you can purchase an entry ticket to the Snake Park adjacent to it. There, you will find specimens of the most popular reptiles in Kenya. Interestingly, the specimens are live.

Bomas of Kenya

The museum celebrates the colorful Kenyan tribes. It is just 10km away from Nairobi CBD. You will get to know about the crafts, culture, art and lifestyle of all the forty-two tribes of Kenya during the tour. Also, there is a traditional village recreated with bomas or homesteads that have been built in a traditional style. Each reflects the culture of the various ethnic groups. Every afternoon, there is a team that performs songs at the main theater and traditional dances.

Kenyatta International Conference Centre

Named after the first president of the Republic of Kenya, the cylindrical conference center hosts international exhibitions, meeting, and conferences. Regardless of the fact that it cannot be said to be the tallest in Kenya, the building still dominates skyline with a tower of 28-story overlooking a very large amphitheater. It has a pastel terracotta façade to signify the traditional African houses’ color. A central plenary hall is meant to resemble the Senate at the ancient Roman Kingdom. You can go up to the rooftop to enjoy a panoramic view of Nairobi or even enjoy a tasty meal at the restaurant housed in the building.

Nairobi National Archives

Housed in an old building of Bank of India, the Nairobi National Archives spotlights the culture, history, politics and art of the country. The gallery at the main floor displays photographs collections and historical documents. Artifacts and paintings from Joseph Murumbi collections dominate. He was a famous African collector. You will find more art and postage stamps displays on the 2nd floor. The floor also houses the reading room of the archives which is meant for conducting professional and personal projects.


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